What’s Your Weird Thing?

My mom loves the smell of gasoline. A lot of people do actually, but when I’m around it, I gag and hold my breath and sound like Chuckie from Rugrats while I whine until we escape the vapors that are terrorizing my nose.

Maybe the nose’s relationship with the smell of gasoline is similar to the tongue’s relationship with cilantro in that it’s a gene and you either have it or you don’t.

Though I can’t help myself from shouting “EW GROSS YOU LIKE GAS?” at the nasal marvel, I’ve realized that every one of us has a “weird thing” — sort of like Miranda Hobbes with her trashy magazines per Leandra’s call out earlier this week. Regarding my mom, that smell, and Miranda’s retort to whoever makes fun of her for said thing, I guess I should learn to let it go.

It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t seeing as I have weird things too. I crack my knuckles and neck repeatedly causing those around me to cringe, and I pop my thumbs out of their sockets when I’m bored. I chew and twirl my hair like someone sitting outside of the principle’s office awaiting doom and I squish the tip of my nose into the bridge of my nose with two fingers when I’m thinking or not thinking because sometimes you gotta do you.

A friend of mine — and I do mean a friend, not a friend-that-is-actually-me — enjoys that disgusting tangy taste of deodorant.

Some people really like to stick their french fries in milkshakes. Leandra pulls her eyebrows out of her forehead. One of my best friends rubs a safety blanket on her cheek until she falls asleep. There are certain horses who enjoy chewing wood despite the fact that it’s very bad for them. Dogs eat grass until they puke. Mary Katherine Gallagher, bless her heart, used to do this:


But you know what’s coming next right? A call to the Cogitation Station, because I really need to know what your weird thing is…

And if you tell me, I Scout’s-Honor-Promise (in the voice of either one Miranda Hobbes or that girl from Frozen) that I’ll let it go.

Image shot by Louise Parker for the Cut.

  • Ssan

    I love to crack my neck and backbone, it makes me feel alive-ish

  • andrea raymer

    I have several since I am an incredibly strange person. I have a strange phobia of condiments, particularly mayonnaise. I “crack” my nose like a crack my knuckles by moving the cartilage on the tip around until i hear a popping sound. Also, whenever I get a straw i have to fold the wrapper up neatly before I can throw it away and take a sip of my drink. I am incredibly bothered by people who don’t fold things properly (*cough*DAD*cough*). I also can’t let my napkin touch anything on my plate when I eat.

    • Amelia Diamond

      hhaha wait i have a straw wrapper thing too!

    • Tara Jayne

      I also have a phobia of condiments. Particularly ketchup.

      • alex

        my best friend is also terrified of ketchup. and wrists.

  • Jamie Leland

    Jason from Home Movies has lots of these. http://youtu.be/rSimBCOj_Rg?t=4m51s

  • Camille

    I thought I was the only one! I love having my fries with a side of milkshake/ice cream.
    And sometimes I prefer having dessert before a meal… I don’t understand either.

    • PghMike4

      This was a thing on You’re the Worst recently — great show BTW. It was the first time I saw someone sticking french friends in a milk shake.

    • I am you, you are me!

  • Tara Jayne

    I think my weirdest thing is my insane obsession re: removing ALL of my body hair (below my neck). I wax everything, constantly, constantly, constantly waxing. I shave my calves every.single.day and have since I was 9. I tried to not do it on a couple of occasions and haven’t been able to sleep. In the summer, if I have been swimming in cold water, I will shave my legs twice a day. No matter what. I describe the feeling of my hair growing back as ‘painful’… anyone else?!

    • Amelia Diamond

      i wish. that i. shaved. as often. as you.

      • Tara Jayne

        no you don’t! I think it’s psychotic!

  • Leandra Medine

    I bring my pinky fingers up to my nostrils and keep them there breathing in and out the smell of what residue remains at the tip of my nail beds

  • my brother used to creep me out by rubbing my elbows as a child and im SCARRED. i literally get nauseous when people touch my elbows now. not even people–air conditioning, fabric, my desk, you name it. even when i touch an elbow (ANYONES) i have to rub my hand off til i cant feel it anymore.

    dont even get me started on those sweaters with the hearts on the elbow. lajkfhkasdhkajlsfhalfjh

    • Tara Jayne

      hahaha yours is my favourite and i want to be your friend. also, i’m sorry?

