Are You Striking Today?

Today Man Repeller’s office is likely empty and silent save for the hum of our sad-salad-filled fridge and the tapping of Matt Little’s keys as he dutifully fulfills our litany of women-held roles. (Just kidding, we’re not making Matt do our jobs but it would be really nice if he did. Are you reading this, Matt?) We’re lucky in that we’re able to pause work today in solidarity with the Women’s Strike. Not everyone has such a privilege and so today, we strike for them too. If you notice a lull in our content, that’s why.

The Women’s Strike, held today in honor of National Women’s Day, is a strike to end restrictions on reproductive freedom, racist and sexual assaults, all forms of bigotry, an unfair minimum wage, threats to health care and social security, threads to education, threats to female dignity and disrespect. Choosing to forgo work today is, of course, a simple form of protest, but hopefully one greater than the sum of its parts.

Following the Women’s March in late January, many wondered if people would continue to show up and fight. It’s a question that still lingers. I’m curious about how you are feeling. How have these past six weeks been for you? Defeating? Tiring? Inspiring? Overwhelming? I’ve gone through each of those feelings several times over and they’ve manifested in ways I wasn’t always prepared for or proud of (panic, paralysis, willful ignorance, anger, hope).

Are you still marching? Still listening? Still showing up? Have you taken time for yourself? Where is your head? Your priorities? How are you? Are you striking today?

Ideas on how to take action here. Photo by Drew Angerer via Getty Images. 

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