Yeezy 3: What’s Newsworthy Anymore?

It is impossible that you missed it. Kanye West showed his third collection for Yeezy on Thursday in tandem with the drop of his seventh album, The Life of Pablo, at Madison Square Garden. The media erupted immediately on Instagram, on Twitter, on Snapchat, and the second they could rush to a computer, on websites. This was news. Meanwhile,  the audience — part fashion critic, part fan, part Kardashian presented an answer to the insider question: what does a public-facing fashion week event look like?

The actual performance was nothing short of what you might expect from Kanye West: he declared a new pipe dream to creative direct at Hermès; he presented the album, where one such lyric in a song called “Famous” went, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex,” and announced plans to unveil a new video game called Only One (after a song written for North from the perspective of Donda West) wherein his mother would travel through the gates of heaven.

In Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad presents the notion of fascination of the abomination — the consistent explaining of, and therefore trying to understand traditionally evil phenomena. Save for the evil, because for what it’s worth, I do believe Mr. West is both poignant and kind, there is an element of Conrad’s concept here that I can’t quite shake. We’re so fascinated, so fascinated, so fascinated, that we can’t stop talking about it. Possibly as an attempt to try to understand it? Or maybe not. But what are we even talking about? What are we writing about? The clothes, the people or the spectacle?

I like Kanye West. I think he’s smart and his music is strong and he’s the most sincere fashion fan I’ve encountered. But I didn’t want to go yesterday. I don’t like huge crowds and I hate Madison Square Garden. I knew the music would be really loud and that if we got there at 4 as planned, there is no way we’d have been able to leave before 6. And getting out? Yikes. I wasn’t even sure if it was worth Man Repeller covering the event. We’re not a music blog.

Sure, when Beyoncé drops a single on a Saturday and thus reminds us the weekend does not belong to freedom, we do what we have to, but Kanye? In the thick of fashion week? Is this fashion? Is it necessary to cover? Of all the reviews I’ve read, photos I’ve seen and snapshots I’ve taken, I can’t even actually tell you what the clothes look like. I can tell you Kim Kardashian is blonde again, that the entire family wore full white ensembles and that this includes Caitlyn Jenner. Also, there was some Nike-shaming.

But the clothes mean so little in the grand scheme of the performance.

And that’s really what this is about, right? Kanye West is the performer of our time. That’s worth acknowledging, but I keep coming back to this question, and feel a little like the dated and frustrated college professor I never thought I’d be able to identify with because, when does it get old? When do we stop feeling compelled to cover the new form of journalism that is the Kardashian/West/Jenner trifecta and just move on?

Runway photographs via Vogue Runway.


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  • Refreshingly honest! Sometimes it’s Just. Too. Packed.
    “The clothes mean so little in the grand scheme of the performance.” Isn’t that at the root of Manrepeller? Clothes as a means to an end, not the end in itself.

  • 1. The crowds weren’t so bad probs cuz there was no general admission
    2. It bothers me that his concert merch is ill-fitting–that Life of Pablo shirt does not look good
    3. I feel bad that he keeps wanting validation for being a clothing designer but then he sort of self-sabotages himself by bringing his music along. Or maybe the music and clothing are intertwined. Or maybe he knows people would be less likely to come if there wasn’t his music?
    4. I can’t tell if I would still like his clothes If I didn’t like Kanye–I love the palette I love the arrangement of athleisure but maybe the critics are right it’s not revolutionary?
    5. The media does influence the way you see truth! I didn’t think the Hermes announcement was that crazy–if he does it great, if he doesn’t that’s cool too–like, he probs dropped the President idea by now?
    6. I was bummed out that he dissed Taylor–and I don’t even like Taylor Swift’s music (and I think she’s sort of a fake feminist). But that don’t mean I think you can dis her on account of being a lady. Say her music sucks! Say she sucks! I feel like saying you’re “embodying a persona”
    7. I know get a bit of a taste why people defend Woody Allen or Bill Cosby so hard. Because they love the art too much they’re hoping the artist is redeemable! Hopefully Kanye is more on the level of Beyonce (just because Formation was excellent doesn’t mean we can forget she brown-faced) where they make these missteps that aren’t excusable but are forgivable
    8. I liked the music. I just have to take time to unpack it to make sure I don’t like it just because I drank the Kanye Kool-aid.

