What Was Your AIM Screen Name?

Before the dawn of Instagram and Twitter handles, there were screen names.

A screen name, coming from the viewpoint of someone born in the year 88 (20th century, mind you), was just as crucial in self-expression as the clothes one wore during those early years of the web becoming world-wide. In fact, some might argue it was even more important: the christening of our digital persona and also, the appellation that would see us through every awkward conversation and embarrassing away message.

The absolute anxiety that could overtake a person during the selection of their online moniker was known to send teens and their pre-teen counterparts alike into fits of seizures and cold sweats. It was mulled over, considered, and agonized. Creating the perfect screen name was an exercise that existential philosophers have tried to dissect for years: Who are we, and what is the purpose of our life?

Naturally the first one I chose was PunkRockPony, give or take a few “xX”es and maybe a number thrown in there.

After that, I’m pretty sure I changed my screen name once every year. It was a fresh start, a rebranding, a new me. When you’re climbing the stairs of middle school on your journey to 9th grade, don’t you essentially have a new life purpose each September? Of course you do! Or did.

With that, let’s start one giant Buddy List in the comments section. Tell us of your past screen names, or maybe some of your friends’ screen names that stick out in your mind. I know some of you had “angel” in there, or maybe, accidentally, “aNgLe.” What about its adversary, the “DeViL GrRl”? If you played a sport, that was definitely in there too — can I get a high five SoccerStar11? And why (looking at you, xXCORE_drummerboy) did we all feel the need to stick our gender into our screen names at some point?

BRB! Mom’s calling me for lunch.

LYLAS, Amelia Diamond

  • Lauren DiPrenda

    GuccisNV, TouchOfClass2005, Fashionmaven2, Laurbaby2. Just.. WHY.

  • Lizzie Slaughter

    cutiepatutie88, razzldazzlshine, and my favorite: kooligurl5

  • Cassandra

    BubblesXox8….definitely thought I was the shit.

  • Ellana

    SweetOphelia23 so melodramatic

  • kellidanielle

    meonesweetgurlie, caramelcutiebabe, sum41hunniez…ugh so weird

  • kline, mara r.


    ……………………………………………………. why.

  • Mine was americangirl… because of american girl dolls. But everyone else on my buddy list was a little devil or little angel.

  • Thamsa

    blizzardbabe629…..I’d totally forgotten but right when I saw this question, it came to me

  • Quinn Halman

    I don’t think anyone wants to mess with fUnky_mUnky_Q

  • Oh man…I can’t really remember any of my past ones! Wait…malibu6383 was one. It was a stupid inside joke about me being the most like the guy from Malibu’s Most Wanted. My idiot friends thought I was “the most ghetto white girl” they’d ever met because I liked rap music. I’ve never even seen Malibu’s Most Wanted. I hear it was funny?

    I remember having ICQ back before they had usernames. It was a 6 or 7 digit number instead. Super old school!

    I still have instant messenger, mostly because for the longest time, it was the only easy way to talk to my husband while he was bored at work. I can’t remember my username, though – is that dumb or what? 🙂

    You guys all had way cooler names than I ever did!

  • Megan Corletto


    • Rebekah B

      That one’s actually good.

  • Kaitlyn

    cherrysweet55 and I didn’t even like cherries. UGH

  • Rebekah B

    I still use ritzgrrl, which was one of my first screen names. My very first one was idabomb2 (because idabomb was taken, natch). Ugh, I loathe my 15-year-old self sometimes.

  • Juliette Laura

    HA too funny. cheergal4lyfexocutie was mine, like excuse me who did i think i was?! And my best friends acidwashjeansgurl and then another was savvythasurfer034

  • Ashley

    thepinkpoohbear, junebug (my bday is in June)

  • I was into metal, so DyinBride happened in the mIRC032 days…

  • Echo_Billy

    Mine was Sugar1984 and my friend’s was Sweetie1984…..THEN when I wanted to be incognito it was Penny8684 LOL Good times!

  • katie r

    jerseygirl0323 (bc i was moving to NJ… why did I think this was a good thing?); twinket44 (the name of Rainbow Brite’s sidekick… also skinny gay males, I found out after a quick Google search); bugaboo44; and then krobs42

    • My sister Katie’s was SpecialK. It took a lot of Yahoo Answers to figure out why people kept IM’ing her for drugs…

  • Charlotte Fassler

    Daboodays. Super nonsensical, made it when I was 5!
    But then my livejournal name was Charbarbar which remains my handle today.

    • Charlotte Fassler

      Let me also add that I was one of the last of my friends using ichat in college…Facebook chat kind of abolished it and I’m still not really sure I am ok with that.

  • thebloginista

    XxJCsBabyAngelxX. Yes, JC Chasez from ‘Nsync. Duh.

  • Sola

    monkeyzrule and HolaSola343. oh man.

  • dorkinabikini, sccrchicka04, redhotbaby (god), georgiapeach89, isabelfarewell. Oh and of course a ~*secret*~ screen name. indigofalafel.

    Can someone please explain why parents were basically like, hey sweetie, here’s a 100 hour AOL CD so I guess go chat with total strangers and yahoo search beanie babies?

    • alejandra

      INGIGOFALAFEL. i kind of love that lol

      • Perfect for incognito lurk sessions!

  • Allison Sage


    Despite the fact that I have never been referred to as Allie. Ever.

  • Nat Way

    calisoccergirl22… those were the days. I can’t help but laugh at my 11 year-old self every time I log in to my iTunes account (which is still linked to that email!!)

  • Jacqueline

    longboarder0809 because I took a surfing lesson as a 13-year-old. Not even lessons, just a single one.

  • Pahtrisha

    😉 not telling.

  • I remember in 4th grade all the cool kids were on AIM, etc. I wasn’t cool, though, so that was that. It was all very mysterious. I’m still not cool, and I am totally cool with that. Always have been.

  • Rebecca Guadalupe

    highxonxfraps — because of starbucks

  • Jennifer

    xCoNcReTeRoSe3x. Inspired by none other than Ashanti’s album and Tupac Shakur. Clearly had an alter ego at the age of 12, its pretty casual.

  • I was Highenrgyroxygrl but I def had the soccerchic33 email address! Clearly had to tell people I was a girl.

  • ronnibear

    Ronnibaby. No numbers, one name. No regrets.

  • Shannon

    If I could go back in time, it would be knuckleSHANwich or shanWOW, but I’m pretty sure mine was something like QTshan87

    • Kari

      shanWOW is amazing, love it

  • shauna

    JRTNsyncLuvr4eva …..Possibly too long, but it summed up my life perfectly

  • Liz


  • CDJ

    cjagga7… i still go by cjagga in the hood………. crtnsync…orangepeelz12 (?), indapinkcapris, courtxo143 (slutty phase)

    i actually just ordered a necklace yesterday with my inta/twitter cjkeys2 sooo i guess i’m not over screen name branding yet.

  • Jennifer

    Oh my! Haha Mine was BSBFanatic9351… as in Backstreet Boys fanatic. And I still am one! 😉

    xo Jennifer


  • alejandra

    mine was greekqt677 lololol but my friend had the worse one…. 0x my aZz iz LyK WoA x0

  • Tayler

    Prettiebabygrl0890, like why? that’s not even my birthday haha.

  • Rachel Ann Stuart

    blueandonehalf – cause one eyes blue and the others half blue half hazel

  • kiron

    how to write an aim name?