What Does the Future of Eyebrow Trends Look Like?

Are they zig-zaggety? If Daria says jump, we’ll ask how high.

  • Yohi

    No eyebrows; instead there will be a diademe that covers our eyes like in star trek. I also bet that each man repeller has done that when young.

    • Kate Barnett

      what’s a diademe? do you mean like geordi’s on The Next Generation?

      • Yohi

        Hey Kate,
        Diademe is this half round thing you put on your head to put your hair back. Do you remember in Star Strek, there was this dude who had it in front of his eyes…?
        Yeh I am kinda of a fashionable men repeller nerd 😀
        Anyway diademe is a French word (if you’ll google it, somewho Tiara’s will show up. Je ne sais pas pourquoi 🙂

        • Yohi

          Yes exacly! Geordie. I loved that look as a kid haha

  • I hope not. My won’t!

  • Laura

    Bedazzled eyebrows, called something like “the eyebrazzled look”. Personally, I like the Spock or even Frida Kahlo look.


  • eva

    curled at the end

  • Amatoria

    Hahaha! YES!!!

  • I’m still holding out for the Frida Khalo trend.

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