    • Tess

      I find your 4th point really interesting, because I kind of have the direct opposite thought. If I saw his collection separate from his label, saw it in American Apparel, or one someone, would I actually look twice. Maybe it’s just because it doesn’t mesh well with my personal style, but I honestly don’t think I would.

      Also, out of curiosity, what do you mean Beyonce brown-faced? I’m not defending her/saying she didn’t, I just am confused what you’re referring to.

      • In the new Coldplay video Hymn for the Weekend they present i a pretty blatant stereotyped Western perception of India. In it, Beyonce is dressed in stereotypical indian garb. It comes off as more of a simplification than an homage. Most of the articles criticize Coldplay which is totally valid since it is their song, but Beyonce should be held responsible as well since she was complicit in the making of it. From a Rolling Stone article: “Laying the blame for “Hymn for the Weekend” on “white musicians … who use black and brown people as props,” as NPR did, creates the impression that Beyoncé somehow acquiesced to Coldplay’s vision without any input. Does that sound like the person who exerts so much control over her image that she rarely participates in unscripted press interviews?”

        Here is the Rolling Stone article:

        This NPR article explains why the video is cultural appropriation (but solely blames Chris Martin):

        For the record love that Beyonce has been killing it, and I hate backlash think pieces that seem to just criticize because they need to find something wrong. But I just think it’s pretty dangerous to lionize our heroes. Contrary to popular belief, Beyonce is still human.

        • Tess

          Good to know! Thanks!

    • Meg

      Your 4th point is uh… so on point. I don’t necessarily think that Yeezy (any of the seasons) are revolutionary. But if this was A Designer/fashion house (is that even the right term?) churning out the same shit, I think Those Fashion People(TM) would be eating it up? Whatever. I just like post apocalyptic looking shit and I still think about that dusty rose sweatshirt from season 1 so…

      • yeah i mean like look at punk and hip hop, the fashion industry pretty much gentrified them. It’s one thing to do your own spin, it’s another to shut out the very people that created it.

        I love that post apocalyptic look too! Where they looked like they were in the middle of a Martian desert. I love how he says he wants the clothes to almost be like uniforms that you don’t even think about. I love that they were mostly doing nothing but there were these subtle movements where a model would sit down or strut a little. I love how the camera focused on particular models at specific angels. It was like we got to watch a play and a movie at the same time.

        • I kind of feel like a lot of Yeezy’s stuff has so far gentrified/appropriated aspects of poverty, homelessness and the like with the distressed, oversized look mixed in conjunction with the earthy “dirty” colours. The aspect of this collection I did like was the more futuristic element with the scifi patterns and brighter colours on a lot of the women’s garments.

  • I fear it will never get old. NEVER. Which is sad and scary. The Kardashians/Jenners looked like they were out of a modern day Clan of the Cave Bear and Kanye looked slightly homeless in a red hoodie. That’s all you need to know. Also, Saint is still to precious to bring around–clearly.

    • BK

      Yes what is actually with them all wearing actual animal fur??? I’m pretty sure at least two of them (Kim, Kourtney…Khloe?) have campaigned with PETA against fur before.

      • Lauren Swindol

        Pretty sure it was very fake

        • BK

          Some may have been – but the point stands. The Kardashians have been wearing a lot of fur lately, and some of it definitely is real. Just like their hypocrisy

          • Lauren Swindol

            They definitely wear leather and fur all the time. I agree. They are huge hypocrites, and we eat it up like candy. It’s disgusting. I wish there was a safe place for haters like me to avoid them completely.

          • PCE

            Khloe def posed nude for PETA; and Kim def wears very real fur. Also (please don’t judge me) but on an ep of KUWTK, Kim asks khloe if a blanket in her house is real fur, and I believe it was…

  • Agostina Bruera

    i love his music. but let’s just PLEASE stop. not worthy, he’s been rambling for too long now.

  • EmilyWilson

    I sense a desperate search for significance in the “Kardashian/West/Jenner trifecta.” I think the fascination lies in the fact that most of us are engaged in that search, but few of us have the unlimited financial resources to take it so far, in such a vast multitude of directions. What I read in the music, the clothes, the media circus, the plastic surgery, the conspicuous consumerism, the bizarre video games, and the possible bid for presidency is an ongoing existential crisis. Kanye in particular seems to alternate between frenetically searching for a kind of non-religious salvation and trying to be *that* savior.

