What’s the Best TV Series to Re-watch?

Not to be all whatever, but Dan Humphrey is super annoying. I cannot believe anyone ever attempted to compare him to Seth Cohen save for both of their childhood crushes that turned into borderline stalker-y obsessions that were eventually reciprocated by the Girls of Their Dreams, which could happen to Seth, for sure, but Dan? No. Not with those sideburns. Actually, they both had strange sideburns. I’ll chalk it up a transitional time period in media-mandated male beauty. Note to self: compare time periods on phone next time Netflix buffers.

Jenny Humphrey, however, is comparable. Her character was not only completely made-over from her literary form for the sake of television, she was basically rewritten in the same likeness as Kaitlin Cooper and Julie Taylor.

Except Julie Taylor is the most-worst.

Worse than Julie Cooper.

I can’t even fathom how parents like Tami and Coach Taylor had a kid like Julie. She’s such a brat. But she’s also such a teen. They must always be concerned, like: is she with Matt, is she making poor choices, is she trying to do the right thing but getting peer pressured by Tyra? How can you trust someone who changes their hair that often?

I’m always concerned, too: is Riggins cheating on me? Is Ryan going to walk out again? Does Nate have better eyebrows than me?

All of these thoughts keep me up at night. Up and into the wee hours of the morning I sit, bleary eyed and aware of my professional and physical-fitness call times, clicking “next” on my remote, because no matter how many times you’ve seen the episodes, some TV series are like Pringles. Once you pop…

These are my top 3 to re-watch: Gossip Girl (currently in progress), The OC and Friday Nights Lights. But you know what’s coming next, right? When it comes to the best re-watchable shows — the real life/sleep-cycle ruiners — what are yours?

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis


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  • Madison

    Hart of Dixie.

    • Amelia Diamond

      really?? where do i find this, netflix?

      • Madison

        Netflix. Personally what I love about it is it has all the drama of the OC but is way less serious and requires less than 1% brain power to watch.

        • Amelia Diamond

          this is very my speed as of late, thank you!

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    • LindseyM

      LOVE that show!

  • Nadja

    Gilmore Girls(on netflix) in conjunction with the gilmore guys podcast

    • Amelia Diamond


      • Nadja

        YES! It is a bit bumpy in the begining but they eventually got to interview writers casting directers, cast members (liza weil/paris geller). It is amazing and funny and they have live shows sometimes. I could rave for hours but you(and everyone) just needs to listen!

        • Nadja

          btw be warned they may be fans but they are a bit more critical and sometimes negative (spoiler: they dont like jess atm)

        • Allie Fasanella

          holy shit

  • Quinn Halman

    Wife Swap.

    • Amelia Diamond


  • I’m on my 4th rewatch of The Office right now. NEVER GETS OLD EVER EVER. and based on snap chat, two of my cousins are doing the same. Friends is another one… obviously.

    • Quinn Halman

      Not teen mom?

    • Lucy

      Honestly, The Office just gets funnier the more you rewatch it. Add to this: 30 Rock and Arrested Development, I have these 4 shows on rewatch repeat. Perfect background noise that also makes you laugh.

  • Carolyn

    Grey’s Anatomy forever and always

    • Amelia Diamond

      Isn’t this show still on? I feel like you could start at episode one now and then watch this show for the rest of your life with one new episode a day.

      • thebalancingunicorn

        10 season in a month is possible, i am proof

  • Kate

    The Mindy Project for sure – somehow the jokes are still funny the third (or fourth or fifth) time around. And Morgan is always the best!

    • Amelia Diamond

      morgan is the BEST.

  • Annie

    Okay, a little bit (very) sci-fi compared to Gossip Girl and the OC but Fringe is SO great to rewatch, either just as a random episode or all the way through. I mean, who can say no to a genius/sarcastic/sexy Joshua Jackson??? I know I can’t.

    • Olivia O

      Came here to say this! If you’re into this show, you’re INTO IT.

      Which I totally am…I’m actually currently re-watching. Just finished Jacksonville (one of my favorites).

      • Amelia Diamond

        what is fringe! other than a ss16 trend??

        • Olivia O

          It’s about total badass FBI agent Olivia Dunham who gets pulled into the fringe science (pseudoscience) division after her very attractive partner/secret boyfriend (couldn’t bring myself to use the word “lover” there) is infected with a really weird illness that makes his skin transparent.

          So she has to work with an expert (John Noble), but first his son Joshua Jackson has to help her get him out of the mental institution he calls home. It kind of grows into this alternate universe/dystopia thing.

          Also they have the real science behind the episodes on the website! And it’s funny even thought my summary makes it sound about as lighthearted as your last dental checkup. But check it out, it’s on Netflix.

  • Sarah Flynn

    This is England (2006 movie), followed by This is England ’86. ’88, and ’90 television series.

