What Is Your Non-Fashion Splurge?

There is this part of me that understands the value in a $600 pair of shoes: they will make my outfits cooler, make my legs appear longer or, if they’re SERIOUS fashion shoes, probably a lot shorter. They’ll decorate a shelf rather nicely for the majority of our relationship, and they will stand as a reminder for a very specific time in my life when I lost my mind for long enough to drop that much money on sandals that will be shuffled around NYC’s dirty ass streets like very expensive (and possibly color-blocked) urban mops.

But then there is another part of me. The part that, rather than buy the item of clothing I’ve been coveting, will moan and cry and flop around and throw things and let the superficial love remain unrequited on whatever e-retailer or brick-and-mortar store is currently ruining my life. (My dad says that’s my maturity kicking in but I’m not so sure.)

To satiate that urge, however, of wanting to buy something beautiful — you know that feeling right? You have a little bit of money to play with and you want a treat, not something boring or practical. And it’s like a doughnut craving, it doesn’t go away until you finally just eat the stupid thing — I splurge on non-fashion: Coffee table books. Luxurious hand lotion. Exotic-bristled makeup brushes. Candles. (I love fancy candles so much that if I were a rapper I’d make it rain Cire Trudon wax, not dollar bills. It’s way more lux.) I love tea cups. Tea cup platesStationery. And friends. (Just kidding. I don’t buy my friends! Barneys stopped selling them a while ago.)

I once overcompensated for a bag I definitely could not own by purchasing a $100 bottle of grape seed oil that smelled like bottled divinity, and you know what? It kind of worked. Sometimes a girl just needs a self-gifted present wrapped in expensive paper imported from Morocco tied up with rare silk ribbons, you know?

Now what about you? What are your favorite non-fashion splurges?

— Amelia Diamond

  • Jen

    I would have to say skincare products. Anything that says its going to make me look younger I buy it. Some examples would be Nuface gadget and La Mer face cream.

    • Amelia Diamond

      what’s a Nuface gadget?!

      • Jen

        They call it a facial toning device. Check out the website. To see any results you have to use it everyday. http://www.myNuFace.com

    • Second this completely!

  • Jenna Calderone

    I almost always buy hardback coffee table books and anthologies when I go to the bookstore. I am as anti-Kindle as they come because I love the way they smell and the way the pages feel and the way they look on my shelf.

    • Aubrey Green

      Love the smell of books.

  • I recently bought beats by dre. I made 5 plane trips between march and now, so that was my justification. i am by far the coolest girl on the elliptical with them. i’ll also pay absurd prices for any makeup/skin/hair product … or olive oil.

    • t

      Beats are the stalest piece of embarrassment no self-respecting fashion fiend would rock.

      • 🙁

        • Stylin


        • haters gon’ hate, potaters gon’ potate. I’m out. *drops mike*

        • t is for troll! Wear yo Beats!

  • abcs

    Aesop lotion could not be more worthy of a splurge!

  • Hedgesauce

    Condiments! Creamy honey and exotic hot sauce satiate my non-fashion splurge very much so.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I don’t cook and I buy fancy herbs just to have to little bottles for my kitchen

    • Charlotte Fassler

      My fridge is 85% condiments…

    • Vi

      yasss one time i spent like $60 on honey that wasn’t even going on my face or anything just right in my mouth and it was top 5 splurges for me

      • Last month I bought an $18 jar of almond butter. I still haven’t opened it like some dress I’m “saving for a special occasion”. Special sandwich butter. It’s pathetic

        • cut

          you should open it, and eat it, PRONTO. before it goes rancid

        • Genevieve

          Best Almond butter is Massa Organics and it’s $16. Eat it or your precious Almond butter will go rancid.

          • We’re headed on vacation this week so it looks like my mom will be enjoying aaall 18 dollars of that

  • Hiphunters

    I most definitely do this too! Thank God I’m not the only one, makes me feel so much better 😉 And splurging on shoes is just normal too, right? (I amaze myself everytime I’m not afraid of three figure tag prices! What happened… next stop 4 figure stuff?) xx, Alma

  • lavieenliz

    Pressed Juice!!!!!