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    • BK

      He seems a bit of a lost soul, doesn’t he? But I can’t pick in what way. He’s driven by something, there’s always something he’s straining to achieve. I wonder if he’s actually able to stop.

      • I feel like he’s been really lost since his mom died. He came up with two great albums after that but the way he keeps talking about how he has to get back to his wife and kids…it’s almost as if he’s trying to convince himself more than anyone else that that’s what’s important and enough.

  • ReadER451

    When do we stop feeling compelled to cover the new form of journalism that is the Kardashian/West/Jenner trifecta? – I love you, Leandra. This piece was a breath of fresh air. I don’t want to bash NYFW, but would the reception to this show be the same in London/Milan/Paris? A large part of me thinks yes. Does this reflect on NYFW or just the state of fashion itself?

    I also wonder, what are your thoughts on the celebrity designer? I don’t mean from a Hedi Slimane/Raf Simons/Karl Lagerfeld perspective, but from Kylie/Kendall, Rihanna and Kanye? Many comments on the Vogue instagram from last night say they take away from the smaller and talented designers. I feel like we are just reverting back to the early aughts where J-Lo and P-Diddy were “designers” with fashion week presentations and that those fans who care about the clothes will give the smaller designers the attention they deserve.

    Finally, do we think this Manrepeller post will get the most comments out of your fashion week coverage? What does that say about us, your readers, and myself for this INSANELY long post? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

    • Pa La

      From an European perspective, NYFW seems to be more market-driven and more about celebrities than any other fashion week.

  • Hannah Warner

    Maybe you are not aware, but the Heart of Darkness is a wildly racist novel. It’s definitely a classic, but the “abomination” of the plot is Africa and African people. So to compare that to a fashion show largely featuring black models seems kind of problematic.

    But yeah, it would be nice to take a break from all the Kanye craziness.

    • Leah

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for saying this. What a completely tone-deaf reference.

    • kneelbeforetigers

      Thanks for this– I logged on specifically to address this. What a tone deaf and poor choice of times to quote, especially for an African-American public figure who has spoken out about race in America and abroad. Leandra, I was with you all the way up until that point. Disappointing, as MR is usually so great at diversity issues and feeling inclusive.

    • BrigidBernadette

      Sorry, I disagree. When the look he hired Vanessa Beecroft to recreate a scene taken from a refugee camp, of all the disgusting things possible to exploit, then it is not inappropriate. There IS something evil about him and his use of refugees, who sit at this moment trapped on the Syria/Turkey border, in misery and agony, juxtaposed with his endless word-salad bi-polar manic ranting about luxury brands. That anyone could use the pain of refugees and the next moment reference Hermes is beyond forgiveness. The “pilgrims bewitched inside a fence,” a direct quote from Heart of Darkness that leapt out at me when MR made the reference, is precisely the event he created. His ranting about enslavement to brands is a ruse; he simply wants to be the new slave master, not to abolish the enslavement to conspicuous consumption and false consciousness. By putting his white skinned ‘family’ in white clothing, he himself demonstrated the not-so-subtle internalized racism that he insists on selling to the public. Until he can execute a coherent thought, he is that pilgrim, bewitched with his own ugly creation.

      • Hannah Warner

        There really isn’t anything to disagree with. The Heart of Darkness is a racist novel, so much so that a black African activist Chinua Achebe wrote an entire book to address its racism.
        One quote out of context does not really support or mean anything.

  • Madison Bennett

    Hey Lamar!

  • Joy

    It was less about fashion and more a perverted display of ego, power and fame. The models in ripped up cotton breaking down on stage versus the Kardashian/Jenner’s sitting up in the stadium in sequins and fur was so disgustingly medieval and “Hunger Games-esque”. Maybe if we all stop talking about them, they will go away…??!?!

    • PCE

      Totally on point. I saw so many comments that it was like watching a real life hunger games… Awful

  • Rocio

    You could easily change that “yeezy” and place any other major fashion house. Ok, not any, but a huge number of them. That is what happens to fashion shows, all fashion shows, today. Maybe he is just making a big statement by bringing it to the extreme. Maybe the problem is that if he hadn’t brought it to such an extent no one would have dared to question the relevance of fashion in fashion shows. Or the need to cover them in a pseudo journalistic way that needs to be as fast as the system, as if we were all waiting for the updates about an ongoing catastrophe.

    • Second and third that. The news cycle is so short, and the irrelevance potential so high, and so content free I am just grateful I don’t work this job anymore. Not that it would be exhausting for the hours, but for the pretence of caring. Too many ‘events’ and not enough content here.

