What Song Did You Forget About, Then Remembered, and Now Love Again?

Everyone has a favorite song. Maybe it remains “the favorite” for a week, or a month — possibly two months if you’re like a little kid who has the ability to hear the same story every night for a year. Inevitably however, after too many playlists on loop and too many mornings using it as our get-out-of-bed motivator, you kill the song.

It’s not intentional. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We’re all like Ne-Yo crooning, “Let me love you.” LET ME LOVE YOU, DAMMIT. Let me listen to your sweet tune. But once the heart has found true love in a melody, adults essentially become kids with a jar of fireflies and accidentally suffocate the song to death.

But the song itself can’t actually die. Thanks to friends who are late on the uptake and deejays who will continue to play what was once “your jam” on repeat as if it’s the only one ever invented, your poor song will project its proverbial death upon its now-unrequited love (your heart) and in turn you will become so violently averse to the tune that you’ll start to wonder what it was you ever saw in it.

And then, just like with a crush, you’ll slowly forget about it. The radios will get sick of it too, and the deejays, and your musically-slow friend. A few of its lyrics may remain scrawled in the back of your subconscious’s diary but other than that — gone.

Until the day it comes back.

You’ll be flossing your teeth and practicing handstands with your computer’s playlist on a casual shuffle. Come at me, you dare your iTunes. You’re alone in your room and have nothing to hide and that shuffle algorithm, if you’re lucky, will accept the challenge. Slowly a familiar pattern of beats begin to sound. Your ears will perk up and you’ll tilt your head sideways like a confused golden retriever. I remember this… Then the catchy beats crescendo and next thing you know you’ve relapsed into the arms of your former favorite fling.

“I’ll never let go,” you promise. You probably will though; ears are a fickle beast. But until then, enjoy the renewed love of your former musical dalliance and loop the shit out of it until your neighbors complain.

Here’s an old favorite of mine that just recently came back into my life by way of a forgotten playlist:

But more importantly — what’s yours? We’re looking for a good song for this weekend’s slideshow and could REALLY USE YOUR HELP.

Photo shot by Waldemar Hansson

  • G. G.

    Oh L’Amour by Erasure. Long live the 80’s!

  • Quinn

    Miley Cyrus – See you again. No shame.

  • Black Eyed Peas ‘My Humps’ !

  • S

    “Like a Friend” by Pulp. It was on the Great Expectations soundtrack. I was obsessed at 15 and I recently remembered it and I can’t stop listening to it. Also… I have to ask myself how it’s still relevant/applicable almost 15 years later. ugh.

  • Anna Marija Keomegi

    Tom Odel – Another Love

    • Kari

      I just listened to this – it gave me shivers 🙂

  • carly

    Jump- Kris Kross

  • Omar Abreu

    Miley Cyrus – The Climb. It’s ok, you can judge me.

  • Natalie

    anything and everything Gwen Stefani. No Doubt absolutely included.

  • Emily16

    Songs by 3LW!

  • Ceyla

    Jamirquai “Virtual insanity”

    • Amanda Ivory

      Great song! Jamirquai can do no wrong!

    • YESSSSS!!!! I am so glad I am not the only one! THAT VIDEO WAS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS TO HAPPEN TO HUMANITY!

  • Flight Facilities – Crave You feat. Giselle

    • Totally forgot about this one! Totally brought me back to another time.

  • Meg

    Long December by the Counting Crows. Loved it when it came out, then it gets over played (especially this time of year…). But when I hear it, I can’t help but sing along.

  • tin

    keri hilson ne-yo kanye west-knock you down

    • Nadia Wahika


  • Alexis Martinez

    This weekend I was in Urban Outfitters, and they played SOS Band “No One’s Gonna Love You” and I broke out into some serious dance moves.

  • Elizabeth

    Washing Machine by Sonic Youth “Honey, here’s a quarter. Go put it in a washing machine.”

  • pamb

    I listen to Siruis stations (too many to mention, but shout out to First Wave!) and I’ve heard ‘This is how we do it’ by Montell Jordan twice in two weeks on the 90s channel. I’ve forced my kids to watch the video on You Tube while I danced around the kitchen. I also posted the video to Facebook and no one commented. Boo.

  • Rebeka Osborne

    This morning on my way to work I heard “Dog Days are Over” by Florence and the Machine and had the exact same thought process, remember when I was tired of this song? NOPE, because it’s still a JAM!
    Also, probably “Call Me Maybe” but it might still be too soon.