  • maria

    I’m obsessed with candles. Diptyque and Byredo are my faves. At the moment I have three “opened” ones. Byredo “Carrousel”, Diptyque “Noisetier” and Jo Malone “blackberry & bay” It’s crazy, I know…but I love my apartment deliciously smelling.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I don’t know this brand Byedo, where are they sold?

      • Annette Lin

        Byredo are AMAZING. Might possibly even tip Diptyque as being my favourite candle brand. Love their Peyote scent. Not sure where they’re stocked in the US but in the UK I’m pretty sure every sales assistant at Liberty has caught me hanging round.

      • maria

        I think Barneys sells Byredo. Please go and try them, you won’t regret it. Also, google Ben Gorham, the parfumer and (hot) founder of Byredo. Into the gloss also had a nice article about him.

      • Cass

        Byredo makes perfume also. I have their “gypsy water”, which I bought based solely on the name. Who DOESN’T want to smell like a gypsy?!?

  • sev2108

    Definitely beauty. I’m almost embarrassed to be a member of Sephora’s VIB rouge. It means I spent WAY too much there last year.

    • thebloginista

      Haha, I just got renewed for ANOTHER year of VIB rouge.. and it’s only June…

  • I can’t walk past a bookstore without buying a couple of new paperbacks despite the stack of unread books on my nightstand growing at an alarming rate. To make myself not feel as indulgent, I will often my mom or boyfriend a book or two while I’m at it because I figure at least then it’s not all about me and my splurge, right?!

    • Amelia Diamond

      Exactly!!! Books are the best splurge.

  • lkrisp

    Perfume, perfume, perfume. If I’m feeling particularly rich it’s always No. 9 or Les Exclusifs de Chanel.

  • BethanyBeach

    The designer perfume gift sets with the perfume, the scented lotion, roller ball… (Giorgio Armani is my personal favorite)

    • Amelia Diamond

      God I love a roller ball

  • Kelly Dickinson

    tattoos. although i guess that’s fashion in a sense. and tableware. i’m obsessed with bowls, can’t get enough!

    • Amelia Diamond

      I love bowls!

      • Kelly Dickinson

        oh yay it’s not just me! haha my co-workers/friends tease me because I literally have about a dozen different sizes/styles of bowls, but only 3 sizes of plates. what can i say, i love me a good bowl!

  • Dominique
  • I splurge on candles, tea, & hand creme. Hey it’s the little things in life right? Drinking high quality tea with a deliciously scented candle is almost heaven. :] // itsCarmen.com ☼

  • Autumn

    All the food!!!!! Sushi, fancy organic stuff that ends up tasting like shite, meats and cheeses, craft beer so I can feign uber-coolness.

  • SueK

    Luxury soap. Travel-sized toiletries. Kitchen knickknacks (oven mitts, colanders, peelers, knives, jars……what have you). BOOKS !!

  • Hermes ceramic sets, lancer skin care .

  • hermes ceramic, lancer skincare

  • Charlotte Fassler

    I guess this falls into the cosmetics range but this morning I was thinking that one of my favorite purchases I’ve made has to be my Le Labo perfume. It was obscenely expensive and feels worth every penny to me.

    I would say my other non fashion splurge would be electronics: My TV, Apple TV, Speakers, a projector, headphones you name it….

    • Amelia Diamond

      you do smell goooood char

      • Charlotte Fassler

        thanx gurl. you too.

  • Melissa

    I have never been much of a splurger but I do have one thing:
    Cable. The full package with all the premium channels. It is a ridiculously expensive monthly bill but I grew up poor and we never had TV at all so I have a sort of unhealthy obsession with TV. It is even more expensive when I actually consider how often I am even home to enjoy it.