  • meme

    Spot on. Honestly, I find it boring. I don’t get how it’s cool to be narcissistic and it feels like a joke. The rest of the K news, well, it’s ridiculous and I enjoy it when my brain needs some silly bizarreness. But he takes himself way too seriously for me to go from annoyed to entertained or interested.

    • meme

      Oh and the clothes, blah, just blah.

  • Mabishki Castro Madrid

    I used to watch Keeping up with the K’s for sheer mindless entertainment because who doesn’t enjoy watching sisters make fun of each other while flaunting billion dollar homes? It did the job, then I would go back to my real and exciting life. Now their invasion of media outlets makes it impossible to shut them out. Not to mention that they are diluting the quality of things that I used to hold to high esteem; i.e. Kendall twerking in Chanel couture, why??

    My point is that this Kardashian effect is spilling over and invading most corners of our lives. Of course the fashion industry like any other industry has to evolve, but is this what it will evolve into? A one man show, not of talent in fashion as an art but of ego? Is this the right venue for his type of art? What am I missing? I’m all in for obsessing over a fashion icon, but since when is dressing in your mom’s bodyshapers the forefront of fashion? Is it perhaps to forward for my liking?

    Anywayzzz, I just want to thank you for being one of the few pieces I’ve read criticizing the Klan. Keep speaking what we are all thinking!

    • Olivia AP

      Your comment was ON POINT. They started out like any other trashy reality tv show, a guilty pleasure… and then they took themselves to seriously and started invading everything. And it sounds bad to say: know your place you somehow don’t belong at Chanel fashion shows or you are not a fashion icon. It’s mean but I think it’s true.

      I just watched Alexa’s Vogue series and in order to decide the content they keep track of which articles get more clicks and when they post about Gigi Hadid a lot of people started reading so we really need to stop watching and clicking content related to them (except MR, of course). I’m really experiencing Kardashian/Jenner fatigue

      • jess

        I think a lot of it has to deal with how the social media craze over the past 10 years has impacted runway fashion culture. Fashion houses are now battling it out to see who can “catch” the most celebrity reps. Like promo models. It’s really disappointing.

        • Mabishki Castro Madrid

          Agreed Jess! I want to admire your clothes, not talk about what models strutted your clothes down the runway!

  • Is it weird that I just realized yeezy brand is of adidas? If he hadn’t done the Nike or Reebok shaming I would still have thought that

  • Loved this article. I like a few of the outfits, but Kanye is not the “genius” he continually says he is. He is nowhere near the genius of Yves Saint Laurent or Alexander McQueen. They were brilliant. I am so tired of the media coverage the West/Kardashian/Jenner that is shoved down our throats. I do not know any of these people and don’t pass judgement that they are bad people, I just don’t enjoy their aesthetic or their narcissism. It was not until they were part of the 1% and had more money than they knew what to do with that their fashion began to improve. If all I shopped was Balmain I would look great too. I feel like I am taking crazy pills every time I hear an interviewer or read an article where the interviewer calls Kanye a genius. He is not f*ing Mozart haha.

    • I didn’t feel like commenting on this post, mostly because I, like most others, am tired of everything Kardashian/West/Jenner. However, your comment resonated, because I seem to be at odds with everyone on the whole “Kanye is a genius” thing. I don’t get it. And I really appreciate seeing someone else think the same. Nothing about him strikes me as “genius”.

    • Laurie

      It was probably that mother of his, God rest her soul, that constantly told her baby/kid/teenage/adult son that he was a genius. He’s taking over where she left off, though, too bad he doesn’t do this in private, like most people would. It’s probably okay to think you are something special if you really really need this for self-esteem (and, if your wife is too busy thinking the same of herself to give you props at home). It sure is beyond time for “the media” to focus on people who actually are special.

  • Savannah

    I’m honestly loving ever single tidbit of this post and the comment section. Like,

  • Alexandra

    That was the show of someone with a good sense of style, not a designer. Some of the clothes were good, I really liked the colours, the earth tone pallette gives a grounded and whole feeling.
    The setup of the show, the way the models walk and sit on the stage gives the feeling of some post apocalyptic scenario. And then Kanye shows up singing among everyone like he’s the voice of the people?
    I used to like his music, now is just a bunch of nonse and his attempt to praise himself. He stopped sending a message through music, it all revolves around the fact that he thinks he is the greatest artist around.
    This was definitely not a fashion show, this was Kanye’s ode to himself!

