What Words Do You Absolutely HATE?


Most people absolutely cannot stand this word. Me, on the other hand, I don’t particularly mind it. I think it’s a really good Goldilocks descriptor for when something isn’t wet, and it’s not dry, and it’s not even really quite damp.

But what is it about certain words that drive us to the brink of insanity? The New Yorker held an entire contest about eradicating certain ones from our language, for Christophe’s sake! We already know that despite words being a mere combination of consonants and syllables that our vernacular approves of, they have the power to cause heart break, fights, law suits, even wars if you want to get deep about it. (On a lighter note they also can bring a tear to our eye, inspire, enlighten, yadda yadda.)

There are just some words, however—not necessarily important in meaning or offensive in context—that literally make us want to run directly into a glass-door on purpose.

Maybe “literally” is that word for you.

Universally, it seems, humans cannot handle that poor word moist. Other grand offenders (after taking a very scientific poll which included my cat) include panty, ointment, titty, chunk, pus, and supple. Yolk. Placenta. Or anything that evokes a sibilant S–that drawn-out sssssss that makes a normal person sound like a snake.

(A double-sibilant S is like auditory kiss of death. I’d rather you stab me in the ear than say the word crisps or breasts, like Veronica Corningstone did in the soundbite below.)

I feel really bad for these words. They didn’t ask to be born, they just were, thanks to our language’s need for more adjectives and nouns. Leandra hates the word “penchant” and “apathy” when used incorrectly but what in the flying squirrel did these words ever do to her? Or us?

Well, they destroyed our eardrums, for one.

Because it’s Thursday and I don’t want to end things on an angry-at-the-Dictionary note, I’ll also throw in some words that can repair all of the now-bleeding caverns of our ears:

Chupacabra. Polenta. Peanut butter cup. Wombat. Papier-mâché when pronounced this way.

I could go on and on but I’ll spare you your eyeballs since you’ll need at least one of your five senses un-maimed. So let’s shut this down in the only way we know how: a disco dance party in the comments section.

Fire away tiny dancers, tell us all about the words you loathe and the ones you love.

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  • Aimelie

    loathe: meatloaf

    love: wasabi

    • Charlotte

      anything with loaf really!

    • Cherylin Clark Blitch

      Ugh, I loathe “meatloaf” as well. Also “pus” and “pleasant” (because it’s so frustratingly lukewarm). And ANY texting abbreviation makes me cringe. I also can’t stand intentionally misspelled words in titles or business names, like “Kiddie Korner”.

      Love: epiphany, felicity, aubergine, novella, eloquent, cacophony, articulate

  • Jen Kraska

    I despise the words ‘meal’ and ‘tasty’. They’re just inappropriate.

    • velvetpancakes

      Agreed. Tasty, yummy, as well as yummers are all words I loathe. They sound so infantile.

    • The Healthy Collective

      omg! I just wrote “tasty” up top and thought I was crazy. Well everyone I know thinks I am for hating it so much.

  • This isn’t a word but someone in my family say ” I’ll take a “tinsy winsy bit” ……..O_O…someone rip my ears off.

  • Francine

    Love the words that have the ch tk sound like chopstick

  • sjay

    panties, hubby, swoon

    • hubby is SO annoying

    • lauren

      panties is the worst ! especially when it’s your mother saying it

  • ycnyc

    i haaaaate the word supple

  • Cecilia De la Garza

    It all started at a birthday party at age 16. While awkwardly dancing with a boy he commenced whining about a burning pain he felt in his “ingle” (spanish word, and you must know by then and for the whole duration of the conversation I assumed this word meant his junk) due to a football game. As he kept repeating the word over and over I begged for the song to end, not only was I feeling uncomfortable but the letters “g+l” put together and followed by the letter “e” in a word was something I could. not. stand. It wasn’t until the song ended that I ran to my girlfriends who mockingly explained what the word actually meant. Nonetheless, that word still makes my ears bleed. “Ingle” Google it.

  • earlyholo_scene

    My best friend and I have had long conversations since we were in grade school about hating the word MOIST.

    Also, HOLLA! … unless you are referring to some delicious braided Jewish egg bread.

  • Fashion Agony

    College Humor has an awesome video on grossest words, it’s hilarious: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDjJ4Y4uSTk&noredirect=1
    MOIST is definitely im my top 5 :DD

    • earlyholo_scene

      Amazing. Never saw this, but now feel vindicated for my hate of ‘moist’.

    • Amelia Diamond

      haahhahahahahahah. i started laughing right away when he called himself emily because i am five.

  • Rinny

    Ointment. So gross.

  • disqus_tpzdHFdk4h

    Way to hit the nail on the head! Aside of the word that starts with m and ends in oist, I cringe a little hearing the word tender. Love: soliloquy.


  • Lynn

    Canker as in.. sore. Makes me cringe. On the other hand, Francisco.. that’s fun to say!

    • Amelia Diamond

      oooo franciscooooo!!! i like any word where you can roll the rs and elongate a vowel.

  • City_Girl

    I too despise “moist.” Likewise, I detest “panties.” And if you dare–DARE–to say moist panties in my presence I just might lose it. Or have some sort of reflex that causes me to poke you in the eye.

  • Charlotte

    I love the word ineffable, it sounds exactly like what it means.

  • Deblyn

    I hate the word fag or faggot. It is so offensive.

  • Murph

    Pünktlich kills me! It’s the German word for punctual…

  • TFred Says…

    Moist Mayonnaise. The worst combonation of words in the history of ever.

  • visitor

    panties, “girls” for females over 18

  • lohofosho

    dripping slits…?

  • Rob

    I really love the word Paraphernalia…

    Hate – puncture

  • Smillah


  • Mya


  • Rimon Design House

    What about the word “sliver” as in ” Do you want some pie” “Oh, sure I guess I’ll just take a little sliver.” Ew.

