What is Your Anti-Resolution?

I find it borderline rude that we’re expected to begin each new year with an arbitrary and endless to-do list, penned by none other than our very own selves.

In 2013 I vowed to work out every morning, stop taking so many cabs, learn French, rebuild my art portfolio, stop going online so much, and figure out my password to the LinkedIn account I started 800 years ago then let subsequently allowed to fester before actually entering the workforce.

It is now almost 2014 and I haven’t worked out since June. I’ve transitioned from cabs to Uber, my French remains limited to $10 glasses of wine, I painted exactly one picture then sat on it, began a job where I’m online all dayand as for my LinkedIn, I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to all of my friends and colleagues whose Requests to Connect will continue to sit in LinkedIn purgatory while I yell about schools for ants instead.

That isn’t to say, however, that I didn’t accomplish anything this year. I got a lot of cool stuff done, did some growing, some learning, and I definitely feel like a better version of myself.

It just wasn’t on that suffocating list.

There’s simply no greater feeling in the world, save perhaps for cold pillows and warm towels, than having nothing to do and nowhere to be — just a wonderfully itinerary-free day that starts without alarm clock and ends without threat of the next morning’s call time. That’s how I plan to start 2014: with no agenda.

And why not, right? After crushing the New Years Eve dance floor like it’s a glittering snowball in July, why not simply write “exist” on the proverbial To Do List of January 1. An awful lot of awesome things fall under that category, and come 2015 no one will be able to say you didn’t accomplish the resolution of existing. It’s sort of a non-resolution. It’s about not getting caught up in the details and dissatisfaction of an item uncrossed from the list but rather the joy of letting ourselves be surprised.

But there’s also a lot of fun and satisfaction in anti-resolutions. For example, in 2014 I resolve to not get hit by a car whole crossing the street. I tend to find that manageable. I also resolve to not run a 5k, to not develop a nervous tick, to not grow a unibrow and I certainly resolve to not take up the strange sport of paddle-surfing down Seventh Avenue.

Now what’s your anti-resolution? Have at it in the comments, go wild, and throw me your best one liners of that which you plan to do — or not do — come 2014. Throw some confetti in there too. Also tell me/show me what you’re wearing tomorrow night so I can copy you. Quick, before the ball drops!

Photo by Nicole Anne Robbins

  • s

    I resolve to not be anxious about student loans, not give my love away for free, and not hate my body.

  • I resolve not to overthink things 😀


  • My to do list hahaha includes going to the gym. I need the list to keep on track.. Now, tell me if it wasn’t on your list would you have gone until June??!!! That is six whole months of exercise!!! Well done!

    As for some evening wear inspiration what about a vintage dress? I am seriously considering wearing my mother’s vintage Guy Laroche dress…


    Happy New Year!!




  • Stop visiting MR.

    (as in: I am not going to, duh)

  • katie

    A gem of a post. I resolve to not get hit by a moving vehicle and not do anything too stupid.

  • CDJ

    I’m going to keep my immune system bumpin’ by CONTINUING to bite my nails. Call it gross, call it unsanitary, or call it me getting just enough bacteria to build up my immune system and fight off colds/flus/fevers before they even hit me. Knock on wood, I am never sick, and I think that nail biting, combined with a house that stays a balmy 58°F in the winter, is the reason why. Do you think I’m gross now?

    • Quinn Halman

      Maybe the best thing I’ve ever read in the comments, ever

      • CDJ

        I mean I’m no doctor, but I think I am onto something here.

        • Quinn Halman

          I’m a doctor’s daughter so I have this thing where I think I kind of am too, I got your back

          • Amelia Diamond

            you guys <3

          • CDJ

            well that knocking on wood did shit because i find myself bed-ridden for the past two days with either mono or strep. THIS NEVER HAPPENS. i’m not saying it’s a coincidence i get sick after not biting my nails for two weeks due to a gel manicure…but i’m not not saying it either.

  • a.n.a.l.u

    I think is easier to build an anti-resolution list, the things we must avoid and maybe don´t be to harsh with ourselves. I got a looong list to post here! hahha


    • Amelia Diamond

      post it!

  • Loma Sernaiotto

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one ignoring new year’s resolutions at all. I never accomplish my to do list and I end up feeling guilty and frustrated over the things I haven’t done instead of feeling great and blessed over the things I did! Amazing post <3

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Dee

    My anti-resolution is to not stop drinking coffee!

  • Not get preggo.

    (But I really mean it.)

    • Leandra Medine


  • I resolve to not spam your comment system on Sundays.

    “Blue Pumps” new post on:

    • Amelia Diamond

      we love the comments!

  • Leandra Medine

    I resolve to not give up white, red, rose colored wine. Also, I will use the treadmill more frequently — but only as a selfie prop. I might also start planting patches of baby powder around my mom’s apartment in curious places so she is forced to believe my youngest, sweetest, most innocent brother tangos with cocaine.

  • Quinn Halman

    I want to keep becoming the young woman I am. I (hope to) will gain more confidence, do my fucking homework, and make good decisions in all aspects of my life. Oh and in the near future, when I’m wearing something worth capturing, give my girl CDJ a shoutout on Instagram, for giving me the boost I needed to post it (remember that instagram cogitation?), send Amelia more emails when I can’t focus, and make my dog a viral sensation!!!!

    • CDJ

      YOU GO GIRL! I am also trying to make my dog a viral sensation. I suggest you participate in my alternative to TBT, #TASWYDT (take a selfie with your dog thursday) that way you can showcase your amazing outfit or socks AND YOUR DOG.

  • Sarah

    Thank you for this.

  • My list is so long. I enjoy writing it but also relish beating myself up for not accomplishing it.

    I like the sound of..

    1. exist
    the end


  • Rachael Kilgour

    I resolve to buy a dog in the first week of January so that I can get involved in #TASWYDT’s…

  • Kat

    I resolve to carry on being me, to go to bed and sleep at the end of each day and to allow myself to have a birthday this year.

    Great post – and happy new year x


  • Individually Abby

    Love this post. A great resolution for each year.


  • I resolve not to immediately try to fix/figure out something when my husband says “Honey, I can’t figure this out, can you look at it?” Role reversal…I know.

  • ienard118

    I resolve to kick ass.

    (And my outfit to ring in the New Year is kick ass as well, so I’m basically already there.)

  • Cherie James

    Love, love your non-resolution resolution! Mine is to let the laundry pile up if there is anything remotely better to do. Check out my blog to see what I’m going to wear tonight. It’s Stylenudge.com. By the way love your blog!

  • Sir Something

    My (anti) resolution for 2012 was to “not f*cking kill myself.” I’m still alive at the end of 2013, so I apparently kept this anti-resolution.

  • Alyssa Lyon

    I actually wish I stuck to my lists more often. I always abandon them the day of their creation. Seriously. I would be so much further in life if I could just focus on achieving my goals rather than procrastinating and crumpling up all of my poor little lists out of frustration when not even #1 gets crossed off. Here’s to a new year filled with life, love, and a lack of laziness… !


  • I aim to finish reading my big box of half-read books and to thrift more often! 🙂

  • I aim to donate blood in a blood donation drive and find out what are the shops that are selling the cheapest.

  • Andrea

    YES I love this! (Minus the shaving part haha)

  • Celeste

    To not get Pancake Ass! Which might be a resolution cloaked as anti-resolution? Nonetheless, fighting that flat office chair butt til the end.