What Would You Wake Up Early For? Like Buttcrack-of-Dawn Early?

You’ll hear me go on more about this in another post, but today I woke up at 6:00 AM with the intention of subway-ing uptown to Columbus Circle to be first in line at this particular location for the Isabal Marant x H&M collaboration.

I did, in fact, wake up at 6:00 AM. But then I changed my alarm to 6:50 and went promptly back to sleep. At 6:55 I sort of melted out of bed like a dying snake and with all the power invested in me I got dressed. Then I grumbled and moaned and self-complained all the way uptown, asking myself over and over again why I thought it would be “funny” to write about the scene at H&M and all the early Marant birds getting their Isabel worms.

While standing in line behind the army of people who apparently did not hit the snooze button, I made queue-friends with a woman who told me that “nothing could get her up this early in the morning…except for clothes.”


So then I got to thinking about what would make me wake up this early. I did this Isabel thing for the sake of a story, but had I not assigned it to myself I would have slept until 9 like a hibernating bear on Xanax. Whenever I’m on a health kick I can get myself up around 7:30-ish to work out, but again, I’m not stoked to do it. I basically cry throughout the entire workout and if someone asks me afterward, “But don’t you feel all energized and happy now?!,” I punch them in the face.

The only things that can get me out of bed at the intergluteal cleft* of dawn with a smile on my face are horses.** Competitions can mean a 6 AM call time where I’m expected to be fully functional, dressed, and using my brain. For riding lessons, I have to get up around 8 AM on weekends (which feels like 5 AM when you’ve been out the night before) but I don’t mind. Insane? Yes. But I love it, and when you love something, you’ll move the moon.

So tell us — what would you move the moon for? What would make you jump out of bed like it’s the first Christmas of your life at an hour that most would claim as unholy? Is it clothes? A special brand in particular? A sample sale? A flash sale? An Xbox? The new iPhone? It can even be imaginary; maybe you’d wake up at 4 AM two days early to make out with Ryan Gosling, I don’t know. But you do, so share!

Image by Tim Walker for Vogue

*Fancy word for buttcrack

**I know I know, DBJ.

  • Irina

    The only situation in which I get up early without snoozing, whining, and giving myself the whole “you have to get because you’re going to lose you’re job if you don’t,etc” speech is when I travel…. then it’s almost a joy to get up

    • Wandering In Heels

      I agree! I’m always surprised at myself how early I’ll wake up on a vacation! I actually watched the sunrise with enjoyment on my last trip!

  • Sabrina Haskinson

    That would be Nursing or any type of volunteer work.

  • young preeezy

    brunch, and brunch only.

    • katie b

      I’m with young preeezy, as long as there are massive quantities of mimosas or in a pinch a make-you-own bloody mary bar (yes, it has to be make-your-own).

  • I only wake up early for work and that’s because I’m getting paid. I am not a morning person and I love sleep too much to wake up at the crack of dawn for Any sale..


  • Laura Mitchell


  • Charlotte Fassler

    When on a trip in a new place, I typically wake up very early. While I feel that sleep is an important part of vacationing, I also feel like I need to absorb everything around me because I only have a limited amount of time to do so. No matter how hungover, I’m able to force myself outside even if I just wind up wandering around.

    • This is the ONLY reason (other than once in a while for work situations) that I will get up early for. I totally agree. When I travel, I want to see as much as I can, and eat everything! There is so much satisfaction at the end of the day when you barely have the energy to walk back to your hotel room, but you know that you took advantage of every second of the day!!

  • shelley

    I wake up at 5 AM every day to go workout, then get ready and get to my job on time. that’s pretty funny though, your adorable story about failing at waking up at a normal adult time (to watch people shop).

    • K

      C’mon Shelley, don’t be so sassy. Some people have perfectly good adult jobs that don’t require them to wake up at 5 am. Sorry yours isn’t one of them, but don’t be a hater.

  • Veggies. Every Thursday, our organic veggies man rings the bell at 6.45, so I get up at 6.25 to be able to open my mouth wide enough to say something like “Guten Morgen” when he arrives, all energized and grinning and swift and … fffff. On normals days, I wake up at 7 and get out of bed at 8.30, having heard all that’s important on the radio by then. I don’t envy early birds all their lovely worms, not at all! 🙂

  • Samantha Lawrence

    Good coffee…mmm ☕️

  • Kelly

    going to the airport. I love early flights.

