What’s in Your Fridge: Yes Way Rosé

We recently peeked inside the fridge of vintage devotee Sami Miro who knows the best sushi in LA. In this week’s edition of What’s in Your Fridge, NY-based Yes Way Rosé creators Nikki Huganir and Erica Blumenthal open up the coolest room in the house. They taught us that their wine of choice pairs well with everything from pizza to cake truffles, and if that doesn’t sell you, the ice cream selection in their freezer might. 

“We have a huge sweet tooth. We’re addicted to candy, especially gummy bears, which are really good to keep in the fridge because then you can use them as non-melting ice cubes.

We also have peanut butter, obviously. And Kit Kats.

Always have a roast chicken in the fridge. You can get a week of food out of it. Great for people who don’t cook. Just put it on top of arugula, maybe add a little tomato, avocado, parmesan cheese, and you’re good to go.

Mike’s Hot Honey is amazing. It’s a little spicy and is really good on pizza crust, but what we really use it for is an epic cheese plate.

We can’t fit all of our rosé in this fridge, but this is a good group. Duzsi Tamas is Hungarian, it’s imported by a really awesome woman who we met at an event. She said that rosé is the most popular wine in Hungary.

The next bottle is Lorenza, it’s a California rosé. This model Michèle Ouellet and her mom Melinda Kearney make it. It’s a cool mother-daughter project

The next one is Wolffer — a New York staple. It’s local, and they made a twist-off cap for the first time! Twist-off caps are great for when you need easy access, like when you’re going to the beach.

Then we have a sparkling French number — Pascal Pibaleau ‘La Perlette’ Sparkling Rose, which we bought from Dandelion Wine in Greenpoint [Brooklyn] because the bottle was so pretty. We haven’t tried this Paumanok rosé yet, but it’s from the North Fork of Long Island. We love to try ones we’ve never heard of.

Finally, we have Summer Water — which is ours, and just the best thing ever. It really is like water. It’s available on Club W — an online, direct-to-consumer wine company. We partnered with them to make ours. It’s very crisp and flavorful, but not overwhelming. We like to think of it as ‘easy drinking.’

In our freezer, we have rosé ice cubes. You can do a few fun things with them. For one, you can just eat them. But then you can also make a spritzer, and then use the ice cubes in that. They begin to melt, and they make this really pretty, pink swirly drink. Or, put them in your rosé to keep the wine cold, like coffee cubes with iced coffee.

Bagel Bites are freezer essentials.

We love ice cream. This stuff, Talenti, is technically gelato, but either way you have to get two flavors so that you can mix them together. Finally, we have Choco Tacos. Sometimes you just need these things, especially in the summer when it’s hot. The best is when you forget you have them, and then you open your freezer and it’s like: YESSS.”

Follow Yes Way Rosé on Instagram, Twitter, and TumblrShop their pink merch here, and stock up on Summer Water here.

Images by Lauren Levinger of The Food Life

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