What Was He Thinking: Alireza Niroomand

In a new series called What Was (S)he Thinking, we ask people with style what they were thinking when they got dressed that day. Today, Alireza Niroomand, General Manager of Sant Ambroeus Lafayette and general Dapper Dan, shares with us the impairments of male American fashion and the importance of having fun with your socks. 

What were you thinking when you got dressed this morning? I didn’t think, I just went for it. I never think about it. My style is inspired by my father. He used to always wear red socks. My style is very Parisian — that’s where I’m from, but I’m Persian. I have a lot of shirts, shoes and ties in my closet. If I were a woman, I like to think I would dress like you [Leandra]: you’re quirky, you remind me a little bit of Charlotte Gainsbourg (ed. note: LOL!) — or like Maya [of Jack’s Wife Freda] who is very bohemian.

My suit is by Daniel Cremieux, same for my socks and tie. The shirt and shoes are from Suit Supply; to me, it is one of the best kept secrets of the city.

Any of the suits that I own, I could just pull them out of my closet. Woman have way more options than we do, but it’s pretty straight forward when it comes to what men can wear. The accessories are what we can have fun with. Socks, ties, scarves. And if I don’t put a pocket square, I feel like I didn’t dress.

I like wearing socks because it’s one of the rare accessories a man can use. It’s my signature — colored socks. And always, a very important detail, they must be up to the knee. Otherwise you feel naked. That’s rule #1 in men’s attire. You have to have high heeled socks, no no, how do you say it? Up the calf?

Calf socks.

I think American men should stay away from square shoes and wear more tailored suits. Tailoring is what makes the difference. Usually, I feel like men just go and grab a suit and put it on but that’s not enough.

One of the first things that shocked me when I came here is, like, I was always wearing colorful stuff and people would always make a gay remark to me. Actually, you have to embrace the woman-side of you because I think we all have it.

Men in America are not confident enough so they always ask for their female friends’ advice, but I think they should do it on their own. When you ask your woman friend to dress you, you’re being dressed by a woman. Just be confident in your style and go for it. It’s okay to make a mistake. There’s actually no mistake at the end of day because it’s just garments that we’re wearing. It’s supposed to be fun.

  • GapToothedGirl

    He’s so stilysh!!

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  • Dibs.

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    He is totally right!

  • smart, sophisticated with pop colors. A+

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    ALIREZA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karl Ericson

    On the money. Love the blog! I’m not repelled. I’m a man. My masculinity is multi-dimensional.

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    Khayli khoob ~!!

  • This was awesome! It’s time we stop considering every stylish man ‘gay.’ There’s so much writing on feminism these days but seriously, we need a little masculinist speech every once and a while to let our boys know that it’s okay to care about what they wear, to be able to cry, to be able to dance. And that, in the end, will lead to less sexism towards women. Win-win, people — especially went complemented with those colorful socks.

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    Love Ali, sexy.