What’s the Worst Thing You’ve Ever Purchased?

I get really pressured into buying stuff I don’t need at all — not by any stretch of the imagination — when I’m a. at sample sales, b. sitting at my computer on Cyber Monday talking about how stupid Cyber Monday is.

Why? I’m not sure, but I have come up with a few conjectures. On the one hand, I think I get so caught up in striking gold so to speak that sometimes that gold comes at the expense of my actual taste. Haven’t you ever walked into a room to find women running around, hangers upon hangers slung over their shoulders, frantically grabbing at whatever their claws can draw? Haven’t you ever felt like you were missing something if you weren’t engaged in the same exact exercise?


Fine. Well, I have. And what has transpired has historically been a purchase that seemed spectacular while in the confines of a brand’s sample sale quarters, but the minute I walk out and have been re-immersed in society I realize the thing I bought is just that: a stupid fucking thing.

Sometimes this happens during layman sales too. No insane slashes or uncivil women running like a headless flock of near-dead chicken necessary. I’ll just see a pair of boots that kind of caught my eye for a mere moment when they were still full price, at which point I decided they were simply too expensive, but then lo and behold, there they are, languishing at 50% off. So I buy them. Because I recognize them. And then when I get home I think to myself, There’s a reason I only gave these a glance when they were still full price.

What has to have been my worst purchase of all time, hands down, was this black Isabel Marant shirt that featured black beading and shredded fabric cascading down the front. When I put it on (which I have done upward of 75 times) I look like the love child of a flamboyant lawyer who took the firm’s casual Friday way too seriously and a breast feeding gorilla. But how many times have I actually worn it? Zero. There’s a very big difference between putting something on and wearing  it, and I’m calling that distinction now.

I know what you’re thinking: the top sounds magical. But frankly, it’s not.

I think I’m most annoyed because I used a fairly sizable Net-A-Porter credit to purchase that top back when I did. It was 70% off and therefore heavily reduced from its initial $2,000 price tag to something much closer to $600 which is still so, so much. And to have used a gift card, a get-out-of-jail free-and-look-fucking-great-while-doing-it card in order to facilitate the dust collector, still breaks my heart.

You know what? I’m going to make that shirt work. I’ll report back in t-minus 20 (hours? Days? Months? TBD). Until then, you tell me, what is the worst thing that you have ever purchased?

  • Sanne

    High shine uber silky cargo pants with a drawstring. It said “dirty perv” in every fabric fibre.

  • Where do I start. Well…a pair of Bill Blass VIntage Overalls…I looked crazy in them. I brought this gold foil shirt…and it just didn’t sit well with my plus size frame…hell I used to buy way too many thing that were the worst.

  • GlamourGirl_bg

    worst thing – ill-fitting shoes ( and I still tried to wear them!!! )


  • GO

    Anything from web sites that sells factory over stock like Hautelook or beyondtherack…

    • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

      I hear ya, everything I’ve ever gotten from Haute Look has been given away for lack of wear. I don’t go near those places anymore, they have a way of making you buy crap you didn’t really want just b/c it seemed like a such a great deal.

  • John

    Marc by Marc Jacobs Barney purple wool felt 60’s pea coat with gigantic buttons. I’m a boy.

    • Eva Lizzie Nguyen

      I love you.

    • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

      Actually I think that would be very f* king cool even if you are a boy.Have you tried wearing? You could do a mod thing with skinny blk trousers and beatle boots.

  • A yellow furry jacket for $50 five years ago.

    I looked like big bird and probaly looked like shit but thought I was so cool. Lol


  • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

    I just went through my closet and got 3 huge bags of clothes, many never even worn, to give to my boyfriend’s housekeeper, so clearly my list is LONG. The worst might be a vertical wide striped mohair cardigan in neutral colors with a teeny bit of sparkle thread.It had knitted in pockets that made my entire mid section look enormous and lumpy. Instead of sending it back, I dwelled on how pretty the material was and kept it, never wearing it. Last yr finally gave it to my bf’s housekeeper who is model thin and looks great in it:-(

  • Britt+Whit

    omg yes! yes and yes! so many sweaters that are just so itchy and uncomfortable! Or tall ridiculous heels that I can barely stand in for more than 2 hours!

    love from San Francisco,


  • Selena Delgado

    Just bought a pair of Acne Gold/Copper Pistol boots. Online, they were the BOMB! For 50% off, a BARGAIN! Thought they’d go with everything, once they arrived.. the only thought that entered my mind was, “what the fuck am I gonna wear with these?”, thank goodness I was able to return them.

  • Tatjana

    Givenchy Cork Platform Sandals…. oh why?!

  • Lindz

    A bright blue fur poncho that years later still has tags on it. It was so ugly and my friends who saw it in my closet called it cookie monster! At the time I obviously thought it was cool… FASHION FAIL!

