What’s Your Song for the Weekend?

Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air. Just like Florence. Just like the girl in the picture above. Also just like every single rap and/or Avicii song has ever encouraged me to do.

What is it about throwing our hands up that feels so damn good? It’s a double-limbed celebration of practically limitless proportions, and though perhaps it’s technically limited when considering that arms can only reach so far, energy sort of shoots right out of our fingertips with each and every stretch.

It’s a physical woo-hoo! It’s a two-time high five to the sky, and it’s the official symbol of FRIDAY.

This Friday, what do you say we enter the weekend with our arms already up so we can be prepared to dance. To sing. To sing LOUDLY. Let’s each be the girl at the bar that when any song comes on, it’s ours.

But we should also be prepared with an official song — one that goes with our air-raised palms.

I personally have two…just in case. (I’m like a girl scout and always prepared.) The first one is for any environment that may or may not involve that disgusting dry ice smoke, because I have a few birthdays to hit up and you just know there will be dry ice smoke. And maybe a glow stick.

The second’s a throw back, because to be completely honest, sometimes we need a little reminder to you know, throw our hands up in the air.

Also, every deejay guaranteed has it on file and I hate going through that awkward conversation of begging a deejay to download a song that he or she doesn’t have. It just ruins the mood of groove you know?

Ok, your turn. What’s your song for the weekend? Tell us your Friday jam and then let’s spread it around in the comments like a dang peanut butter sandwich.

  • Brit

    Friday by Rebecca Black, duh. Oh kidding (kinda)! How about Dance Wiv Me by Calvin Harris?

  • kayleb

    Don’t Stop Me Now-Queen.

  • Justis

    “Alcohol,” “Calm it Down,” or “Rhythm of Devotion” by Sisyphus (Sufjan Stevens, Son Lux, and Serengeti)

  • leonorjr

    Beyonce. all day.

  • Alex Poirier

    Duke Dumont – I Got U

    The song (and video, which is peculiar) is the epitome of poolside summer. Which I’ve been dreaming of for about six months now. Perhaps I need his machine to escape this brutal winter.


  • I have rekindled my love of the classic Mas Que Nada, the original version by Sergio Mendes. Check it out and I dare you not to wiggle your butt: http://youtu.be/9U1v01SGtGE

  • Lea

    Jealous Girl by Lana Del Rey, and Loot My Body by Man Man

  • Madison

    “Ignition (Remix),” R. Kelly. No shame.

    • Kate

      This. is. my. JAM. Last summer, my friends and I requested this every time we went out and got the side-eye from many a DJ. When/if they actually played it for us, everyone in the bars would go wild (duh. You’re welcome, DJs)

    • PCFashionista

      cause this song will always rock

  • I Love pharrells new album so all of those songs 🙂


  • Jordan

    Other than this now? A Tribe Called Red by Angel Haze has been my week-long song (rhymes, she obvs rubbing off on me), no reason it can’t continue into the weekend.

    • Guest

      I was lucky enough to see these guys live, and it was definitely a “Throw your arms in the air” performance. Thanks for the reminder to get back to them!!

  • B.

    Pharrell’s, G I R L album has been on repeat over here. Specifically:
    Marilyn Monroe, Brand New, Lost Queen.



  • Quinn Halman

    Besides singing what I’m doing it’s mainly just the intro to Bossy by Kelis
    “You don’t have to love me, you don’t even have to like me, but you WILL respect me, you know why? ‘Cause I’m a bo$$”

  • Some Lil Freckles’ Dancin on the D from last week’s GIRLS episode

  • Kathleen

    a nostalgic tribute to Clueless… makes me wanna break out a mustard-colored, plaid number with white knee highs.


  • 1. Maxine Nightingale – “Right Back Where We Started From”, which is also the song I will appear to when I have my big screen debut…eventually.

    2. I love bad bitches that’s my fuckin’ problem…I’m trying to learn all of the lyrics, I’m almost there.

  • Guest

    Fancy – Iggy Azalea ft Charli XCX

  • dana

    Fancy – Iggy Azalea ft Charli XCX & anything Beyonce

  • Amelia Diamond


  • Andy Ives

    You’re Not The One – Sky Ferreira.

  • elenita
  • Lu

    teenage crimes- thomas jack

  • “float” by FTSE ft. Kenzie May. SO FUCKING GOOD/SMOOTH/FLOWY


  • Natia

    Check this one out. Its my new discovery.


  • Nives

    This is a spring weekend song. Really makes you wanna throw your hands up in the air!


  • Stefanie

    Mo – Say You`ll be there

    A Spice Girls cover? Yes!
    And I bet you can remember the lyrics from the original version!


    • Love, love, love Mø!! Danish dreamgirl

  • Zachary

    SuperLove – Charli XCX

  • Jmw

    Shark Attack – Grouplove

  • Alex
  • Kandeel

    She’s a Riot- The Jungle Giants!! oh and Girls- The 1975

  • Chazie

    Iggy Azeala’s “Fancy”–the video is like a 3 minute Clueless remake and its perfect.

  • M

    bank head – kelela

  • Cristina Feather

    I’m fixated on Seinabo Sey – Younger: http://bit.ly/OMWpUC but thank you for the Florence reminder and also for the cool Flume mix

  • Elisa Cuccu

    Rather Be – Clean Bandits! Definetely!


  • Didi Ramirez

    Mean Streets- Tennis (This song is awesome as we look forward to warmer weather!)

  • Natalia Bru

    It’s About Time- Young the Giant

  • “Something for the Weekend” Ben Westbeech – Feel good makes you want to dance and get into the best kinda trouble

  • Cristina Estupiñán

    “Be My Lover” by la bouche… because who doesn’t love a good throwback?

  • I’ve been listening to You & Me a lot this week! The song was used in pretty much every runway show at the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival last week!