    • Sarah Fentem

      Does anyone else have the problem where they NEVER GET SICK of certain songs when everyone else is sick of them? I’m STILL not over “Pumped Up Kicks” or “Somebody That I Used To Know”.

      • Rebeka Osborne

        Pumped up Kicks is a JAM. I definitely do that with certain songs too.

  • Elif

    This exact thing happened to me just a few days ago! A Fine Frenzy-Almost Lover

    • Coco Ho

      I adore that song!

  • I was listening to Paper Bag by Fiona Apple on repeat this morning. Forgot that I loved that song.

    • Charlotte Fassler

      & Criminal. Her 90’s albums are always a great rediscovery.

      • true, but I’d have to say that her newest album is her best work

  • Nicole

    Bonnie and Clyde -Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot

    • Charlotte Fassler


  • Rebecca Arceneaux

    Baby’s Got Sauce, by G Love and Special Sauce

    • ErinMarie Sanderson

      oh jeez this song is my JAM.

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Alice S

    The Feeling – Rose. I used to listen to it 100 times a day and have recently revived that habit

    • Sarah Fentem

      yeah! I was so into that after they used it in the Burberry show back in…2010?

  • Curvily NYC

    “Hold My Hand” by Van Hunt. I love Spotify and its endless selection, but it has a downside – old favorites can get lost in the shuffle. I’m so happy I was reminded of this one.

  • SeasonLowCountry

    I Can’t Stand the Rain, Ann Pebbles – so much soul, so damn good.

  • Kari

    “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” by Deep Blue Something. I can’t help but sing along to this tune.

  • Pizzapartyanimal

    Ludacris- diamond in the back

  • Isabella

    The Cranberries- Dreams. AM I RIGHT!?

    • That Voice…

    • Jane

      Hells yea! Have been listening to the album in the car for a week now

  • It’s even worse when you’re a dancer, and it’s constantly being played– in your head, at the studio, in the car. We all love it either way.

    Your Friend, Jess

  • Graciela Silva

    Nobody by Keith Sweat ;Someone like you by Van Morrison and now that Christmas is coming I listen Last Christmas by Billie Piper again and again it never gets old……

    • Amelia Diamond

      Van Morrison NEVER GETS OLD.

  • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

    Scissor Sisters – “Take Your Mama” best= Live at the Brit awards with the crazy muppets theme. Jake Shears well fitting leather pants and massive feather plume tail on his butt is a nice bonus! Never fails to cheer me up:-)

  • True Colors by Cindy Lauper 🙂 (no, really)

    Walking on Broken Glass (Annie Lennox)

  • Jena

    It’s Real by Real Estate. So happy I re-discovered it. Always makes me smile.

  • L.K

    La belle et le bad boy from MC Solar

  • Sarah Fentem

    MIKA’s Grace Kelly was a gift my itunes shuffle sent from the void! “Now the last time we talked Mr Smith you reduced me to tears, I promise it *won’t* happen again.”

  • Luka

    Melanie C – I Turn To You. Summer of 2000. Crop tops ruling the world.

  • Juli

    One my favourite songs of the moment is a drop in the ocean by ron pope but my favourites of forever are: flightless bird american mouth, the climb, firework, little things, thousand years and Bella’s nana… I hope one of this help

  • Nadia Perlepes

    Vanessa Carlton – A Thousand Miles

    i must have listened to it a thousand times when i was 13!

  • Jacky

    Hm I think for me it’s HIM with join me in death.

  • Nela

    Blur – Out of time 🙂

  • Madison

    “I Want You Back.” ‘N Sync never gets old.

  • Didi Ramirez

    Alanis Morissette- Hand in My Pocket

    I had no idea what she was talking about when I was a kid but listening to it as an adult….pretty much defines surviving your mid twenties.

  • Hayley Clark

    Midnight City by M83

  • stacy

    felix da housecat – ready 2 wear

    cut copy – lights & music

    pixies – hey

  • Marijana Cuvalo

    L’amour toujours – Gigi D’Agostino –

  • ErinMarie Sanderson

    “Lovefool” by the Cardigans gets me EVERY TIME. it’s too catchy.

  • “Say You’ll Be There” by Spice Girls. The ONLY thing on in my Walkman in primary school and then all over again on an iPod in high school. Okay and also on a newer iPod every road trip in college – SB2K11 fer-ever.

  • Guest

    “Say You’ll Be There” by Spice Girls. The ONLY thing on in my Walkman in
    primary school and then all over again on an iPod in high school. Okay
    and also on a newer iPod every road trip in college – SB2K11 forever.