    • Allison

      I AM THE SAME WAY!! I get nauseous when people touch my elbows and my BF thinks it’s hilarious. He has gotten me on the floor, squirming and hyperventilating by grabbing my elbows. I murdered him.

  • Lauren Ann Long

    I constantly check my neck lymph nodes..I may or may not be a bit of a hypochondriac. Also, germx.

  • I’ve got the finger, neck, back, knee, wrist, ankle, toe cracking thing. I’m cracking and typing as we speak. AND the eyebrow thing. I hate the eyebrow thing. thank god for pencil. i’m just nuts, i guess. i also need something on my lips at all times. lipstick, gloss, balm, chap, or all at once. my friend counted how many times i applied on a night out. the figures are embarrassing.

    • Cracking makes me cringe. There was this kid who used to crack his back constantly behind me in chem class a few years ago. I finally punched him in the back and yelled “shut the fuck up!!!!”

      And the thing to keep in mind is that I’m a pretty chill, totally nonviolent person….until the above. It even involved get up out of my chair.

      • Chem classs.. sO mUCh DramAAa

        • Seriously. Everyone’s confused by the material and the teacher is socially inept and everyone is just irritable.

  • I talk to myself a ton in different accents.

    • Haleigh

      Awesome, do you have entire conversations between the two different accented versions of yourself like I do?

    • ariel cherie.

      I do this too! Especially in the morning when I’m trying to find something to wear.

  • rhiarhia

    I also do the eyebrow thing, and I finger comb my hair while I’m reading. Pulling out the knots is relaxing and feels so good.

  • Lyric

    I talk to my dogs pretty constantly and sing to them and sometimes change the lyrics of the songs to be about dogs that have their names…

    • I do the same thing! I always thought it was normal though. I do it to other people’s animals too…

    • Jessica

      Same, but with cats…

      • Lina

        yesss I have 20 different names for my 2 cats

    • Yup, I do this too. My mom has a very specific accent she uses just to speak to the dog, too.

    • alex

      me and my fwiends type in dawg voice.

  • Nicolette

    I crack my every joint on my body. Like, every single one. And I do it repeatedly. Also, I like the smell of gasoline, white-out, and nail polish remover. And if we’re being honest here, I have this weird satisfaction of googling chocolate chip cookies.

    • andrea raymer

      I google chocolate chip cookies too. I also just google “food” if I’m having a hard time deciding what to eat.

  • annie

    my mom always liked the smell of gasoline too, and i inherited that charming oddity. also the smell of diesel. i try not to inhale though, because it’s sooo very bad for you. i also used to love the dusty smell that arose when i vaccuumed the carpet in my old bookshop job. so weird, right? oh well. 🙂 everyone’s little weirdnesses are the most fun things to find out.

  • Franny Keller

    my mom and i happen to love the smell of gasoline too! i pick my mascara all the time, its an awful habit because sometimes i accidentally pick out my eyelashes 🙁

  • Marissa

    I caress my chin to locate the three chin hairs that grow there. Even after I’ve just tweezed them. They give me much distress even when they’re absent.

    • rhiarhia

      I do the same thing! I get one on each jaw line. I constantly rub my jawbone checking for them.

  • ee_by_cc

    My weird thing is actually a dislike. I have an irrational fear of handi-wipes.


  • I jiggle my legs, like, constantly. I figure it probably burns extra calories or something.

  • Certainly the nose twitch like in Bewitched, all day err day

    Warm Regards,

  • Annie

    When I try on clothes in a dressing room 9 times out of 10 I end up dancing a little Irish jig thing in front of the mirror.

  • Alex

    cracking every possible joint in my body, pulling eye brow hair, twirling head hair (also tying it in knots with two fingers, its a skill), talking to myself, love the smell of gas, and paint god i love paint smell.

  • I hate the smell of metal so much it makes me go berserk whenever I smell it on my fingers, I usually wash my hands after touching any metal items (keys, coins, jewelry). Does anyove else have this weirdness?

