Who Was Your Childhood Celebrity Crush?

In the very same moment that Roberta decided to stop taping her bra, I fell in love with Devon Sawa.

I’d fallen in like with him just a few months before courtesy of his breakout role in Little Giants, but it was his look-back-after-walking-away grin he gave Christina Ricci that sealed the deal for my baby heart. (I much preferred his forward-brushed bangs as opposed to the 90’s middle part.)

However, where blonde, floppy haired romances were concerned, Leonardo DiCaprio captured my soul a year before he dramatically drowned in the ocean. He was Romeo, and I, his Juliet.

Others came and went — there was a brief stint with Jonathan Taylor Thomas and an emotional dalliance with Rider Strong of Boy Meets World — but to this day, when anyone asks me about my first kiss I tell them it was perfect: we sat on the porch swing of my parents’ home, drinking Coke Heavy from glass bottles, and after we kissed I acted like nothing short of the ideal, perfect lady.

It’s a little awkward when someone calls me out on my lie — “Um, Amelia…isn’t that a scene from Now and Then?” — but what can I say? Love is blind.

Your turn: tell me yours.

  • PrettyFritz

    It has always, and will always be dear Leo. Mostly for his very very handsome haircut, but also for his (role’s) great sense of romance (in Titanic and Romeo&Juliet.).
    Now i just think his old and chubby…
    And also Johnny Depp in Gilbert Grape (wich is also a great combination of them both) + his hair.
    Now i think of it, i must have had a thing for cute haircuts?…

  • pragmaticluxe

    Jared Leto/Jordan Catalano!!! Le sigh… I still love him…

  • Jocelyn

    Brad Renfro (RIP) in Tom and Huck and Taylor Hanson. Heck, I still have a crush on Taylor Hanson.

    • Carrie

      OH, man. Brad Renfro was the one.

    • MK

      Brad Renfro forever. RIP 🙁

      • Natalie

        Called him “hunk” instead of “Huck” when I was little… Loved him!

  • Catherine

    Leo all the way forever

  • Four words: Jeff. Goldblum. Independence. Day.

    • leatherboots

      Four words: Jeff. Goldblum. Jerassic. Park.

  • Brie

    Leo. Always and forever.

  • GeorginaEdith

    I never really got into the Leo fever up until Gatsby! My childhood crush is Daniel Radcliffe!

  • Celeste

    Orlando Bloom following a viewing of Pirates of the Caribbean when I was 13. I thought he was such a babe and didn’t waste time on buying a giant poster of his face/naming a Build-a-Bear after him. Still is such a babe.

  • Lauren

    Elementary school: Taylor Hanson
    Middle school to present day: Josh Hartnett

  • ivana

    It was also Dewon Sawa kissing Christina Ricci, but in Casper. The moment Kats engel mother turned the ghost into a boy (Dewon), I was smitten…

  • It has and always will be a young Paul Newman. I remember in like 3rd or 4th grade I was watching a movie with him in it and I got this weird feeling that I hadn’t previously felt and I was like “so THIS is what having a crush is like.” I think I’ve always been drawn to his rugged sophistication.

    (And, uh, salad dressings.)

    • Charlotte Fassler

      you were a pretty sophisticated kid. I really think he is the ultimate always and forever!

      • So many Paul Newman pics saved to me phone for a rainy day. It’s definitely a full-blown crush.

    • Kate Barnett

      AHHH ME TOO. i watched butch cassidy on repeat and could re-enact every scene up until bolivia. i could never watch past bolivia.

  • Charlotte Fassler

    Initially attracted to Prince Eric from the little mermaid I moved onto blondes with Phoebus in the hunchback. This explains my love for 90’s boys of the flopping blonde variety. Leo captured my 7 year old heart as did the Hanson brothers (really only Taylor)…I am still not sure i had a crush or wanted to be them but that’s neither here nor there. Then my taste became questionable as I moved onto dudes of the Lance Bass/Clay Aiken variety….

    • Lea

      Our taste in childhood crushes is so similar. I, too, adored Phoebus, but also John Smith from Pocahontas. Taylor was hands down the hottest Hansen brother. Lance was my favorite from the N’Sync dudes, he just seemed so modest and sweet.