  • Irina

    Sunnies and skinnies – ugh!!!!

  • I wish there was one word that I hated since everyone I know has a word they despise! I feel so left out…
    Your Friend, Jess

  • Lefukaka


  • noms. NOMS.

  • Monica M

    Ointment. Ointment. Ointment!

  • I love the French word “emmerdeuse” … I discovered it last year and fell for it immediately.

    Hate? Yeah, meatloaf is a good example. But I don’t mind moist.

  • Delicious, yummy, or tasty, when used to describe anything other than food.

  • Mollie

    love: apple and crush and even better when said together (apple-crush) and any chance I get to use the word Conestoga (which is almost never) I seize the moment.

    HATE: hubby

  • Cynthia

    Nook. As in a “cozy nook.” I hate it.

  • Ethan

    The word “creamy” is the WORST!!!

  • Ryan

    Moist. Slurp. Anus. Twat.

    Also the sound of anyone chewing with their mouth open. Ever.

  • The word “panties” creeps me the hell out. I hate that word.
    Other than that I am not hateful of any other words in the vocabulary.



  • Hannah F

    “Blessed,” “gratitude” and other such overused new age-y words.

  • Brie

    i love the word ass. dumb ass, rat’s ass, ass hat, ass ass, fine ass….stick ass on anyhting and it is fun! hate the word armpit.

    • Brie

      I also hate the word own. I own that movie. We own that chair. HATE IT.

  • emma

    GRISTLE. Ugh what a disgusting word…conjures up lots of nasty pictures. Grizzle, too, but gristle is worse!

  • I hate the dutch word for crust: Korstje. The word also means eschar in dutch ..

  • Claire DuBois

    loathe: secretion , discharge

  • Moist and amazing!!!

  • RomyPaige

    nipple, pimple, ripple… milk, broth, crisp, dribble… yuckkkkk hahaha

  • Starryfeet

    “Post nasal drip” is a word combination that makes my ears cringe.
    I like the word “obstreperous.” It’s so fun to say.

  • Anwar_Bananwar

    i only hate the term “on point” really. nothing else…just…nothing.

  • Anne

    I can’t stand the word “nom”, if it is even a real word. Is it?

  • Lashen

    Mucus and per usual

  • shakbe


  • a.n.a.l.u

    I don´t know. I love to say wombat.

  • Mary-Anne

    Whimsical. I. F***ING. Hate. That. Word.

  • Jana

    I hate the words savory, & crud. My mom used to say crud all the time and it made my head rotate!

  • The Healthy Collective

    “tasty” – as in “this sandwich sure is tasty”

    It makes me want to rip my ears off

    Hilary x thehealthycollective.com

  • crispusbett

    I despise the words, ÿou can’t do fashion design”

  • Amelia Diamond

    i just remembered i REALLY hate the word silly.

  • Lucia

    My absolute favorite word in the english language is archives, I love the pronunciation.


    loathe: moist, classy, panties, daddy.
    love: chaotic, flashback, cherí

    • liv

      Down with classy! Hate it, too!

  • Clay

    Lot of cringe-causing p-u words: pubic, puberty, pubis.

  • Wadjin


  • Alejandra

    OMG MY WORD IS LITERALLY. But, it was really just because I had trouble pronouncing the word for like, 10 years.

    also, fetus. sick.

    • alejandra

      okay and along we fetus I cannot stand the word, suckle. ew ew ew ewwwwwwwwwwwww.

  • Hate: selfies, sunnies and panties

  • Claudia Caswell

    After finally pausing from laughing uncontrollably at the pronunciation of Papier-mâché in the video, my husband curiously asked what was so funny so I share the story with him and asked him what word couldn’t he stand. His reply, a word I had no clue of, “Choad” uh? -mind that English is my second language- still giggly from my previous frantic laugh, he explained the meaning and I found it even more amusing. But seriously wtf? who came up with that!

  • littlesongblog.com

    Moist, ointment, annoying, tit, teet, testies, nom and also, nom-nom (what are we, four?)

  • Edye

    Panites. Ugh. and Pussy. Ugh.

    • Jackkkkk

      yeah it sounds so GROSS! i hate it.

  • Jessbev

    Breath. breathe is completely legit

  • Andrew winchester

    GOBSMACKED….horrible,terrible slang word

  • Jackkkk

    i hate the word Pussy Penis Vagina And Panties.

  • Bob saget

    Scarf and Supple, the worst words of all time

  • suz

    I hate when people use nice to describe food. “I’m having a nice chicken cutlet sandwich”
    Also can’t stand the word cap (as in hat) or slacks.

  • Greg

    Trim.”My she looks so trim”

  • Eliza

    I hate the words ”learn”, ”watching”, and ”eating”. Also, ”moist” does sound icky.

  • Annie

    I hate the word ‘Poorly’. I hate that it exists and I hate the sound of it. Urgh!

  • Annie

    I also hate the word ‘Doze’. Every time I hear it, I Envision a 20 tonne slob just lazing about naked, stuffing them selves silly.

  • Led

    I have quite a few:

    Pack (i.e. starter-pack)

    ‘Panties’ would’ve been another one but is a word I very rarely hear in real life (and thank God) where I come from.

    • Led

      Almost forgot ‘Hubby’ too

  • gretl

    irregardless, (from the) getgo, VERY

  • JaneDoe

    I hate the word “CANDIDATE”. Here it is used in a sentence: “After careful consideration, we have selected a CANDIDATE whose qualifications more closely match the requirements of this position.” After getting that message SO many times, that word is absolutely infuriating. Many job seekers are probably with me on this one.

  • Zainkharal1