  • Esther Levy

    I CANNOT flush the toilet without first looking at the contents within. Gross, kill me.


    • I look too. Might as well.

      • Aubrey Green


    • Lina

      It’s hard in the school bathroom because I’m always in a hurry but if I can’t look I keep wondering

    • I think we all have one like this but no one dares to say it!! cheers for being so honest hhahaha 😉

  • olive

    Sometimes I pretend don’t see people so that they will come and find me themselves.

  • Jessica

    1. I HATE the sound of metal; the worst is when people scrape their silverware against their teeth; CRINGE! Wind chimes should only come in wood or bamboo. 2. One of the hairs on my arm grows long, and I treasure it as it blows in the wind. My friends think it is totally gross and try to pull it out. Blow on little, long hair! 3. Most mornings I make hideous faces at myself in the mirror as I get ready. Despite my mother’s warning, it has not frozen that way…yet.

    • alex

      wood chimes should only come in wood and bamboo. the metal ones are so annoying.

  • Aubrey Green

    I like the smell of gasoline, dirt, freshly cut grass and armpits of the men I have been in relationships with. I am always thinking out loud or is that just talking to myself haha. I will repeat a word someone said, or in a movie at-least 10 times if I find the word weird/interesting or I liked the way they said it, etc. I reread emails/letters over and over again.

    • Kelly

      I am CONSTANTLY repeating words/phrases on TV. Commercials, shows, movies….I’ve started doing it real life if someone says something a certain way. The stronger the accent the better. I don’t even realize I’m doing it and it drives my friends crazy.

      • Aubrey Green

        I don’t say it out loud, just in my head, so it only annoys me! ahahaha.

      • femmefan1946

        That’s a symptom of Tourette’s Syndrome. Are you also ADHD?

  • dd

    L-O-V-E the smell of skunk!!!

  • Helen Bichsel

    I read upside down

    • Aubrey Green

      I read magazines back to front.

      • disqus_K28BInF1up

        So do I! It drives everyone I know crazy. I blame the magazines that have a one-page article on the last page and 45 pages of ads at the beginning.
        I also have to break off the pop-top on a can of Diet Coke before drinking.

    • femmefan1946

      You have a future as a proofreader. Or a spy. Useful skill.

  • Nelya

    I have to look behind the shower curtain every single time in the bathroom because I am convinced there is a a python behind it.

  • The Provoker

    Playing with my bruises, it’s probably borderline fetish.

  • Emma

    I can’t sleep, concentrate, watch tv, or enjoy life unless my chin is covered with material – t shirt, blanket, what have you.
    I’m really happy that turtlenecks are back to provide 90s style chin coverage.

  • Brighid

    I can’t wear necklaces made from any other material than plastic- seriously every time someone tries to get them near me (or insists I
    ‘m being ridiculous) I scream/tear up, curl up into a ball until they leave (and yes this has happened in a shop before)

  • Jeanean

    I am not sure this counts as weird or is just compulsive and it is a couple thing that I and my husband do. Whichever one of us leaves the house first MUST find the other one (usually still asleep in bed), kiss them good by and say I love you. If we somehow don’t get this done (it does happen VERY infrequently) then we must arrange to do this at the earliest possible moment during the day. I am not kidding, everything just feels totally (seriously, random things going wrong constantly, Monday on steroids) off until this is done. I also usually feel guilty, if I’m the one still sleeping and I don’t wake up enough to manage, “I love you too”. (Even though, my husband always laughs when I apologize, because he can tell I am almost completely asleep.)
    I also talk to my cats and which “voice” I use depends on the subject we are discussing. My cats are half Siamese, so we really do have discussions and sometimes I even know EXACTLY what they are saying to me and/or each other. The rest of the time, I think they speak the cat version of gibberish. You know, ’cause they just find it amusing to watch me try to figure out what they want/need.

    • My roommate’s cats are siamese, and they really do meow a lot, especially one of them. Kyo will always meow back when I say his name or meow first. One time I meowed across the room and he got up and ran to me, meowing.

