What Weird Holiday Tradition Does Your Family Have?

As a kid, I was never allowed to eat Cinnabons unless it was very literally Christmas morning. I was a staunch traditionalist and followed this to a T, going so far as to say no to a bite when offered one at the mall. The mall, by the way, is the only place I’ve ever seen a Cinnabon (aside from the airport). And every year, it seems like my siblings and I have to drive farther and farther to find one on that hasn’t gone out of business, all in service of keeping this weird family tradition alive. Visiting depressing suburban outskirt malls on December 24th is almost starting to feel as important to me as the breakfast itself.

Weird holiday family traditions are the best, particularly because time and perspective only stand to make them more endearing. Below, some from team MR. Below below (THAT’S THE COMMENT SECTION), some from you please!

Patty: Push up contests!

Leslie: It’s not really a tradition per se, but my mom always puts very practical things in our stockings like dental floss and toothbrushes and toothpaste. No candy. Also, is it a weird tradition that my mom almost never buys new wrapping supplies and we have to wrap presents with the rumpled up old-ass tissue?

Jasmin: We always eat a fish dinner on Christmas Eve and everyone has to give a short speech about their year. On Diwali we play this old school Indian gambling game and instead of chips we use marbles.

Krista: Fondu on Christmas Eve!

Harling: We play scrabble on Christmas. I hate it. And for Valentine’s Day, my mom gives my sisters and me swimsuits.

Perla: We always open gifts at 12 a.m. on Christmas day. For New Years, the grownups run outside with a suitcase in hopes for new adventures in the new year.

Yvonne: On Christmas we play games. We break into teams; the games include beer pong, Boggle, arm wrestling, Mario Kart (one year it involved Dance Dance Revolution). I cheat every single year. Then the prizes are all the hostess gifts my mom has been given throughout the year.

Matt: Every year, my next-door neighbor makes us a breakfast casserole and leaves it on our doorstep.

Kate: My Catholic aunt individually wraps eight Hanukkah gifts and mails them in a big box and is the sole reason we get anything for Hanukkah. It’s great! Thank you Aunt Suzy! Also, my sister and I slip out to the dive bar behind my mom’s house and play air hockey and take over the juke box and play songs that remind us of our dad and drink vodka sodas like it’s 2002.

Tell us yours!

Illustration by Maria Jia Ling Pitt; follow her on Instagram @heysuperstar.

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