  • Inhale, make sure you roll your As.. aaand exhale, eyes open, thank you very much.

  • Roll your As… Aaand exhale, eyes open, thank you very much.

  • Aydan

    I can’t remember where I read this the other day, but it may have been that some survey of Kim K’s ended up with a higher response rate than the exit polls in Iowa, or something along those lines. THAT is what I have an issue with!

  • Carolina Andrade

    This is everything i’ve been trying to put in words since last night, but you said it perfectly. I just hope it stops soon

  • Miranda Wood

    Mmm preach it Leandra. First honest review I’ve seen of it. (Wait, we’re here for….fashion?…). Nailed it.

  • Fashionably Sparkly

    I think that presenting a collection and an album at the same event was a bad move. Whether it is the clothes or the music, one of them should be more important than the other and I feel like putting both of them at the same level has a reverse effect.

    Fashionably Sparkly

  • Rose


  • Nicki

    I’m not sure if I believe all of the hype. Is it a good collection? Has he really made a statement? Is using ‘refugee camp’ as a theme for dancing Kardashians really appropriate? So many questions!

  • xtyb

    Wait a minute did the models just stand there the whole time? Didn’t even do some Beyonce style dances or anything??? I hope someone answers that for me because I can’t make myself watch the whole vid on Tidal. Music is ok, clothes are a huge improvement for him, but overall, it’s as boring as the rest of the Krap.

    Yes thank you for this honest and true review.

    • Lauren Swindol

      Read the rules above about what the models were told to do during the show, drink a bottle of wine and laugh with the rest of us plebeians.

    • jess

      It looked great to me. Really worked with his album listening party and all.

  • Julie Meowmeows

    Kinda Zoolander “Derelicte”.

  • BK

    it won’t stop because the media is lazy and we are lazy. Kardashians are easy to report on because there’s a historic precedent for them being popular content. Anything they do is news. Not newsworthy, necessarily, but it is news, because we KEEP FUCKING READING IT, so outlets keep writing about them. I don’t particularly like the Kardashians, or their clothes, or their lavish, myopic take on life, but I’ll still open a Kardashian article bc yeah it’s them you know?
    Further to this, I would like to posit that m Kanye has been the biggest coup for the Kardashians. He’s clever, motivated, unpredictable and talented and slightly mental – we want to know what’s going on in the world of Yeezy, even if we can’t understand it. His marriage to Kim has essentially guaranteed the Kardashians plentiful news because he is a walking headline.
    In sum: the clothes were yeah okay, the Kardashians are horrible, Kanye is now theirs to keep forever which is depressing, I’m going to block Kendall Jenner on Instagram so I don’t look at her anymore.

  • Amanda Orlando

    I need to have those transparent shoes from slide 4!!! I have been dreaming of a shoe like this

    • Ché Hot Chocolate

      Exactly! I understand what everyone’s saying but I thought some pieces were really good. In fact, I was surprised by how much I liked some of the clothes. Granted, there was a lot of crap in there, but there was some good stuff too. And I need a shoe like that as well!

  • Only common thing between Kanye and Hermes – is color palette. I do not see anything bad if a designer comes from music scene (think Victoria Beckham), but you have to prove you have something interesting and Yeezy just don’t have IT.
    Or I am just maybe annoyed by his too much self-confidence…

  • Gilcélia dos Santos

    thank you leandra (although i feel like you were still being politically correct and holding back on this article).
    the klan seem so desperate to matter but have failed to accomplish anything of real significance (except for maybe caitlyn).

    and let’s be honest, wtf was that videogame?! lol

  • I like this summation. It’s so easy to know that something is “supposed to be a big deal” without taking a step back to ask why. And is it good? Or should we just feel lucky to be here?

    I do think kind is a generous word. I think so many good things have happened in media in the past 3 years to advance the support of women etc., but I think that should apply to humans as a whole. Though I am really impressed by his music, I’m confused by his fashion line, and am unable to fully appreciate either when I see his incessant tantrums on twitter. I think in the same way we have learned to choose our favorite brands based on the company’s ethics–we need to start choosing who we support in the music/fashion industry based on their ethics. I know that is a slippery slope, I think I just find myself so frustrated that in the past month he has called a child a trap (wiz & amber rose) and betrayed someone who has already forgiven him for past transgressions (T-Swift). *sigh

  • Michaela

    Thank you! So glad someone voiced this.

