What’s Your Party Trick?

You could have a birthmark and not even know it. I discovered mine (the size of a pinky-tip, shaped like a footprint) on the inner-west turn of my left-handed arm when my dad, rather roughly, spent at least two minutes scrubbing it with vigor and his spit-licked thumb.

He thought it was chocolate. I once told him his nostrils were alarmingly large, though, so call us even.

But this isn’t about birthmarks so much as it is about self-discovery, with a focus on talent in the topical realm of holiday parties. Namely: a party trick. And like birthmarks, everyone secretly has one.

You just don’t always know it.

I brought up the question at dinner last night with two of my friends: “What’s your party trick?” I asked. Everyone shrugged. They had nothing. If your crew does this to you too, offer their blank responses no mercy. They’re either withholding, as I said, due to unexplored self-ignorance, or they’re imaginary friends, or they don’t want to spoil a potentially party-stopping surprise.

After explaining that mine was both music-related and twofold: 1) I’ve memorized every word to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” 2) likewise, I can rap along flawlessly to Afroman’s “Colt 45,” the others began to divulge.

One was able to make her eyes go in different directions. This, my friends, is quite the thing to see. Another described a strange talent which she called a “safety dive,” where she’s able to jump into a pool while keeping her head above water (the whole time) which means her hair never gets wet and if she’s carrying towels or something (no clue), they stay dry. Obviously, this trick only applies to parties at pools and is mostly important to grandmothers, or lifeguards with perms.

There are all sorts of party tricks out there — I bet you have some super cool weird ones. Charlotte has a friend who can open bottles with her teeth. Maybe you have a friend who can make it sound like a Polly Pocket-sized person is stuck inside his or her mouth.

Friday morning seems like the perfect time to share these tricks, doesn’t it? You’re probably already bored at your desk and trying not to cry or die (what’s going on there, by the way? Work, or finals?).

Tell me. Tell us. Or share a GIF. I think that counts.

Original image of Halston, Bianca Jagger, Jack Haley Jr, Liza Minnelli and Michael Jackson at Studio 54, 1975 via Corbis

  • I too often try to engage others in a rap battle of “Forgot about Dre.” It usually just ends up me doing it, and then I wake up with DGA. Although, the rare occasion there is a piano at a party, I whip out some Beethoven. I got kicked off 3 pianos on my last *work* trip to New Orleans. Beethoven/Eminem = my men.

    • Feel you on the music thing. Chopin songs almost always precede Tupac songs on any playlist I make.

      Although I have to say this is my favorite song as of recent. So fucking good:

      Besides, you put the “Keys” in CJKeys2

      • I also put the FU in fun.

    • Quinn Halman

      You’re forgetting about Harry!!

      • I’m never forgetting about Harry.

    • Charlotte Fassler

      girl, that’s impressive!

    • Amelia Diamond

      (What is DGA??)

      • Drunk girl anxiety. We’ve gone over this, Diamond!

  • I can have my hands attached together in front of me and get them behind me without detaching them which is quite fun apart from the fact that it hurts and I wack people in the face

    • Amelia Diamond


      • I’m not really sure it’s so weird..I have a few family members who can do it though but we can’t figure out why

  • Accents. I just start doing accents. My “Ja’mie: Private Schoolgirl” rendition is a crowd favorite.

    • Amelia Diamond

      Hahah Emma would love to hear

  • Lulu

    I can magically make a bottle of wine disappear! Abracadabra and poof it’s gone!

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Ali

    When I was a kid, I figured out how to play a recorder with my nose, and my parents used to bring me out at parties. ‘Eine kleine Nachtmusik’ was a crowd favourite.

    I can also rap every word of ‘Wu Tang Clan aint nuthin to f with’

    • Amelia Diamond

      Wow to both. Wow to both.

  • I have a tiny hidden tattoo. Because I look like the last person in the world to have a tattoo, I coyly announce (usually when my peers are making demeaning comments about how these kids are crazy marking themselves up) that I have a tattoo. I discretely pull my shirt down and Voila! Center of attention the rest of the night.

    Accidental icon

    • Amelia Diamond

      You should throw down one of those smoke things that magicians use to make it even more mysterious!

      • Amanda Smith

        my grandma has a hidden tattoo of The Rolling Stones tongue logo on her ass. She will forever win party tricks in our family. The rest of us never even had a chance.

  • I am pretty good with card games!


    • Amelia Diamond

      I’m terrible at them! Can never remember the rules.

