What’s Your Selfie Face?

Before the Selfie, there was Mirror Face. For the uninitiated, you are definitely initiated. There is no such thing as immunity when considering the aforementioned. Next time you look into a reflective surface, consider the nuances that distinguish your face when you’re aware you’re looking at it vs. those when you’re not. In the former setting, you might notice that you’re creating the illusion of higher cheek bones. Maybe you’re sucking in those cheeks. Maybe you’re widening your eye lids. Your head might be tilted to the left or angling toward the right. You’re pursing your lips.

The varying facial expressions we conjure when looking in the mirror are benign enough — but they’ve also incited a new age, slightly more malignant and steroid-taking appropriation called The Selfie. The fundamental difference is that this expression does not exist just for personal appeasement. This face gets photographed and then sent into the wild where it is forced to live interminably until WiFi does it part.

The most famous of its interpretations is referred to as “duck face.” This is that thing when you pucker your lips, flare your nostrils and allow for the sides of your mouth to drop thus rendering you a modern Joker or, you know, duck. Made famous by celebrities, this facial expression tends to extort a violent urgency to punch the performer in the (duck) face. Fortunately or unfortunately, the face has spread and in the dissemination process, several new progenies have been birthed. There now exist The Miley (tongue out), The Pop Eye (a wink) and The Katie Holmes (side smile) to name a few.

These expressions, too, have produced sub-progeny that fall into genres. I like to combine the Pop Eye and the Katie Holmes to create what I call: Undateable But Bethrothed.

Other times, I do this:

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 11.42.42 AM

It’s self-deprecating. So are Charlotte’s approximations. She emulates Blackberry emojis fairly frequently. She also throws up what she calls gang signs even though they’re mostly peace signs which seem counter-intuitive when considering gangs.

Amelia opens her eyes really wide and sucks in cheeks which kind of makes her look even more like a cat’s ass than she usually does. Some girls half smile and half stick out theirs tongue and then snap the memory to freeze it which to me says “look! I can be goofy but I’m still suuuuuuper cute!” It’s not quite self-deprecating but it’s not good either. Others remain stoic and earnest, putting on display their brazen beauty for onlookers to vomit.

So, what’s your selfie face?

  • The MK and A prune method, DUH!

    • Charlotte Fassler

      Oh I used to be big on the prune but then I think it came off a little too serious……

  • lavieenliz

    I try to get as much exposure on my face so my nose fades away


  • Aubrey Green

    I’m putting two pictures(you said “show” you, right), because the first is a real selfie.The second photo is preferred, I like to have a distraction, because I’m uncomfortable with pictures, so the cup in front of my mouth helps with this.

    Also, now you guys know what I look like because I don’t have an image on my avatar :).

    • ah a face to a name love it

    • Amelia Diamond

      GIRL you are a model

      • Aubrey Green

        Thank you Amelia, you are very kind – love you :).

  • I try not to look disturbed and bored while sporting my neutral face which results in a trying-to-be-fierce smize or an awkward smirk cause smiling makes me look like a horse… Selfies and I are a match made in heaven <3

  • Dominique
  • Rhi

    You know, looking away, like someone else is holding the camera, with the light glimmering behind you, pretending you’re such an amazing muse someone just has to photograph. Pan and zoom out: I’m at chipotle at the bar stool for one.

  • hannahjane

    Don’t forget the baby sparrow! (head tilted slightly upward, mouth open)

    • Amelia Diamond


  • I feel like my avatar pic is the best representation of mine – but I have no idea what to call it. I mean, slightly-angled-head-vague-smirk isn’t the catchiest name. Suggestions welcome.

    • Amelia Diamond


  • 90% of the time, I wear sunnies when taking photos – dark circles.

    With or without sunnies, I make the same face though. I don’t know what to call my selfie face :/

    O. R. R.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I kind of want to call the first one an “Oh Hey”

  • I stare with my eyes cringed like myopic people do when they enter a room saying they are not wearing their contacts so they just wave saying they can´t see anything… I think they don´t want to greet properly so they play the blind card, but why I mimic them in selfies eludes me.

  • Sarah Sinclair
  • Kate

    To all the “pretty selfie” takers, i’m afraid you’re all doing it wrong. See below: passport face vs selfie face.

    • Kate

      super attractive

  • Overall I try to avoid selfies (I mostly just make my friends take dozens of photos until I like one), but when I do them it is mostly turing my face slightly to the the left and a soft smile. I have tried the duck face (just to see if I might be missing something. Everyone is seemed to be in on it!), but could not go through with it. I just felt like such a moron…


  • Ines De Cock

    I just love Nicole’s face!


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  • Anna

    I think the duck face was invented by teenage girls (gurrrlz).

  • The fuck-you-nose-pick is a fave of mine.

  • The first picture is as far as I will pout and the second is as far as I will smile in a selfie, because anything more or anything else makes me feel like my lips take up my entire face. Name suggestions anyone? 🙂

  • Janet Deleuse

    I really love that dress with the scallops sewn into the sheer fabric…so creative!

  • Gotta love selfies. Is this considered a duckface? If so…quack. Lol.

  • Guest

    Idk why the last post didn’t show it. Hopefully this one does.

  • Silvia Catarina

    I have to be doing something with my face when I do selfies (see avatar), because I have a totally psycho resting-face.