  • Marina

    After seeing Octopussy at the movie theater, Roger Moore made me feel in a way I never felt before. I was in elementary school…

  • Sascha

    Jared Leto. Flash forward fifteen years and I’m stalking him on Twitter and Instagram. Some crushes only get stronger over time.

  • Johnny Knoxville was our childhood crush! Is that concerning?


  • Ashley H.

    Always and forever Mr. Leo. His eyes are to die for…

  • *sigh* I don’t seem to remember … Hm. Jennifer Beals in Flashdance?

  • Brie

    holy crap are you me? all those that were name dropped i had posters of on my wall…. oh, i also loved the guy from a walk to remember.

  • Darling Bonnie

    Mine, semi-emabrassinginly enough, was Puff Daddy, Diddy, P.Diddy, Sean John and all of his various alias’. In my eyes it was a match made in musical heaven and it made no difference that he was more then 10 years my senior. In my young convoluted mind we would be one and he’d sign me to his label….

  • It has always for me been a tie between the (late) Heath Ledger and Johnny Depp… While Johnny is so far out of my age range, myself being 18 and he being the same age as my mother (50) I still cannot get over his warmth and cheekiness (however subtle it is). Heath, well he represents basically everything I want in a guy and if he were to serenade me on the bleachers of my high school field I am 100% sure I would die there and then, happily. Much Love x

  • mknoun

    Jeremy Sumpter from in Peter Pan was the epitome of lush back the third grade

    • Chloe H

      Peter Pan became my #1 movie shortly after. Bless my heart. X

  • Jenny

    First there was the Culkin kid, followed by a young Eddie Furlong in Terminator, but those petty crushes all faded away when I caught a glimpse of Leo as Romeo.

  • Natalie

    So fucking embarrassing… My mother and I would watch reruns of I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched and The Partridge Family after school. I had the hots for David Cassidy, until I (finally) figured out he was no longer a cute young man. I was crushed! Thanks a lot, ma.

  • withluckblog

    leo leo leo leo. He was (and still is) at the top of my list. But i also definitely spent my time hunting through teen mags for pictures of Taylor Hanson as a close second.

  • Leo definitely. Then Joshua Jackson until at least a few years after the sad finish of Dawsons Creek. I still can’t look at Katie Holmes without the sting of jealousy.

    The Macadame. xx


  • Chazie

    Hayden Christensen in Star Wars I and II–it was the seventh grade and he was my dreamboat. I annoyed my family by watching SW Ep. II and III almost everyday. #noregrets

  • Chazie

    Also in 7th grade (evidently my year for major celeb crushes), my friend let me borrow her Pirates of the Caribbean DVD and I thought, whoa Orlando Bloom is indeed a hottie with a body, but then whoa baby, Johnny Depp in full pirate regalia with eyeliner, and that jaw line. hmm hmm hm. Johnny Depp forevaaa! My 13th birthday party was Pirates of the Caribbean themed too!

  • I watched a lot of soccer with my dad so, David Beckham.

  • Kimber

    Jonathan Taylor Thomas all the way. Loved me some JTT.

  • Sally newsome

    Rowdy Yates (Clint Eastwood). Yes, I’m 67 but I love your blog.

  • Definitely Devon Sawa!!! 🙂


  • marie a

    1997’s ‘Wild America’. That shit was an experience for a 12 year old girl.

  • Laura

    Brad Pitt circa the early 90’s (A River Runs Through It and Seasons of the Fall)

  • Anna

    Tom Welling…

  • Katie

    Ha! I too had a major crush on Devon Sawa, and fondly remember him gracing the cover of ym magazine…

  • Madelyn Rosario

    I must say, Bill Skarsgard *sigh*

    • Madelyn Rosario

      But when I was younger it was Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys <3

  • Ryan

    I only just started watching Star Wars as soon as I saw Princess Leia I thought she was beautiful and also didn’t depend on the boys would fight for herself but it sucks that she is like 60 something now to old for me now if only I lived in the 80s