  • Louise Rhodes

    A la Mean Girls’ Karen, I actually can put my whole fist in my mouth. Also the flat end of a beer bottle. I’m not proud of this.

    • Amelia Diamond

      HOW THOUGH?!

      • Louise Rhodes

        Apparently I have a really wide mouth or something! I discovered the skill in a bar when I was 19, and some drunk girl was challenging everyone to try it. It earned me a few drinks…

  • parkzark

    I can lick my elbow, instant crowd pleaser. I can also flip my eyelids inside out and I’m weirdly double jointed with my fingers. Call me a walking freak show.

    • Amelia Diamond

      SIOEHosigheosihgi eshgi omg people who do that eyelid thing!!!!!!!!!

      • parkzark

        we often fear what is truly beautiful.

    • andrea raymer

      I hate that eyelid thing.

  • Sarah Larsen

    I can put a beer (bottled) in the middle part of my bra, then bend over backwards and drink from it. Not the most charming thing to do, but still a big hit!

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Anna Mae

    When I wear my glasses out and conversations run dry I invite people to “see how blind I am” while passing my thick-ass glasses around. I also have a gold mine (or rather silver mine) of white hairs hidden beneath my strategically placed middle part so I whip those out sometimes too. I’m only 22 but I like to show strangers how prematurely I’m aging, it’s uber attractive.

    • Amelia Diamond


  • andrea raymer

    I am really good at pretending to be English, I have unending useless knowledge of celebrity gossip, and I have the entire 2 1/2 hours of Les Miserables memorized, and I can sing every note. I am also amazing at whistling.

    • I’ve spent countless nights out pretending to be English. Something about the accent just digs into my knowledge of British culture which is based on movies, musicals, and shitty reality shows.

      • andrea raymer

        I just tell everyone my name is Poppy and I am from Harrow in the north west suburbs of London. Then pull out my BBC references and it is totally believable.

  • keta

    i can’t stop dancing stupidly , like i have a social obligation to be a clown ))

  • Noam Baron Za Basic

    The shitty elf can move his ears.

    • Amelia Diamond

      he sho can

  • Alarive

    Sticking my whole fist in my mouth. Men never hesitate to make some crude joke; I always have to let them know that I’ve never had to make use of this skill in bedroom.
    Their face after that is almost the real party trick!
    Also, speed rapping Ice Ice Baby.

  • Hallie

    your friend with the eyes seems really cool

    • Amelia Diamond

      she’s fine.

  • Reading everyone’s party tricks just makes me want to go to a party with all of you!!!

  • Amanda Smith

    I’m way too proud of my party trick… I can do a freakishly realistic chicken noise. I don’t even know how I discovered my hidden talent but it’s always my go to. One of my best friends does an equally realistic goat noise so together, we are the traveling circus (zoo?) of party tricks.

    • Amelia Diamond

      i wish you could record that for us somehow

  • Sarah

    I can fake sneeze. I am not sure why people love this so much, but as soon as a group gets a hold of my hidden talent, I am stuck “sneezing” all night. Not going to lie, though, this talent definitely comes in handy in the midst of a boring lecture. Nothing spices up a lecture on protons/electrons/chemistry/science like “sneezing” ten times in a row….

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Yvette

    I must admit, when I started the article I was indeed the “unexplored self-ignorant friend”, but now that I think about it, I have party tricks for days! I think my favorite is making a clover with my tongue; who knows why anyone finds that impressive.

    • Amelia Diamond

      show me!!! (i do)

  • This is mine (please don’t judge it by the creepiness of the voice in the youtube video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpPxzM0w91E

    • Amelia Diamond

      hahahah this video is so creepy but i love this!

  • I used to be really flexible but that rarely came up at parties unless there was dancing involved.

  • Ruby Cena

    Just this!

  • Julia

    I drink too much and then try to do spinning headstands.

  • Allison

    Headstand and putting my legs into full lotus. Basically sitting indian style, but upside down. For a really long time.

  • Henry Duane Gaskins
  • Jessica

    I had four yr. French, and avidly watched public-television kids programm, ZOOM backin-the-day…

    Therefore, French ubbi-dubbi! (waz my friends’ favorite, at least…)

  • Annali

    i can fold my tongue in half and hold it for a good 3 seconds! bleeeh

  • Ryan Osborn

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  • My party trick is called stand in the corner with my best friend and be afraid of everyone else