  • “Say You’ll Be There” by Spice Girls. The ONLY thing on in my Walkman in
    primary school and then all over again on an iPod in high school. Okay
    and also on a newer iPod every road trip in college – SB2K11 ferrrever.

    • Evidently the Spice Girls’ love overwhelmed the Internet. Sorry for the double post!

  • KH

    Oh, this happened in the most perfect situation Saturday night! Two of us picking up another girlfriend from a wedding – Don’t Let Go by En Vogue came on just as we were rounding the corner.
    No hello’s exchanged as the girlfriend jumped in – she just added to the crooning as loud as possible ‘What’s it gonna be, cos I can’t pretend…’!!! Best.

  • Megan

    L’Amour Toujour by Gigi D’Agostino. Ridiculous AND amazing.

  • Nicole Dorise

    Right now it’s “Shadowboxer” by Fiona Apple, because she is friggin’ timeless. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

  • Good luck – Basement Jaxx.. well almost every song of Basement Jaxx!

  • Gazelle

    I totally rediscovered “Love My Way” by the Psychedelic Furs a couple of months ago and heard Soft Cell’s version of “Where Did Our Love Go” and had to download. Just dated myself but aren’t you happy to know that us old Bitches adore you tooooo?

  • chrissaycakes

    “What’s up” 4 non blondes!

  • Junebug

    You’ve got the love – Florence and the Machine

  • Sabrina Haskinson

    Arms by Christina Perri

  • HayShu

    Champagne Coast- Blood Orange

  • bargainbex

    This JUST happened to me! My re-loved tune? Love is Blindness by U2.

  • Sarah Jaffe – Pretender

  • This Old Love – Lior!

    Mlle C.

  • Fran Oropeza

    Banquet – Bloc Party.

  • Amanda Ivory

    Des’ree- You Gotta Be
    In second grade, my heart was broken, as my little “boyfriend” was moving to another state. His mom was an amazing chef and invited me over so we could play while they finished packing. She made a delicious meal and had this song playing in the background. I had never felt so grown up and confident that I could make it through my first ” break up”. Now when I hear it, it makes me smile inside and still feel very confident that I can do anything!

  • whitney

    Lucas with the Lid Off! 90’s awesomesauce

  • elise

    it’s gonna be me by n*sync. forever

  • CCC.Yuting

    James Blunt..Bonfire Heart !! Its amazing.

  • Beth (Madame B)

    Garbage – Stupid Girl. I wanted to be Shirley Manson when I was younger, and I still know all the words. 🙂

  • Camille

    Layla by Eric Clapton!!!!!!!!!

  • Amelia Diamond

    Guys I CANNOT wait to listen to all of these!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sky Ferreira – Haters Anonymous, Lana Del Rey – Blue Velvet, Kanye West – Robocop


  • Coco Ho

    Unquestionably Paramore–Fences.

  • Cindy B.

    Cool by Gwen Stefani

  • I’ll give you just my most recent.. because the list is endless.
    The Seed by The Roots
    E-Pro by Beck
    Stayin’ Alive by Bee Gees
    Just Like Heaven by The Cure
    All That She Wants by Ace of Base
    Revirth of Slick by Digable Planets
    Malibu by Hole (I <3 Courtney)
    We are the People by Empire of the Sun
    Street Spirit by Radiohead (Radiohead never gets old)
    That's Life by Frank Sinatra
    Take a Picture by Filter
    Vivrant Thing by Q-Tip
    and someone already mentioned… Virtual Insanity by Jamiroquai

  • Jane

    Sail- Awolnation, Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap, Gold on the Ceiling – The Black Keys, The Heart asks Pleasure First – Michael Nyman, Snow Patrol, Mumford & Sons, Naïve – The Kooks, Chicago – Sufjan Stevens and…two more Irish ones. Take Me to Church – Hozier (unreal), All I Want – Kodaline. Quite a mix there depending on where your mood takes you!

  • dgray

    sex on fire

  • kristy

    Breathe- Anna Nailick

  • T.H.neroli

    The Boho Dance by Joni Mitchell. I love and repeat Bjork version as well.

  • Alexa

    tom’s diner by suzanne vega

  • Michelle

    Pocketful of Sunshine, no doubt.

  • Virginia

    How Bizarre-OMC

  • Noiseof trees

    Slave to Love…bryan ferry is a very great song and Heaven by talking heads!