  • Shannon

    I have to say as much as I love Kanye I felt the same way, I listened more than I watched because I wanted to hear the album. As far as a fashion presentation goes, it was a poor way to even really see the clothes so anyone there was there more so for the performance of it.

    I also thought it was interesting that Vogue had like 5 different stories about the show on their site today and probably only one focused solely on the collection. A friend asked me about the clothes after I said I had seen it and all I could do was shrug because well that wasn’t really the focus.

  • Maggi

    It’s a little hard to take the Yeezy thing seriously. It’s like a circus ringmaster putting on this flashy spectacle and then at the end he tries to introduce his watercolor paintings. His paintings may be lovely, but we’re still reeling from watching a guy getting shot out of a cannon or the big bottom lady catching champagne with a glass balanced on her rear.

    Also, you should read this:

    I feel like we in the west are struggling to remember authenticity and it’s just very hard when there is a spectacle in front of you.

  • Alison

    I missed you, Leandra.

  • CC

    This was what I was thinking exactly. Was it even about the clothes? Should it even be called a fashion show then? Seemed more like a display to me, in more ways than one.

  • Eilidh Hargreaves

    See, because I wasn’t at the show (the luck of being Scottish and not living in NYC!) I worked hard to look at the fashion once all the press came out. I’ve pretty much ignored the razzmatazz in my own article, because it ruins it. You’re right, in that it becomes a jumble of confused publicity and belongs to more than one industry. To me, it wasn’t really a fashion show.

    However, I think Yeezy finally reached a moment with Season 3 where something happened that really was worthy of attention. Not the brash kind of attention that West tends to command, but something more. He inverted the norm by using models that were African-American or of mixed race, he let the event open to the public and his collection and set made a massive social comment.

    But, then I feel he ruined it with the inevitable BalmainxYeezy Kardashian-Jenners, the shouting and chanting and all the razzmatazz.

    My own full article is here 🙂

  • Adrian Ferg

    The problem is not the art its not Kanye West its not the Kardashians its the opinionated lack of self made thoughts on matters and the fact that people dont have lives of their own significant enough to them to NOT be caught up in thebmews of ppl you dont know.

    As others have said if this was anyone else and the show its be all revolutionary. But peoples hate for Kanye as a person as if they know him stops you from being able to truly see what he’s doing as an artist. He probably knows more about fashion than most who have an social media based opinion on him.

    How many people judging Kanye West’s take on fashion have a history of watching fashion shows? Its all the same shit. Just other designers put models on runways im equally ridiculous looking attire most ppl would not wear and play other peoples music as entertainment.

    What Kanye is doing is creating his visual and using his own music with it. Period. He’s an artist and hes not some carbon copied politically correct answers these question according to the script type of person.

    This piece reminds me of technology convos I have working in tech. Bloggers the modern day attack on journalism write about tech thats innovative and refreshing to the market lets say a new non Samsung apple device. It is met with the same dry overview while the same opionated writer will foam at the mouth at apples clear lack of creativity in a new iPhone release.

    At the end of the day we are human. Not everyone is an artist, an not every artist is the same, there is no set way to approach things. If youre going to cover anything you cover it with the same attitude as everything else. How many times do we see fashion hojses critiqued so harshly for being corny as hell with their pieces? Where is the ” oh when will we stop caring about chanel a bland brand with old ppl smelling perfume?”

    And the Kardashians are annoying as hell but again here goes opionated jargon from absent minded ppl. Kardashians are going to be looked at one day as icons and its disturbing but asked for. Why? Because ppl need to be consumed by mindless crap. And the world idolizes a whore by the name marylin Monroe but then wanna turn around and frown at a Kim k? Lol pick a side the same argument that was presented in this written nonsense. Im not here to defend Kanye his clothing his music or his wife an her family. But more so as the honest voice standing here asking ppl to seriously stop taking themselves so seriously and start forming your own views of things and pay more attention in life to connect the dots.

  • starryhye

    Kanye West is an egomaniac. This grand production at MSG proves it. Also, are there actual people buying Yeezy? I’ve been watching fashion shows for 30+ years and I understand art for art’s sake, but this? WTF is this? Maybe it’s because I find the whole color palette vomitous. But at least artists, like Alexander McQueen had gorgeous product to show along with the spectacle runway show. Kanye West’s rants and public outbursts mirror that of my 3 yr old son’s tantrums. The only way to get him to stop is to stop paying attention to him.

