Should I Get Bangs?

I’ve ripped on bangs before. It’s totally not the hairstyle’s fault, nor is it the fault of those who currently sport the style. In fact, when I went on that tangent last August regarding the age old question of why French girls look cool and we Americans turn out looking like Matilda, the comments section filled with pictures of you in enough well-executed forehead fringe to sway me otherwise. And then Vogue went and published this slideshow.

The problem is that I like Texas-blow-dry hair. BIG. Away from my face. Think @ConnieBritton or Whitney’s mom from Southern Charm. The higher, the holier. (Shut up, Leandra.) Another issue is that I’ve already had bangs twice before. Once between the ages of 2 – 10 (…) and again at age 20, post-break up when I declared myself a new woman.

And in retrospect, it wasn’t a good look.

But I’d do it differently now. I’d wear them messy and piece-y, like I woke up and sort of forgot I had fringe in the first place. I’d muss them with my knuckles — a self-noogie, if you will. Maybe I’ll even learn to tease the hair on the crown of my head a bit so I look something like a cross between a stoner and a Fellini heroine, you know?


If you forget what my naked forehead looks like, click here, and then if you don’t mind, come back and tell me: should I get bangs?

— Amelia Diamond

  • Shelby

    DON’T DO IT. I’ve been growing out my bangs for a solid year. ONE YEAR. They were overly Zooey-thick and I was bored in like, two weeks. Plus, summer is coming and bangs = forehead sweat. Big time.

  • Bangs can be very nice, but they need maintenance to look impeccable and it’s a nightmare to grow them… Better get long ones, but on the plus side, they make a face look younger.

    Mafalda ❤

  • Jessica Rose

    I love my fringe.. (I’m English)…we don’t describe it as a *Bang* but depending on your hair type….it can be a full time job. I have a cow lick at the front…any dampness in the air…and it ain’t a pretty sight! ;/

  • Jennie

    I have been rocking bangs for practically all of my 27 years. I did a Tumblr post about tips to keep ’em fresh for anyone interested:

  • Aubrey Green

    I think you would look great with bangs. If you don’t have the right hair texture (I think that you do though), then they are WAY more maintenance. I agree with Shelby and summer is coming and you may not want to deal with that. I would maybe go the route of faux bangs, in fact if you have a great option for faux bangs I would love to know about it :). Good luck bangin’ ;).

  • Melissa

    the most important thing is finding a stylist that knows what he/she is doing. i was growing out my hair from a pixie, and i needed something different to keep me from chopping my hair off again, so i opted for bangs. i had tried them once before college, and i absolutely hated them. i had to convince myself that this time i would like them because there was nothing else i could do to my hair at this point except undo everything i had painfully tried to grow out. i brought in a picture of kirsten dunst’s bangs to my hair stylist, and gushed about how much i loved them and wanted bangs exactly like the one’s she dawned on her head. my hair stylist said, “that’s great, but i’m going to cut your bangs in a way that will look good for your face.” i let her do what she thought was best, and i don’t know if ever want to not have bangs. i feel more put together with them (even on days i don’t attempt to look put together).

    • Thamsa

      I’m glad they worked out for you, and I definitely agree, find someone who knows what he or she is doing!. I think anyone could look good with bangs, but you just have to find the right cut for you 😉

  • Do it!

  • niza

    i agree, they are looking great on these pictures. but: bangs are not made for real life! they are just too complicated.

  • Quinn Halman

    Let’s just say it takes a special person to pull of bangs. If you’re not sure that’s you do the test I did (guaranteed less annoying than a BuzzFeed quiz)

  • Okay, so I will be honest, I am not sure if I would advice Jane Birkin bangs for you, but I feel like you could definitely pull of B.B. bangs, given that they are longer, more side-y and she tends to have thicker hair like yours.

    So to answer your quesh: jah bruh get dat ish

  • Gene

    You have the hair for it, but consider how much you like being able to pull all of your hair up at once without fiddling with bobby pins, braids or anything else. I had a fringe for a couple years, loved it when it was good but fantasized about being able to have an elastic and that’s it, to go from hair down to hair up. Especially when growing them out. Also, unless you can trim them yourself (which I ended up doing well after a couple disasters), you’ll get sick of getting touch ups every few weeks.

  • Lisa B

    Last scene… LOL. Don’t do it! I’ve been growing mine out for a year. It’s torture.

  • Dee

    Long bangs, & take 4 or 5 inches off the bottom. Lots of movement, perfect for being “mussed about”.

  • Dont do it! Once you do you’ll be over it within a week. ORRRR at least, come back to your question next week and ask yourself “do you ABSOLUTELY need these bangs”

  • Lea

    Start with the longer Bardot bangs and then if you want to go shorter with them you can…that way it’s not too much of a huge gamble up front!

  • Hmmm … I kept my forehead free in a way similar to yours for years but the parting didn’t look appropriate/natural, way too often. Also, I may or may not have some … thinker lines? On my forehead? ;-).
    So I went (a week ago) and asked for bangs and got them – unfortunately, they don’t look too good too often, but that’s because I just brush my pixie most mornings and that was that. If I do go out, I can still from dat roof above my face quite well, but … I’d have kept the parting if it looked as good as yours – it is exactly the way I like it and I don’t really like hair in my face.