  • MT

    Buffy, Gilmore, Veronica Mars. Rewatch Veronica Mars at least every 18 months or so for improved sarcasm.

    • Cortne Morgan

      i second the VM

      • MT


        • Amelia Diamond

          is that that nickname of V Mars fans?? (i have never seen this show)

          • MT

            Yep! At some point V.Mars’s BFF calls her a marshmellow, which is funny because she’s all hardcore badass detective chick. Fans adopted it.

            Also, you should super duper watch the show because it is freaking amazing. Like, I’m kind of a TV nerd and I know a lot of people aren’t going invest the time to watch Buffy or won’t like Gilmore (even though it is ALSO excellent) or whatever and I get it and it’s cool.

            Veronica Mars? No one will not like Veronica Mars. Three seasons! Easy to binge watch! Sassy! Mysterious! Has characters to love AND hate! Sometimes both! Cool noir style! EPITOME of mid-2000s fashion!

            It’s really just amazing. I will harp on this for a while. Everyone should give this show 3 episodes. If you don’t love it after three, fine, but you gotta give it three.

    • rt

      yup scrolled down just to write VM, so thanks for doing it for me 🙂

    • I learned snark from VM tbh

  • Abby Rode

    Veronica Mars, How I Met Your Mother, Sex and the City. I’ve also been on a Parks and Recreation kick lately, but after re-watching that series more times that I care to admit, I’m taking a break. And duh, obvs the OC.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I haven’t watched enough Parks & Rec to do a “re-watch” but I need to full WATCH the show, in general. i laugh out loud every time i do

  • Reba

    parenthood for lorelai gilmore in an alternative universe, plus with so many FNL guest stars, it feels like an extension of both series. one box of tissues per episode is mandatory

  • Catbird

    Freaks & Geeks, forevah and evah.

    • Amelia Diamond

      ooooooooo this a good one

  • Allie Fasanella

    sex and the city every summer and gilmore girls every winter

  • Nothing can ever compare to The OC, I loved them so much 🙂

  • Lauren Ann Long

    The office, hands down.

  • starryhye

    My husband and I are almost done rewatching The Sopranos. The show is just as amazing the second time through. James Gandolfini and Edie Falco are simply marvelous. Although now that I’m a parent, I want to strangle Meadow and AJ for being little sh–s

    • Amelia Diamond

      i would love to re-watch this show since i never REALLY watched it, just here and there

    • Kate

      Yes yes YES! I love that show. I’m always ready to rewatch the Sopranos, and I think it’s still one of the best TV shows ever made. It does tend to send me into a prosciutto-eating, Fila-tracksuit-wearing state though, but at least my boyfriend doesn’t mind haha

      • starryhye

        I personally find myself longing for Carmella’s long acrylic nails and smart St. John’s pantsuits 😉

  • I’m right now re-watching Friends. All the denim– so good!

    • Amelia Diamond

      where’s friends? netflix, too?

      • Lucy

        WHAT This makes me sad that you didn’t know this 🙁 If you need some outfit inspo turn on an episode of Friends seasons 1-3.. the 90s are in full force.

  • Eve

    90210 purely so I can repeatedly dream about being Naomi. But of course Gossip Girl, too. x

  • fiona

    ugh my vision of Jenny Humphrey was so good and awkward, and she was described so well! they totally sold out by picking T. Mom

  • MMR

    GG is my all time favorite… I am currently on 3 times, the full series. FRIENDS, every day, every time it’s on.

  • SAR

    Alias. It is my personal melatonin. Turn it on, asleep in 5 minutes. International espionage is super relaxing.

  • Katrina Lee

    Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and 3rd Rock from the Sun. 90’s forever!

  • My So Called Life, ugh… as a freshman in college I now realize how similar I am/was/may always be to Angela Chase and I can’t help but be obsessed with Jordan Catalano. I’m currently watching One Tree Hill and it is like a gift from binge-watch heaven! The Simple Life With Paris and Nicole also will never get old. Oh, and if you don’t already PLEASE WATCH CANDIDLY NICOLE!

  • Carolyn

    This one’s a little intense but honestly, The Wire. Just rewatched and its still as good as it was 10 years ago.

    • Kate

      Another one of the greatest of all time, but definitely more of a commitment then some of the other shows mentioned.

    • Hélène PICARD

      I did too!! Finished season 5 two weeks ago. So good always. So deeeeep. and still so pertinent even ten years later, as you said.

      & We followed up by a binge watching session of Narcos, for extra gangsterism.

  • omg are you IN MY BRAIN about julie taylor?

    proof, from six hours ago today: https://twitter.com/khwelsh/status/649607299787550721

    (I am also rewatching FNL if that wasn’t clear)

    • Would also recommend Skins (the original British one, not the abominable MTV remake) as a rewatch.