    • Genevieve

      I’m the opposite. I don’t have cable. Just Netflix streaming and I am much much happier .

  • Amelia

    guitar classes! (they’re expensive though they’ll last a life and are an education investment – and I dont feel as guilty)

    • Amelia Diamond

      that’s so cool

  • Eyeshadow. I feel like I splurge on them just based on how pretty they look in the pan & without any thought to whether I’m actually going to use this shade.


  • Sasha Pufler

    Mugs and books. Definitely books.

  • charmystique

    Crate&Barrel for Glassware, fancy serving boards, and other random things I don’t need. Also skincare that I end up not finishing till they collect dust and expire…


  • CarlotaLMorais

    This is such an easy one for me, so it goes like this:
    1 – Appointments at the dermatologist and buying the pharmacy creams etc. that she recommends;
    2 – Makeup, I don’t won much but what I won is good quality and lasts a lifetime;
    3 – Books, a million of them waiting to be read;
    4 – Body lotions, I have way too many;
    5 – Fancy teas and gourmet cookies (YUP);
    6 – Concerts for sure;
    7 – Silver jewelry because there is nothing worse than cheap jewelry.

    But I’m trying to be more grown up now and so I’m saving to splurge on some technology, like a macbook, and a good discreet watch.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I want a good watch too!

      • CarlotaLMorais

        I like big chunky ones OR very small delicate ones, Im doing some research and so far Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Nixon and even Swatch have very good variety. As you can see my limit is 250€ ahah

        • Kari

          I’m in love with Nixon’s men’s watches. I just got the Sentry with the blue face and the Small Player in all black and love them both 🙂 I had a ladies trixie from Nixon and it lasted forever!

  • Rose

    I’m a sucker for candles, too! I love Tom Dixon’s Orientalist, and a few more niche/local brands. I also like to splurge on nice paper goods; wrapping paper, decorations, cards etc. (I pretty much can’t walk past a paper shop in NYC without going in).

    • Amelia Diamond

      wrapping paperrr <3

  • Leandra Medine

    Jonathan Adler

    • Victoria

      Jonathan Adler candles are my weakness…i work part-time at Saks Off-Fifth, when those babies hit the clearance table I buy them ALL

  • thebloginista

    Most of my splurges are non-fashion (which is sad, but I have the HARDEST time finding clothes that fit my body type, ugh). Anyway, I’m a makeup junkie. Specifically, I love high-end foundations & blushes. I bought a Tom Ford lipstick recently and was sadly underwhelmed with the shade, but I kept it because I love how fancy I feel pulling it out of my purse. I’m also getting really into facials/peels, and I’ve been addicted to highlighted hair for about a year now. Sigh. My poor bank account.

    • Amelia Diamond

      fav foundation brand that doesn’t make you breakout plz

      • thebloginista

        I’ll give you my top three since I can’t pick just one:

        1) YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation – perfect for summer because it’s SUPER lightweight & glowy,
        2) CHANEL Perfection Lumiere Velvet – the perfect satiny-matte (but not too matte) finish
        3) NARS Sheer Glow – I have nothing to say about this except it’s perfect and probably my favorite foundation of all time.

        Let me know if you try any of these out!

        • Effie

          I alternate between 2 and 3! Love them. Sometimes also Georgio Armani face fabric

  • beauty products… and food.

  • Vi

    i try to keep a very lean budget for food so i can spend all my money on other useless things that will definitely not sustain life, but will splurge for a full-blown feast – frozen drink, beer, pork buns, ramen, milk bar soft serve and all – at momofuku any day.

  • Soccer fan gear!!

  • elisabeth quinn

    Pens (but I have a problem and I don’t want to talk about it). And gelato.

    • Amelia Diamond

      good pens are the best

    • suzyd

      omg charade is the best movie

  • Grace

    diptyque candles. i’m obsessed.

  • Amelia Diamond

    you’re so right. i do also splurge on standing still, but that’s for free.

