What Will Be The Song Of New York Fashion Week?

Pop in your ear buddies and open the illegal music downloading software of your choice — it’s time to play Psychic DJ! Yay!

There’s always a few standout songs on the runway, so let’s act like hipsters and know about them before anyone else. That way we can roll our eyes and be like, “I knew about this song before the artist was even born” while everyone else holds out their phones to Shazaam.

Our three predictions are as follows:

This cover version of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” by Daughter. (First runway to play it: Thursday at BCBG)

ANYTHING by Lorde because she’s fashion’s most recent obsession, but we’re tapping “The Love Club” to be most-played. Don’t forget we have to think like hipsters — indie points will be docked for choosing the more popular “Royals.” (First runway to play it: Thursday at Richard Chai Love)

Latch by Disclosure. It’s steady, sexy, and creates the perfect tempo for models to get their mean-mug swagger on. (First runway to play it: Nowhere…yet)

What are your predictions? Is it one of these three, or something completely different? And if you were djing fashion show, what would you play?

PLEASE tell us. We’re more sick of our music than we are of our closets and need some new beats so we can dRop tHe BaSe.


  • Brittany

    Love these selections.. but I believe Blurred Lines will be played to death! lol


  • Erika Berger

    Love your selections!

  • Julie A. Sergel

    Definitely feeling KANYE should take the throne on this. He is the god of power, of creating thunder, so he would be my CHOICE SUPREME. for sure.

    • Jackie @ Kleiden drew

      We all know that he’d agree with you. 🙂 And it would also be hard to argue your point. Musical genius.

    • Charlotte

      Send it up was the final walk song at Louise Goldin. I wonder what other Yeezus we’ll hear this week??

  • Julie A. Sergel

    very cool to chillax to..


    Apanemic I Need Somebody

  • Oana

    Disclosure ft London Grammar – Help me lose my mind

  • Danielle

    Tokimonsta, the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Mount Kimbie for higher energy. Rhye, Jessie Ware, Grimes for more romantic and ethereal shows.

  • Jackie @ Kleiden drew

    Capital Cities, ‘Tell Me How to Live’. WHO wouldn’t strut off that straight up jam?

  • Guest

    Great predictions, here are mine:

    Rhye – Open

    BANKS – Warm Water

    alt-J – Tessellate

  • Justice

    Great predictions! Here are mine (and if they don’t play them, then you just have 3 new songs to check out)

    Rhye – Open
    BANKS – Warm Water
    alt-J – Tessellate

  • Omar Abreu

    Hopefully some Depeche Mode… Any Depeche Mode song really…

    • Amelia Diamond

      you read jenna lyon’s mind! did you see that gq article w. her essentials?

      • Omar Abreu

        Just read it. So the fact that we both love Depeche Mode is enough for us to become best friends, right? Yeah, that sounds about right. #CallMeJenna

  • Chantel

    These selections could not be any more on point. The last was my selection and I’m anticipating the first show to showcase it. I think we’ll definitely be seeing Flume in the fashion week soundtrack.

  • www.thevanderpoeldiaries.com

    Cristal Castles & Haim!!

  • Kristen

    Chrome Sparks-All there is, although it would probably be hard for the models to walk to…

  • Niki G

    i like seriously am in love with my new baby song called “wrecking ball” by my twerking girl MILEY CYRUS! you go girl! use this song you wont be sorry because it is the dope stuff so please PLEASE PLEASE consider this song because my life will be made and i wont kill myself.

  • em

    voices also by disclosure