What’s Your Daily Affirmation?

A guy recently asked me what was up with women and our seemingly collective obsession with Beyoncé. I told him that she represents everything we want to be: strong, independent, confident, brave. She’s hard working and relentless. Fierce.

And…she woke up like this.

Now, I’ve listened to a lot of Beyoncé but I have not once heard my alarm go off to then promptly declare myself flawless (though my favorite Snapchat to send is the one where I have just woken up but look particularly awful). Normally I wake up, immediately think about how I do NOT want to be awake, and then begin my day like a cranky ogre.

But what if we started our day with just one piece of positivity, no matter how much that makes us sound like Dr. Phil.

It can be anything like, “I have a spectacular collection of freckles!” Or, “I have bendier elbows than anyone I know!” What about, “I haven’t showered in ten days and I still smell fucking awesome!”

So let’s take a cue from Beyoncé this morning. We may not necessarily feel flawless, but I think we can come pretty close. Tell us what your daily affirmation is going to be today, and if you need some inspiration, there’s always this:

As for mine? Today I’m going to eat this bagel better than anyone else, and flip off zero people no matter how hard they ram into me on the street. It’s a new day, and it’s looking pretty good.

Beyoncé video courtesy of Parkwood Entertainment; Beyoncé’s clothing credit: Givenchy; Feature Image shot by Richard Avedon

  • Well, as of 10 minutes ago, it’s “you are a psychic goddess in tune with all that goes on in the world” because I had a dream about John Steinbeck last night (specifically, I was telling someone reading The Pearl that I like his other works better), and I go click the google doodle, and it was dedicated to him for his birthday. Haven’t thought about him since 2004, so I am quite confused, and trying to figure out if I should use my powers for good or evil.

    • Amelia Diamond


  • LOVE THIS…I just finished my own personal…30 Day Challenge…declaring everyday The BestDayOfMyLife it was a pretty powerful experiment in how to change your thought process and habits.

  • Lindsay

    My daily affirmation is, seriously, “I hate my outfit today.”

    • Amelia Diamond

      Hmm. Well today try… “I rule at wearing clothes regardless of what my outfit looks like!”

      • Amelia Diamond

        Or just do the bagel / no flipping-off off people one with me

  • Charlotte Fassler

    It’s almost friday!!

  • MargaretInArabia

    Today I am the luckiest person I know.
    Especially useful in Baghdad.

  • Bella

    Mine’s “I’m doing this.”

  • My daily affirmation: New day, clean slate. Today will be the best day of my entire life.

    -Asia Monique

  • Lisa B

    That little girl is the best! Today I’m going to aspire to be as positive and confident as her!

  • Tamara

    I never get tired of that little girl video…

    • Amelia Diamond

      she’s the best.

      • Tamara

        People always tell me she looks like she could be my daughter if I had one (I’m a boy mom)…I’m ok with that!

  • Beyonce

    Typo!! “Now, I’ve listed to a lot of Beyoncé”

    • Amelia Diamond

      omg Beyoncé I am so sorry please don’t hate me fixing this now. (you forgot the thing over the e in your name but that’s ok i still love you!!!) can i have your autograph though??!?

  • Throwing it back Ben Franklin style… “What good shall I do this day?”

  • Zuma Ayriyan

    Love this post! As soon as I wake up tomorrow, I will tell myself: I am fabulous! I missed out on it today… and yesterday…

  • Make someone’s day today. Simple but we should all try to remember it more often.

    The Macadame. xx


  • Celeste

    Don’t be so quick to judge, be nice to people.

  • Lea

    I just remind myself that I’m a cool bitch, no matter what.