  • Sarah

    Kanye West as a musician, I can respect. I’ll go so far as to say I actually like a couple of his older songs. But the mastery of one art form does not guarantee the success in another. This is especially true with Kanye West. The third season of Yeezy was not as much about the clothes as it was the spectacle surrounding it. Theatrics aside, the line was more of the same boring, amorphous, and wildly unflattering garments that generally grace the clearance rack of American Apparel. His attempt at rocking the fashion world is unconvincing, and, quite frankly, pretty annoying. Stick to what you’re good at. A clue: it’s not fashion.

    On a side note, how has Kim’s hair not fallen out yet with all this blonde-black and back nonsense?

  • Ivy Lee

    You’re such a good writer, concise and on point. I learn so much from you (not a native speaker).

  • alex

    I really don’t understand why this article is being praised as “refreshingly honest.” You know how many people on my Facebook Timeline has said these same statements?

  • Maggie Ann

    Huge fan of yours, Leandra, but I think you missed the mark on something important. What about the social commentary made in his selection of models and design of the set? Sure, this is not what we’re used to seeing in a fashion show, but truthfully I don’t care. If someone in Kanye West’s power wants to use this forum to bring light to these issues, even if it is only a component of the overall show, I’m all for it. I think talking about (and covering) these things in all aspects of our lives, including the arts, is necessary for change.

  • kevynryan

    Is it just me, or are his clothes like the leftovers from a dystopian movie set? Like, blah, band-aid colored reject scraps for the working class? Is anyone following me on this? Like snowpiercer or the peasants in mad max fury road? Maybe it’s just me.

    • BK

      YES mega Snowpiercer vibes (Love/but am also terrified of Snowpiercer)

  • It’s a spectacle of Kardashian proportions (which, unfortunately, is an analogy that we all fully understand these days). I love Kanye’s music, and in that way, I think he’s a near-genius. I love that he’s a fashion fan, I recently watching the Iris Apfel documentary on Netflix, and there was a moment in which the two met backstage at the CFDA Awards, and he was so calm and genuinely excited to meet her- it was sweet.

    But then there’s KAPITAL LETTERS KANYE, who seems to not realize that he’s producing a Kollection of Kim’s Spanx topped with Christophe Decarnin’s $2000 ripped Balmain tee’s from six years ago. Are these clothes good? I don’t think so. It looks like what I would be forced to make due with if- on a shoot, there was a sudden fire and I lost everything BUT the Spanx and tights from my kit, and had to #makeitwork, and throw a Zara men’s bomber jacket on top.

    But I just don’t think Kanye is the type to ever accept that he’s in need of guidance or help. Like, even if you could teach Kanye something- like you were an expert crochet-er, and you were put in a classroom together- he’d be like “NAH I GOT DIS I GOT DIS” and would present a ball of yarn and proclaim it the next Son of God.

    Too much?

  • Rebekah

    Oh my gosh. Amen.

  • This spectacle – the show, the Twitter rants… I don’t think it’s entertaining or genius. I think Kanye just, in the style of Don Draper, “shit the bed”.

  • Georgina Marioni

    I applaud you, Leandra. This could have been the route Victoria Beckham would have travelled had she not taken her label seriously or known what she wanted for her fashion lines. Sure, David and the kids are at the front row chatting with Anna and this does not hurt her formidable PR machine but they are there in a supporting role. The Kardashians were as (or more) important than the Yeezy 3 itself. Kanye does not seem to know the difference between being multi-hyphenated and not knowing what to do in life (I’m partial to the latter).

  • Stephanie

    Incridible show! Kendall rocks that Yeezy new collection <3

  • Yes! Yes! This 100%. I was reading an article on I believe Business of Fashion about how Kayne is ushering in a new way to present fashion and all I could think was: based on what I’ve seen of the presentation was how the do you see the clothes? How do you discern if it is a successful collection if you have to view it through a jumbotron? As an artist who wants to be taken so seriously for his work in fashion he made it darn near impossible to take any lasting impressions from the designs based on the way it was presented. It also leaves a bitter taste in my mouth that he refuses to go through the CFDA. I feel like you don’t make many friends in the fashion world by forcing other designers to re-arrange their schedules for someone who isn’t playing fair.