  • I got mine two months ago, and I’m in the stage of deciding wheter or not to keep them, so I made a list:
    + they look great if I have ten minutes to spare in the morning
    + I’ve never liked my forehead, so they help me cover it up
    + it makes any outfit look better, kind of like an accessory

    – having things in your eyes is annoying
    – they’re high maintenance

  • Breanne T.

    Ugh I’m just growing mine out; don’t even bother unless you want to wake up one day and become filled with regret that reaches the depth of your soul.

    Let’s just say this: devil’s reincarnation via over the forehead. Everyday I look in the mirror and glare at what once was my shining glory.

    Alas, it all must come to an end.

  • Kat

    Yes! Bangs bang. I just got mine. And if you love to cut your hair, you will have a chance to do it every month with bangs, ha!



  • Lovelie

    Don’t do it. The fringe always goes wrong, you either get bored of it or it interferes with you looking cool while wearing sunglasses. However, side swept bangs (given your current lob) is very mod, Eva Mendes-esque even, and quite beautiful. Good luck.

  • Off topic, but after looking at the joe dirt slide show, ima say you all have really nice teeth. About the bangs, sleep on it for a few days. Either way, hair grows back. These photots make me want to get bangs again (had them in 2011- not my best look), But I cannot do that. I just chopped my hair and got a new tattoo, I will officially be a huge cry for help if I get bangs too.

  • Tayler

    ahhahaha. I needed this post. Needed it. I’m thinking about getting them too. Except I’m in just above the shoulder, pixie cut grow out phase.

    “self-noogie” made my day.

  • CarlotaLMorais

    My favourite type is the bardot type! Just to frame your face! Beautifull!

  • mandy

    How did Vogue leave out Audrey?!

  • anastasiaC

    why not?! change is a good thing…its hair, it’ll grow… I wouldn’t do it as my hair is way way frizzy but think you should give it a try – why not?!

  • Marta

    Yes, just cut them long enough that you can tie them back with the rest of your hair – you can still style them up and off your face when you don’t feel like wearing them, and wear them loose and messy when you do. I have mine like that – kinda shorter in the middle but longer at the sides. They’re the versatile, commitment-free bangs…

  • Nicole

    Get longer bangs if you’re not entirely sure, because then at least you can pin them back to the side a bit. It’s true they make you look young though, if you get full frontal ones. People thought I was underage when I had them (albeit I was going for a kinda asian-schoolgirl look). And be prepared for being patient when growing them out.. whatever you do DO NOT CUT YOUR FRINGE IF YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO GROW IT OUT. Takes twice as long.

  • Megan

    I LOVED having bangs, but they made me look younger/cuter. I want to look more like a “adult woman” now and growing them out calls for awkward stages for my bangs. I made sure to get them thinned out so they can grow out nicer. Also growing them out won’t be CRAZY hard, it just causes more creativity in styling them and making those awk bangs work (it’s still annoying though)! I also had a couple accountability friends to stop me from cutting my bangs; any time i feel a urge to cut my sad-growing fringe into its adorable shape – I give them a call.

  • jas

    i love having bangs, but do keep in mind the maintenance factor – you have to be 100% committed to having bangs and the upkeep. also keep in mind the frustrating-want-to-rip-your-bangs-out stage when trying to grow out said bangs.

    reckless abandon

  • Lisa Thomson

    I just got bangs on Wednesday. I feel better about them now that I’ve seen this post, Amelia. I’m not a young babe so have to be careful. My hair is like the Marianne Faithful’s in her pic’s. I definitely have to keep them messy and not too short.

  • Love bangs, hate the effort. Sadly, I’m growing mine out once and for all now. Bangs add and element of chic to everything. I thought the exact same thing as you cutting them for the second time a year and half ago, I will wear them messy, they will be simple, but the problem is most of us aren’t Alexa or Freja, those bedhead bangs are impossible to achieve. My bangs craved work, and didn’t survive a bit of rain, or a hat. So I’m giving them up. My verdict, if you’re okay with the work then do it. But be okay with washing your hair everyday and taking the extra time.

  • Áine Hegarty

    It depends on how you feel about your brows. I missed mine while with bangs

  • Lisa

    Everyone looks better with bangs. It’s science.

  • So… I cut bangs at the beginning of the winter (basically because of pinterest pictures like the ones above) and while I did get sick of them after about 3 months, it wasn’t that hard to grow them out. Seriously… I put up a post with some great tips on growing out bangs, this is the link:
    Cut the bangs! Enjoy! and then just grow them out, I do the cycle every couple years. haha.

  • LilyP

    If you trust your stylist, like, with your life, or your firstborn, I’d say do it.

  • Angie Worley

    Have you thought about clip-in bangs? I got some last summer because I was too scared to cut my hair and I love them! Mine are Sono Hair in case you want to try!