    • Amelia Diamond


  • One Tree Hill. A young Chad Michael Murray, James Lafferty, and Sophia Bush? Classic.


  • ready 4 the wild card aka me? : MEDIUM. I’m obsessed. can’t stop won’t stop. and Dexter. Obviously I’m a little on the dark side.

  • Alexjp419

    sex and the city. THERE IS NOTHING BETTER.

  • Camilla

    The OC, One Tree Hill and Hart of Dixie. Parks and Rec is up there too but I still haven’t seen the last season so I don’t know if I’m even eligible to re-watch.

    I loved Gossip Girl the first time round but re-watching is painful.

  • Mallory

    Don’t trust the b in apt 23

  • Kristi

    Ahh! I’m currently watching Gossip Girl too, currently in the background. Friday Night Lights…so good, I never watched it when it was on until I binge watched up to the last season and caught the last couple episodes live…

    My go-to’s are usually Felicity (small town west coast girl with big city dreams – L.A. was closer :/ but my obsession for Dean & Deluca is real), Friends, and Gilmore Girls. Watching Gilmore Girls now blows my mind, I can relate so much more to Lorelai than Rory.

    Does this age me? *haha

  • Laura

    New girl! Modern family! Both over and over

  • Bella Charlwood

    Why is man repeller always so in tune? Currently rewetting sex and the city to avoid studying. Carrie’s clothes never go out of style

  • rt

    Scrolled through this whole thread and no one said 30 Rock. Seriously guys!? Tina Fey is god. (available on Netflix)

  • Alex

    Omg! Ab Fab, SVU, & Seinfeld obvi.

  • Lost, Battlestar Galactica and Six Feet Under …

  • Seinfeld, Curb your enthusiasm. I’m a Larry David girl. Hilarious.

  • Storm Fagan

    Has someone said Archer? Because Archer.

  • Faziana

    Friends! Scrubs! Sherlock!

  • I’ve been rewatching shows I watched as a kid/teenager. They’re so much funnier now! Friends, That 70s Show, etc

  • This is a cliche answer, but Sex and the City. I noticed and appreciated the writing and plot techniques far more once I wasn’t watching for plot. Also, you realize that Samantha being in PR was an easy way to explain why the women were at a random fabulous party

  • Ariana

    Buffy forever and always! ( and also the OC, Parks and Rec, The Office, New Girl and Mindy)

  • BK


  • Peaky Blinders. I want all their menswear.

    Also, SATC. Always and forever.

  • Tess

    Amelia I loved you a great deal before, but now I definitely love you more (Rhyme semi-intentional). You took the words out of my mouth regarding Julie. How can, arguably the greatest mom on tv, (actually that’s a pretty good debate now that I think about it. Who’s the better mom Tami Taylor vs. Lorelai Gilmore) raise the most annoying, whiney, parasitic child?

  • Andy

    Dawsons Creek!

  • Catalina

    30 Rock forever.

  • Lindsey via Vegas

    how about Californication…..motherfuckas…..?

    • 1zz1_937

      Yessss. I just finished this a few weeks ago. So in love with David duchovney. Anyone remember him from x files?

  • Gossip Girl is always a must watch. Thanks for the reminder 😉

    Ellen Rozalia | http://www.ellenrozalia.com

  • l:ly

    FRIDAY. NIGHT. LIGHTS. I just started rewatching it again and I am already on season 5 (I have literally been watching nonstop for 2 weeks) Tim Riggins is more than a person, he is a religion. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose bbs

  • hawap

    I just finished rewatching GG for the 3rd time. It’s the show I find myself watching at 3am when my stress levels are crazy high and im avoiding life

  • Kate

    How about, Girlfriends! To me, this was ten steps up from sex and city. I would write an article, blog, whatever. Just go watch it.

  • Lucy

    gilmore girls, gossip girl, the oc (except that its nowhere to be found online), and one tree hill because the characters grow up over the span of the show so its relatable

  • Raquel Luís

    How I Met Your Mother ❤️ I never get tired of it

  • Aysel

    How I met your mother – always

  • LindseyM

    OMG I SO agree with you on Julie Taylor being the WORST. How did such cool parents get such a crap daughter?! Ok here are my choices: How I Met Your Mother, The Office, Parks & Rec, 30 Rock, Friday Night Lights, Gilmore Girls. Those are my favorites to watch over and over. If you need some new-ish stuff to get hooked on, Broadchurch, Bloodline, Jessica Jones. All totally hold up.

    • Lindsey M

      OH and Arrested Development. Always good.

  • Lola Mar

    The Office!!! My favorite series, hand down! But if you wanna watch a new one, Peaky Blinders is really good… and Cillan Murphy is the main character.♡♡♡

  • Lex

    As much as this pains me to admit the last two shows I rewatched were Charmed and (god this is painful) the early seasons of Degrassi Next Generation.