The MR Stay-Home Guide

Cook something that makes good use of canned food or go crazy with a lemon zester. Reorganize your apartment, then redecorate it. (Or is it the other way around?) Concoct a WFH outfit that sweatpant critics deem “a revelation.” Listen to a new podcast, think a new thought, share book recs, or try a new skin-care routine. Read stories from the doctors, breaking news reporters, and more who are doing extraordinary things right now. It’s all here in our constantly-updated stay-home guide.

Table of Contents

What Should I Wear?

#Goingnowherebutfuckitimgettingdressed: Outfit ideas and other good stuff from your own closet and around the internet.

How Can I Take Extra-Good Care of Myself?

Beauty routines, wellness suggestions, and worthwhile products to consider—because! we! care!

What Do I Do Once I’m in the Kitchen?

You’ve never used one before either? Recipes to try, snacks to review, and utensils to make it all the more flavorful (Sorry, had to).

Actually, Maybe I Just Need a Distraction

Same—here’s a heap of entertainment and recommendations, made for its own sake.

How Should I Think About What I’m Thinking About?

Essays, diaries, questions and lists about the thoughts we’re chewing on.