Words With Friends

Joogz: The wobbly bits behind your upper arms or the padding over your hips. A joog is not a joog unless it can be pinched, pulled, or in special circumstances, stepped on.

My high school best friends and I started using this word somewhere around our second year together. While I wasn’t the weirdo who inducted this term into our daily vernacular, I embraced it with such immediacy that “joogz” quickly became as commonplace as our school uniforms.

I’m not even sure where the word came from; we had a tendency to speak in a super creepy voice — somewhere between a frog in our throat and a muppet on acid. It’s possible that what once used to be “jiggle” somehow turned into “joogz,” however I’d say it got its moniker from a visual onomatopoeia…if such a thing can even exist.

We had others of course — many I’m not at liberty to disclose — but in relaying the vocabulary to Leandra she reminded me that she and her high school best friends did the same thing.

My favorite is their title for the curly-q hairs that live right at the nape of the neck — the loops that never straighten despite chemical or ceramic intervention: “baloonies.”

And my other friend, Gabby, shares a word with her best friend, Bianca. They call each other “dangus,” which means idiot. Lovingly. And when something bad happens to Gabby’s roommate Sara, they employ the word “ostrich,” which (you get the visual) means: to hide.

I tend to surround myself with the strangest of humans, so the fact that nearly everyone I know has a “friend language” comes as no surprise. But you guys read Man Repeller, which means I’m surrounded by you too, and in the name of osmosis and all that is solvent, I’m going to go ahead and assume you also have a prett-y weird vocabulary within your crew.

So tell me your words. Please. I want to write each one down and study them all in the hope that we can become completely fluent in friendship.

Or Dothraki.

Whichever is easier to memorize.

  • Leandra Medine

    I don’t know if puner is a real one but we said that a lot too to describe our vaginas

  • i really swear to God that i coined “FML”, my friends said it all the timeeeee before it became a “THING”. we don’t make up words as much as acronyms. my favorite and most commonly used one is “DGA” — drunk girl anxiety. that horrible next day feeling when you KNOWWW you did something stupid. oh, and petunia would refer to a, ummm… bush. not the floral kind.

    • Leandra Medine

      I’m pretty sure I was an active member at the meeting (dinner table_ that incipiently initiated the term FOMO into the public discourse

      • I’ll give you credit for FOMO and JOMO. Oh! I just remembered another one “FC” was fucking couple, which can be cute or bad… You decide.

    • Amelia Diamond

      DGA is amazing. stealing.

  • JordanC

    My whole family, and now my friends, use the word ‘ginchy’ to describe the feeling of being so uncomfortable in a situation that you start squirming and becoming physically uncomfortable. It’s the best word!

    • Amelia Diamond

      GINCHY!! I luh dat.

  • Cle

    Some friends of mine coined the term “ferp” which is a synonym for awkward, but doesn’t make you that asshole who says “akwarddd” when a situation presents itself. But it also doubles as great alliteration i.e. “omg last night… fucking ferppp” or just the simple “ferp as fuck”.

  • Charlotte Fassler

    Took me a while to realize H.A.M came from Kanye West and was not an acronym my friend made up….

  • lavieenliz

    I want those pants.


  • I always explain to my husband I am now putting on/wearing a pig mask when applying/having applied face powder …

  • samhallie

    Just laughed so loud about Kim’s joogz being stepped on lol

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Rebecca

    My family is a mass of weirdos, (including all my friends, god bless us) but my family has had a word for vagina that has stuck around for generations and everytime we use it *accidentally* in public, they look at us weird. The word for vagina that we use is “panocha”. Let everyone think it’s a french word for a special bread or whatever. Haha, to each his own!


    • Hello

      Someone in your family speaks Spanish bc that is straight up slang for your fruit loop.

  • mckenzie.collins

    My group and I occasionally call each other by our Skype names as a joke.. so yep, that means I have to live down my cringe 11 year old self everyday.. Regrets to having a laptop at that age- no good could possibly have come of it!


  • Weird Austrian

    I invented this term ‘hoscha’ which became this really big thing between me and my friends. It describes a certain stage of nervousness or when you are really ridiculously passionate about something. Sometime later, it sort of became our gang name (totally West Side Story). Just last week a girl I didn’t know at all, asked me if I was one of the ‘hoschas’. Which made me feel as famous as a … say, powerranger!

  • AmyJo

    My uni friends and I always used to say we were feeling ‘toasty’ (as in gritty and dry – like burnt toast) when we were hungover, and that we were going to ‘scrape off the toast’ when we took that hungover shower, like when you scrape the burnt bits off toast to make it edible…

  • Erika

    Well, my best friend and I pretty much use movie language as codes for other things. Lately, it’s been “he’s dead kid!” (from My Girl) whenever the other one is talking about an ex. It’s effective for stopping the reminiscing and elliticing a chuckle. Ha.

  • Amber

    My husband and I call each other Schweedee, which is just sweetie in a weird Bill Cosby voice. It’s fun 🙂

  • GG

    My friends and I have this word ‘mert’ which is basically means the same thing as ‘pfft’ or laughing at something / someone in a sarcastic manner. Girls are mean.

  • Samantha Elizabeth

    oso: (oh-so) the term used to make the men in our lives understand that we’re not just best friends; those men may be our significant other but, we’re each others “other significant other”.

  • Kristen

    When I was young I wasn’t allowed to call my sister an idiot so I made do and called her an “elliot” and I still do, sometimes