  • Tara Edie

    ANTGROPOLOGIE DISHWARE. It’s the most unhealthy addiction I have, beyond fashion of course. And the internet. And pugs.


  • Cass

    I buy La Bouquetiere french laundry powder. It smells like heaven, if heaven were only for beautiful French people. I try to use it sparingly, just on sheets, towels, delicates, etc because at $25/package + shipping from France its not practical. So worth it though.

  • Karisa Blake

    OH I for sure do this! <3 My splurges always involve pampering to justify bad days or just as often good days. "Aw, I'm feeling sad today. Better buy a rejuvenating charcoal face mask!" "Yay! I'm having a good day! Better buy this antique china tea cup!" (I'm also really into tea cups!)

  • Great post. Mine is definitely books! I buy them non-stop.

    Cup of Loveliness

  • paulavaleria

    books, candles, skincare products!

  • Lea

    I find myself buying lip products a lot of the time. I have over ten lip balms in my purse right now and my makeup bag is filled with red lipstick that I only occasionally wear. I also really like bedding, so a set of sheets, a throw pillow, or a duvet comforter puts a smile on my face.

  • Linda Kenyon

    My splurges: Pens, sketchbooks, journals (5 1/2×8″ size, to fit in my bag),nail enamel, tea. And I’m always looking for soft socks to wear inside. I know, wild stuff, but I’m happy!

  • Serrano

    I love you Amelia!

  • suzyd

    Presents! Idk why, but I love giving people presents. It’s weird. Giving someone the perfect present always brings me this immense sense of satisfaction. Also, I splurge on foods that can be made into sandwiches. And anything bicycle-related. Bicycles 4evah

  • mariaelina

    Books, magazines, natural beauty products. And gifts for my husband (mostly scale models, which he loves – and yes, he is a grown man 🙂 )

  • Food. Definitely food.

    O. R. R.

  • Jordyn

    Same! I get this feeling where if I can’t afford some expensive ass pair of shoes (that will ultimately be ruined from walking everywhere in New York City and likewise spend the rest of their lives hidden, on a shelf, at the top of my closet–RIP Margiela boots…), I will substitute it with some other unrealistically expensive thrill while I skimp on other things (like eating ramen or peanut butter on toast for the rest of the week). Hardcover coffee table books and expensive yet über-cool foreign magazines are usually my go-to. At least they’re a bit more timeless than that it-shoe/handbag/shirt/whatever that’s only really cool for a season…

    Also, very random, but I’m all for expensive, gourmet loose teas. Bellocq (based out of Brooklyn) is great.

  • Leandra Medine


  • Colleen

    Mine would be hair products. Anything to make my hair do something new to change up my look. Bangs anyone? (sidenote: it usually fails miserably)

  • habitatus

    Private pilates ( 1-on-1 sessions on the reformer/ cadillac).

  • Allison Guthrie

    decorative trays. Every surface must have a tray….

  • I recently decided I was going to get back into earrings. Yes, back. Meaning, I haven’t worn them in years but now I think they are making a serious comeback. I plan on buying really small teeny tiny miss matched ones by Sarah and Sebastian that I could probably make myself out of safety pin wire but will spend around $200, because EARRINGS AND BUYING THINGS!

  • Celeste

    food… namely my weakness for gourmet raw vegan fare..

  • Leena

    Exotic spices and le truffle oil
    Vitamins. right?
    Little knick-knacks that just sit on my desk or bed side table
    Nail poooolissshh
    Art supplies ; )

  • Home accessories! Every time I feel down and can’t afford a new handbag I go straight for vases, picture frames and tea sets.


  • anna

    whole paycheck

  • lea

    I splurge on make-up. Can never get enough of THAT!

  • Kari

    Perfume, I’m addicted.

  • Marta

    coffee table and art and architecture books!

  • thestyleside.wordpress.com

    Non-fashion splurges are like unpublished splendid meals :))

  • anenino

    I just over-eat