  • Brie

    A great estate sale.

  • Aubrey Green

    A free Chanel bag. (I get up at 5AM everyday for work though :/)

  • Leandra Medine

    Cronuts. CRONUTS.

  • Amiee

    I got up at the butt-crack of dawn… on the wrong day…Wednesday was not pleasant.

    Hey, Marant dedication for you!


  • kirbybee

    There are really only two things that I will willingly and without (much) complaining get up at a ridiculous hour for. Plane trips to anywhere and my annual pilgrimage to the three day Meredith Music Festival. Everything else, including Isabel Marant, can wait until at least eight thirty.

  • kirbybee

    There are really only two things that I will willingly and without (much) complaining get up at a ridiculous hour for. Plane trips to anywhere and my annual pilgrimage to the three day Meredith Music Festival. Everything else, including Isabel Marant, can wait until at least eight thirty.

  • KH

    You’re missing the best part of the day! In Australia, everyone rises early – it was the one thing I found so strange in NY, wandering around empty streets with no coffee places open! I love the serenity before the mad work rush!

  • Iris Nguyen

    The only two occasions when I had to wake up early, as in 3-5 am, are to catch an early morning flight and to stand in the queue for special sales. I once stood up for Marni for H&M and the line wasn’t bad. Thank God for the indifference of the mass in Canada. The worst I have (twice every year!) is a certain cosmetics warehouse sale, where I embraced the bitter cold of the Canadian winter for 3 hours just to be able to grab the last gold of an all-sold-out-everywhere limited-edition makeup and/or perfume. It sounds vain but I certaintly can’t help it 🙁

  • Ai-Ch’ng GB

    Buttcrack-of-dawn early wake ups for me happen when I have to catch a plane somewhere – anywhere; dropping my son off at sports training; and when I’m on a group tour and not getting myself together before sunrise means missing the bus/plane, which in turn means missing out for an entire day – or days – all the great non-food-poisoning yummies… I can’t speak for whether my brain wakes up along with me, though.

  • Hudson Berry

    “I sort of melted out of bed like a dying snake and with all the power invested in me I got dressed. ”

    Oh. This is every weekday morning for me.

  • Ryan Gosling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sugar Vendil

    I’ll wake up early if:
    – I’m extremely excited about a project I’m working on (like the ballet I’m directing that’s premiering at BAM this Spring! Speaking of which–any up-and-coming designers you recommend we work with for costumes?)
    – I have to catch a flight

    Really enjoyed the article, Amelia! xo

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Brie

    an amazing breakfast/bloody mary bar. obviously shoes but i can shop those anytime i want b/c the internet is amazing like that. i would get up early if one of my friends needed help moving. farmers markets (nothing is better than being hungover with last nights adrenaline still running through you and walking around buying fresh fruit and people watching, it rejuvenates me. i am of the weird ass breed where i wake up at the “cleft” of dawn after coming home at four).

    • Courtney Dillon

      my baby girl. every day! she’s worth it though

  • I love the way you’ve written this!
    I feel like when I’ve got a date/event/party planned the next day, I find it easy it wake up early as crap and get started on prep 😀


  • Amelie J

    Love this. I went to see the collection, but unfortunately, it wa at around noon and all I managed to cart away were a bunch of cute jeans, two tanks, and that adorable necklace. I was hoping to get those black boots and Lacey white sweater, but of course they were sold out. I was mad at myself for not getting up early then, but now, I feel like it probably would have not been worth it at all!

    The Neon Guava


    The Neon Guava


  • kforkarli

    Heath Ledger. Sigh.

  • Christina B.

    I shall push imaginary to its limits and say that I would love to get up at any time just to be able to see my grandmother again, who passed away recently, even if just for a minute…

  • Rebecca

    Lets face it, all those trendy lululemon clothes are just too comfortable to keep us girls, and guys, away from. I totally love all the stuff they make but, i find myself constantly wondering, are a single pair of leggings with a trendy name like “WUNDER UNDER” really worth 100 dollars…. Yes, yes I do have a fair share of a lululemon collection that seems to be making it harder and harder for me to close my dresser drawers. So…suppose lululemon had a 50% off “SALE”….well…that would make me get out of bed really really early. They do have discount stores and warehouse sales but lets face it, its nice to see a sale once in a while after being such a loyal and loving customer. Hoping they have some sort of “black friday” sale.