  • Merc

    I’ve realized that over time, those purchases that seemed like they would be washed up actually turn out to work. If my wardrobe matures with time, those juvenile not-so-good pieces may actually play out really well. New textures, new colors, boots, flats, whatever… I also wait for seasons to change. Turns out white linen and crochet is much more fun in the fall that the spring season. Although, I did purchase a floral drop waist tshirt dress last spring and every time i put it on, I feel like I look twelve (and I don’t need help there, I look very young already)… so I’m going to re-purpose it into a t-shirt tunic and wear it with pants.

  • Jo

    It was a tea-length pastel floral dress with ruffles from RL Rugby that is made of a fabric similar to crumpled embossed dollar-store napkins. I purchased it because the salesperson told a tall tale of RL himself having designed the dress. I almost wore it to a party but was chastised so brutally by my mother I was forced to make a less “little house on the prairie” choice. I ended up in a pool the only time I wore it. It survived and hangs in my closet. I threaten to wear it with supergas and a jean vest sometimes. I make empty threats.

  • CDJ

    I once purchased this poncho-type-sweater-coat thing (I bet you can almost picture it, right?), and I wore it as my Thanksgiving shirt in 2010. Before I go any further, note that 2010 was my college graduation year and I still had my senior week physique, if you catch my drift. I tried it on knowing it wasn’t super flattering, but it was super affordable, so I went with it. WELLLL– cut to approximately 4 days after Thanksgiving when an email was circulating around my family about how horrible and unflattering my “sweater” was.

    OH- and my KONY 2012 shirt. UGH, please tell me someone else purchased one of those!

    • Quinn Halman


  • schmaggsie

    I have a closet full of pretty pretty shoes that hurt my feet and make me walk like I have something wrong with me…but i let them hang out in there like my own little pretty shoe museum

    • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

      Yup, I have that very same painful but beautiful shoe museum in my closet and they’re all getting donated this week to make way for new stuff that I’m actually going to WEAR. I can safely say I will never buy another pair of high heels again…absolutely cannot stand wearing them.

      • Tatjana

        Same here. I will sell most of them and invest in a pair of Zanotti loafers. Heaven on earth for my feet 😉

  • Charlotte Fassler

    A pair of shoes that blatantly did not fit me. They were approximately 2 sizes too small. Feet don’t shrink and numb toes aren’t cool.

    • Nat Way

      Been there, done that!

    • Been there too, Charlotte. I’ve also knowingly purchased shoes several sizes too big. You’d think I’d learn.

  • Amelia Diamond

    I think I just bought it. This dumbass black skirt that like, has a ruffle above the knees but it’s too long and I originally was like, “this will be cute with the rabbit ears I plan on sticking on my head for halloween,” but then I just looked like a salsa dancer with rabbit ears. My debit card and I just held each other and cried.

  • EliTip

    A sequin bomber jacket. It was awful, but I loved it (and looking back, I kind of still do). I could never get up the nerve to wear it and when I donated it, some guy asked me if it was part of a Halloween costume. Jem and the Rockstars, maybe? That might have worked.

  • Rebeka Osborne

    Definitely really pretty but REALLY uncomfortable shoes that made my feet go numb within approximately 5 minutes of standing. They are impossible to wear if I plan on walking AT ALL. Why would I buy and then keep them?

  • an ’embellished’ sweater with every piece of fabric covered in sequins, beading and mini pom pom balls. I thought it was the coolest thing ever and wore it regularly to ‘stand out’. Boy did I, but for all the wrong reasons.


  • Jena

    Fendi flatforms…and they weren’t even on sale (but they now double as book ends)

  • A friend of mine has a shop in the countryside (Slovenian countryside is a bit like Alaska or at least central Canada- lots of bears and people dressing accordingly). Every now and then I go there to support her and buy something like pajamas for the whole family- and every time I end up being talked into buying something else that immediately ends up in a corner of my wardrobe never to surface again. Some things can be somehow saved by alterations and the stuff is never causing me any wallet discomfort, but I really have to learn to just say no thanks…

  • RPrin

    A camouflage silk button-down. It sounds kind of awesome, right? Yeah, but it wasn’t. I think I wore it once.

  • Briana

    An ex talked me into buying sneaker wedges by Marc Jacobs circa 2011. This was pre marant sneaker wedges and they didn’t look anywhere as good as the marant ones.

  • shelnashvegas

    I settled on a pair of too short-waisted rhinestone encrusted Levis for a thou…worn em twice?? I bought them instead of THE COOLEST, FITS LIKE A DREAM, fire engine red D&G suit…which I have NEVER seen again… and it’s ever my white whale’ DAMMIT

  • Alice

    Ooh so many bad purchases, I actually force myself to stick to a list now. Among horrible purchass was an A-line black plastic skirt: I thought “sixties swing”, It’s freaking ugly. Balenciaga white plastic mini skirt two sizes too small. It seems that I get drawn to unrecycable fabrics when shopping …

  • MissVintageAmsterdam

    A pair of brown and yellow striped velvet jogging pants, with thick rows of Swarovski crystals. From D&G! Super tacky and they were over 500 euros, what was wrong with me?!! They are still in my closet with the price tag on, I can’t throw them away, and therefor tried to sell them on ebay. After several attemps I still can’t get rid of them….. Apparently nobody wants them, not even for free! They should pay me for wearing them!

