From NYFW: But What Should I Wear Right Now?

At best, this fashion week makes a strong case for getting out of the office to see clothes that are cool, no question, and familiar faces, which you really like to see but don’t really have time to when the calendar is running regularly. But at worst, it’s contrived. An event that leaves you feeling a pit of nothingness that is followed by the false positive of delight that Cathy Horyn astutely recognized in her review of the Yeezy 3 collection for The Cut. It’s cold, and people seem grumpy — partly, I would imagine, for the same reason I’m at a loss: such weather really sucks the joy out of getting dressed, no?

When the decision is being made for you, that is: when you can’t choose what you wear because what you own has no choice but to wear you through what I guess the media is calling Hurricane Olympia, that’s pretty grim. Grim because we all know clothes that have a magical transformative quality to make a bad day the best day and the best day even better.

One beacon of hope emerged from Lacsote’s Saturday morning show, which is a born again eye feast in an era that follows sportswear. Everyone is showing thick suiting, so a pair of zip-up track pants feel fresh again. Really! All it took was the quick, fell death of normcore to bring us here, examining this curiously cool après-ski look that is swear-to-blog making everything else in my closet feel soOoOoOooOo dated. I can’t even look at wide leg pants with the same conviction and admiration! And I am pro-parachute. You know that.

So here’s what I’m thinking. A wild coat — it doesn’t have to be shiny but I can’t imagine how that could possibly hurt your case. The requirement is one: make sure the length is that sweet spot below knee and above ankle.

A plus if it flares, we are not looking for more tailoring.

Up next! You’ll need a half-zip, but it could be a full-zip too. The kind of under-armour you might wear while skiing, slightly similar to some of the knits that Nicolas Ghesquière showed at his first collection for Louis Vuitton.


See? So fre$h. So! Get a half-zip (steal it from your brother, your dad, your mom, whoever) and zip it all the way up. Dangle that zipper round and round.

I’m assuming you already have a pair of trackpants because of what happened to us two years ago when we tricked ourselves into thinking they were formal wear, but in the event you don’t, fret not because you can find them in multitudes round the world wide web.

I know there is a pair of American flag jeans in there. I’m pushing them hard on you. They’re just so much…fun.

Lacoste Fall/Winter ’16, Look 14; photographs via Vogue RunwayLacoste and Instagram.


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  • Rilee Jefferson

    I just put up a blog post, and I am deeply regretting not buttoning my coat to the top now!!

  • Stephanie
  • Beatrice

    Tried this; looked like Chas Tenenbaum.

  • Kelsey O’Donnell

    Your case for track pants has me so close to being convinced. I’ll probably dream about them tonight and that will be the final push I need to obsess until I find just the right pair. But that white-ribbed sweater and silver circle pull-tab are taking me back to freshman year in a way I don’t think I’m ready for.