      • Jeanean

        Clearly he believes you are one of those special few humans who can learn cat language (even though you don’t have a tail and will therefore face some challenges in fully expressing yourself). Persevere, you will be rewarded!

        • I wish I was a cat. But I refuse to accept it as my “weird thing”

  • I have several. The weirdest is probably my thing for bizarre foods as in I take peanut butter cookie sandwiches and put ketchup in them like a burger. I also love dipping isaw (local exotic street food made from chicken intestines then covered in flour then fried until crispy) into a nice ice cream sundae ♥ boyfriend almost want to puke whenever he sees me doing my “adventures” lol I also love biting my nails even when I have nail polish on.. I like the taste. Your mom and I have the gas thing in common too.

    ROUGH & TOUGH☯ // I`m on Bloglovin! // IG: @jiaachacruz:disqus

    P.S. my boyfriend cracks every bone in his body. he can crack his ribs!!!! wtf

  • Kelly Marjorie

    I can’t sleep without something covering my shoulder. When it’s hot, I have all my body out, but just need a blanket over my shoulder. If it slips during the night, I have bad dreams; but I think that’s just because I get cold?

  • Anna

    I bite Ice cream sometimes. I still HAVE to sleep with my baby blankets which gets some weird looks on an airplane. I love my dog’s paws bc they smell like Doritos.

  • zallyhood

    i rub my thumb nail above my upper lip to relax myself and i always have to lift my shirt up far enough that my bra (or usually not a bra in my case) is exposed when i sit on the toilet

  • Jillian SoFla

    I pick the split ends off of my hair. So bad but SO satisfying.

  • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

    I love dog breath, cat breath, the smell of their little baby paws, their little fuzzy heads and velvet bellies.I also love to untangle metal chains, it is so relaxing.

  • Make it Rainn

    I have this thing with metal, it makes me uncomfortable. I can’t drink out of a glass bottle because I feel like I’ll chip a tooth, and also I may or may not be a hypochondriac. But the tumor I have is completely legit..

  • Mackenzie Mancuso

    The sound of people touching construction paper. I can’t.

    xo, Kenzie
    easy, lucky, free

  • Victoria Lee
  • emibel4

    i hate hate hate hate bellybuttons.

    • Emma

      Me too, just thinking about them makes me almost puke and I can’t touch it or have it being touched.

  • Zoe

    Oh my god mine is bad. I can’t mix like variations of things that I eat. I can’t have soy milk if I’ve already had almond milk, or I can’t have ice cream if I’ve had yogurt. Or I can’t have cheerios if I already ate wheat bread. It’s borderline OCD.

  • Guest

    I talk to my self in english. Wouldn’t be a big deal if I actually live in a country that spoke it.

    • femmefan1946

      I do that too, only in French. I try to convince myself it is good practice, since my workgroup is primarily francophone, but I rarely speak to them in French. We will all be chatting in French, except for my English contributions.

  • María Belén

    I talk to my self in english. Wouldn’t be a big deal if I actually lived in a country that spoke it.

  • Jackie

    I have this weird thing that i want numbers on like, the radio to end at a five or a zero. Also I hate it when the kettle clicks when it’s done, i have to click it myself right before it’s done haha

  • Freckles

    Ever since I was little I chew my straw. It’s very entertaining getting questions like “can you even drink out of that?” Always have to have two straws for that romantic movie theater drink. I think you should talk about weird things you do with your significant other but no one else. When I told my good friend that my guy and I can have complete conversations full of “meows,” she then told me she and her guy have conversations full of “caws” back and forth (like that evil bird from Rudolph’s Shining New Year claymation special).

  • guest

    I despise the smell of burnt toast. This is a great post btw .. loved reading it .. love the comments. People are so funny.

    • sarah

      i adore the taste of burnt toast with butter and jam. we could never live together.

  • Sarah Shelton

    I pick my spilt ends uncontrollably.

  • I love the smell of fresh drawing pencils (probably since I draw) and old bookstores (but I don’t think this is weird, everyone who loves books loves this, amiright).

    Also, doesn’t EVERYONE put their french fries in milkshakes?!? If not–you’re missing out.