  • Mercedes Englebert

    a Pamela Love necklace and ring (wich is to small) wich were very expensive and i thought there were silver but there only silver plated! now the silver is getting of and the other metal gives me allergy! :p

    • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

      If you love it you could get it re-plated. A further step would be to get the piece electrophoretically coated by a plater or local designer who has those capabilites. It will form a barrier between your skin and the metal and will render all metals hypoallergenic.

  • Jessicarobyn

    Caramel-colored, hip-hugging, drawstring-ankled, cargo-pocketed, kangaroo suede pants. I was lonely and I thought they were probably suffering from a similar case of the feels. I don’t think either of us was able to comfort the other.

    I still have them.

  • Mercedes Englebert

    i think this is the best and funniest post you have ever posted!

  • Leather pants from a thrift store. The label read my size so I just assumed it would fit. Got home, tried it, couldn’t fit for shit and the style of the pants looked like Mom’s Jeans than straight skinny jeans. Kept the pants for a couple of months just because, y’know, it was leather and I got it for a fairly cheap price. Finally, I had to let it go; I donated back to the same thrift store.

  • Liuba

    A burgundy CHANEL bag… I was dying to get it, so finally i annoyed everybody around so much that i got it as a present for all holidays for next 100 years. I have worn it twice. It looks to upscale for me. Maybe i will come back to it in 30-40 years…

    • Natalie

      I guarantee you this: at the end of your life when you look back, that will not be starring as the worst purchase you ever made.

  • Raquel

    A pink military one shoulder top, cropped diaginally

  • Leah

    A pair of True Religion Jeans, which the salesperson sold me the wrong size. I asked for 28 and she gave me a 27, which after wearing left seam marks embedded in my thighs and waist…Ouch…$300! Alas, at least I was able to get $100 from a consignment store.

  • Leah

    I just posted almost the same story! $300 down drain on True Religion!

    • Jennifer Lorraine

      Let me join that club…my hideous True Religions were purple tie dye though…this was last year. I win.

  • Courtney Dillon

    a) skinny “cargo pants” that look horrible on. b) all those damn platform pumps. they are so ugly, peach louboutins fr ebay that are awful. awful. c) mc hammer pants.

    • Courtney Dillon

      i forgot: rock & republic rainbow jeans. yuck

  • Lilli

    A pair of pointy brogues that make me look like a gothic christmas elf. The sales assistant said they were on sale and i thought ‘well hold the god dam phone I’m saving $9.90 get in my bag now!’ worst.decision.ever

  • Bonnie

    I think we can all agree on the Juicy sweat suits. Glad I only bought one jacket and one pant. Comfy though…

  • Floral alice bands that make me look like a child & navy blue zara jeans that look like mom pants.


  • Gap jeans on sale. Like, I regret every single pair of them.

  • A 5 EUR polyacril cap containing angora. Because I just read angora rabbits may or may not get hit, slashed and scared the shit out when being shorn for wool.

  • A shift dress from French Connection that’s this weird hybrid tube dress/long sleeved shirt. Yeah pretty obvious I shouldn’t have done that

  • Poe

    On my way to a date downtown, the strap on one of my sandals snapped. I was a block from Nordstroms when it happened so I strolled in and bought the first pair of shoes I laid eyes on that would match the sundress I was in — a pair of espadrilles that I don’t even find attractive and I NEVER WORE THEM AGAIN after that day. They took up space in my closet for 2 years before I gave them to Goodwill.
    Never grocery shop when you’re hungry and never buy shoes under duress.

  • Dede

    strappy glitter Louboutin heels during the height of the glittery shoe craze. Not only are they incredibly uncomfortable but the glitter sheds -everywhere-. I wouldn’t regret them so much if they weren’t so freaking expensive. What was I thinking?

  • AnaKR

    My mom’s last present before I got married, Dior black 6 inch heel suede pumps with a corset tie on the back heel. They look Gorg on, but feel like blisters on every toe as soon as they touch my feet. I could have asked for anything, a Prada bag or any other pair of shoes, but these were my obsession, and I lost that LAST present from mother-to-single-daughter 🙁

  • Jenelle Witty

    Ah, I have about three pairs of leather pants I bought online when they went on sale, only to find they were too big or too small, and non returnable. They are sitting in the tissue paper waiting for me to list on ebay. It’s been half a year, and they were well over $1000. I am such an idiot! We all do it, the worst is sale stuff that almost fits, that I don’t get around to having taken in. Ugh! Good to know you do this too, and the realisation that it’s all a big game. xx

  • katelyn

    This would be so much better if people were posting images.

    • Leandra Medine

      but isn’t it great, the magic of words and the visuals we fabricate!?!?!?

  • shannon rivers

    a full length beaver fur coat, it was the 80’s, it weighed like 40lbs, made me look like chewbacka, and even then i was always sort of mordified to wear it. $5,000 puff!

  • Rebecca

    anything from love culture. man, that store is shit city.