  • krs

    Hearing people chew is like nails on a chalkboard for me. I think chewing gum should be outlawed.

    Also almost always have to microwave chocolate chip cookies before I eat them. No idea why, can’t even rmr how it started lol

  • The smell of shoe polish, aaahhhh

  • Lina

    sticking things in between my toes gives me immense pleasure

  • Bronte Mac

    Amelia we are the same person! I do the joint cracking and nose squish-innie-thing all the time, and nibble on my hair in my spare time. #freaky

  • I TOTALLY DO THE HAIR MUSTACHE AS THE GIRL IN THE BLUE IN THE PICTURE. At work sometimes I wrap my hair around my chin like a blanket when I’m thinking.

    I also crack all knuckles and joints possible. I push my head with both hands to crack my upper spine

  • Phoebe

    I click everything, its the first thing I do when I wake up. My ‘comfort thing’ is to play with my belly button (I used to be able to turn it inside out- yes weird and probs very gross sounding).
    I also absolutely cannot stand the feeling of my fingers touching when Ive had a really long bath/shower and the fingerprints rub past each other. Omg makes my toes curl just writing this.

  • Umm, I have put french fries in my cheeseburgers since 2nd grade, I sometimes still climb the stairs using my hands when I’m going fast ( only at home though, ew) I rub my face into my bed sheets/ blanket like a burrowing wombat for comfort. So basically, I’m a big fat baby.

  • chloe chlo

    for sleeping: I can’t fall asleep without a security blanket, even thought I’m a grown adult living on her own. i have to have a blanket covering all of my body all the way up to the back of my skull or else i don’t feel safe. although i am quite a heavy sleeper, i will instantly wake up to the sound of a door opening, again, for safety.
    food: i can’t have food touching. when there is a melange of ingredients, such as fried rice, i must eat one food group at a time. and i like to eat things in certain portions at a time.
    smells: i love the smell of metals on my fingers, i will constantly have my fingers up to my nose until the smell goes away. i have also found a strange love for the smell of tennis court asphalt on the end of my racket.
    hygiene: if someone coughs or sneezes, even if they are covering their mouth/nose, i must hold my breath for 25 seconds. i can’t share food with anyone. i must have all of my nails cut till they are little stubs. i pick at blackheads, even though it’s bad, because i hate the thought of having dirt and oil trapped in my skin.
    behavior: nothing can be crooked. i can’t stand when things are in even numbers unless they end in a zero (because my mother used to tell me as a child an odd number of things looks better in a picture). i have to see things in a pattern or i have to set them in a pattern myself. sometimes when imagine a scenario in my mind i will actually act out the scenario or have certain facial expressions that go along with the imagined scenario without even knowing it, in public.

  • I like the taste of frost. I purposely freeze small amounts of water in the icebox and eat the frozen slivers… basically, I love ice chips.

  • PghMike4

    Does anyone here remember the smell of mimeograph liquid? That stuff was more awesome than gasoline!

    • guest


  • Virginia Varinelli
  • Jeanean

    That isn’t weird, that’s good sense! ^^

  • ariel cherie.

    I hum myself to sleep if I don’t fall asleep fast enough.

  • Samantha

    When I’m in the car I’ll pull the seatbelt out as far as it goes, bite down on it, then let go and enjoy the feeling of it running through my teeth. It’s something I’ve done my whole life but all of a sudden feel like a weirdo saying it… ok I’m gonna stop now.

    xx http://samanthaguarnieri.com

  • When I’m nervous about speaking to someone, I always touch my hair. Doesn’t matter if it hangs loose or is pulled up in ponytail or bun. Just need to touch it.

  • Jennifer Knipp

    I pout and try and smell my lips.

  • Aleia Ramsey

    I talk to myself out loud…outside

  • Chazie

    I make weird combinations of food like all the time, they look gross but taste amaze. The best is cheese/cilantro quesadillas dipped in greek yogurt mixed with honey, and topped with chopped tomatoes. SO GOOD.

    Also I add peaches and walnuts to fried rice. haha

  • Sherry Whyye

    I rub my knuckle hair on my lips out of habit