What Do Your Recent Emojis Say About You?

Where we used to emote, now we emoj. I mean this in the literal sense as I have developed the ability to transform my own face into the frowning cat or mustached man of the Emoji keyboard. You probably have too or at least have a friend who can.

In Tuesday’s post on the now ubiquitous smiley app and our generation’s penchant for using the icons in favor of words, one commenter mentioned something that I talk about on a far-too-often basis which is:

What do our recently used emojis say about us?

But before we can self-analyze, it’s important to define the meaning behind each emoji in and of itself. Take mine in the above picture, for example…

Dancing twin girls: An emoji standard. If you don’t have this in your recents well, I’m not sure if we can be friends. It means everything from “Yay!” to “Dance dance!” to “I don’t have a good response to the strange thing you just told me so here!”

Red heart, face with heart eyes, and pink heart: The pink heart was a typo so it’s irrelevant. The red heart is almost as standard as the dancing twins and everyone knows that heart-eyed emoji is for commenting on Instagram when someone posts a beautiful pair of shoes.

Fire: I was either telling a friend she was on fire or that I wanted to set her on fire, probably the latter.

Hallelujah hands: Also known as the Jay Z Hova Hands, these are often used when I need to say “preach,” or “hell yes,” but forget how to spell.

Princess: It was someone’s birthday, obviously. I am thoughtful.

Bunny: Non-holiday usage of the bunny means you have a habit of calling others “bunny,” maybe because you forget their name and plugged them into your phone as “friend from camp,” or because you understand the adorableness of baby rabbits in general.

Sailboat: Does this one need explanation? Sailboats are cool.

The trophy: Ahh, the trophy. The trophy is used when handing out superlatives (for example, my friend Danielle won Amelie’a Favorite Friend of the Week award for acknowledging a good hair day I was having and tweeting about it). It can also be used when you want more than a glass of wine but not quite the whole bottle.

The widemouthed toothy face: “Eek.” Or, “Oops.” Or, “Brushed my teeth, see??”

All the other faces I’ve used and the “okay” hand are fairly self-explanatory. As for the pointing up finger, I use that one almost every single day to call someone out on the Insta.

Now, what do all of these emojis say about me? Oh, I don’t know, maybe that I’m a boat-cruisin’ trophy sippin’ Hova handin’ son of a gun. The more important and interesting question is obviously: what do yours say about you?

Screen shot your emojersons, upload them in the comments and then have a field day with self analyzation.

And if you do, in fact, want to tell me what mine mean, feel free. I love nothing more than internet therapy.

  • Alyssa Coscarelli

    clearly, i’ve been on an emotional roller coaster. which makes sense because i just finished my period (we can say that on here, right?). the heart and dancing girls are standard. and i mean, it’s fall, red lips are classic, and i’m always gettin’ money.

    p.s. thanks for taking a weird-face photo with me at Bloomie’s last night.

  • My recent emojis are kinda creepy right now because I wished someone good luck yesterday via an emoji infant sacrifice. Normally it’s just lips and hearts and cheeseburgers though.

    • Amelia Diamond

      This post just made my week.

    • Amatoria Clothing

      Jessi!!! LOL I love you so hard!

  • Guest

    The red dancing lady is as essential as the twinsies… And the sneaker is obviously for my sweet MR Supergas. Usually I have the punching hand but I guess I haven’t felt the need to punch anyone today. Yet.

  • Lauren DiPrenda

    I feel the red dancing lady is as essential as the twinsies… And the sneaker is for my sweet red velvet MR supergas.

  • Looks like I’m a genuinely happy person except that one time…and my arm is still sore from golf practice (hence the polo shirt too.)

    • Elizabeth

      Looks like I’m sprung for my dude and waiting on that Bling. I am moderately underwhelmed by my surrounding at times. Pizza and coffee are obvious staples of life.

    • Amelia Diamond

      you know i have never used the tv or the polo shirts ever.

  • rhiarhia

    For me the trophy is more “I win!” as in I was the first person to get to the restaurant, I told the best joke, I have the best shoes, etc. The bus is for constantly being stuck on the bus in traffic, and the gun, music and pill are things I need to deal with the bus and life in general. All versions of the bugged eyeballs are for when I just woke up and oh shit I need to leave the house in 10 minutes (the ZZZ goes with that, too). Variations on rain, water dripping, etc are illustrations of the fact that I live in Seattle.

  • Leandra Medine

    Most prominently, I have a lot of love to give and enjoy to send radioactive firewaves and party hats at people. Third most, I love to dance. I guess I want a baby – or a mustache – I believe in peace. I’m shocked. That went A-OK. Cut my hair! Pencil me in. Please don’t shoot, said the monkey. Who you pointing fingers at? I can’t look. Loony balloony, give me a kiss…or a high five? I can’t talk. Just write me.


  • L

    I had a crisis earlier today. I’ve always assumed the the two hands touching were “praying hands.” But then I realized what if it is supposed to be two hands high-fiving? I panicked and texted everyone asking for an interpretation. What if I’ve been emoting the wrong thing all along?!?

    Glad you liked my comment from Tuesday!

    • Amelia Diamond

      it’s prayer hands! i don’t believe the high-five theory.

      • Nora

        they are applauding! there’s another set of hands that is obvioulsy praying already… I use them so much. They are saying “well done!”.

  • This is an incredible article. I’ll be analyzing myself all night thanks to you.

  • KH

    I love this!
    Laughing / crying face is my most used by far! The dollar bag will be my reply to the above text about weddings, the punch is when someone is hilarious and/or witty!
    The open eyes or gritted teeth go with the gun – usually when I read someone’s instagram post about being a ‘fashion blogger / consultant’ which seems to happen every day lately!

    Ps – we need emoticon usage in these comment fields!

  • Amatoria Clothing

    Wishful thinking. Kill Santa, go on vacation. Hashtag Retail.

  • curious
  • Lucia Coll Pons

    The red dancing lady is my favorite, of course. She’s essential to end any conversation where you have the last word, or right after a long statement where you are obviously right. She is like “Olé!”.

  • Andrew

    My emojis say “You’re a Shoshanna, through and through”.

  • Angie

    Well….let’s call this a Japanese emotional roller coaster……

  • Angie

    Let’s say I can call mine a Japanese emotional roller coaster!

  • Susana

    Why is the poop emoji not on everybody’s recents??? It’s the only reason I installed the damned app..

  • Charlotte Fassler

    Twins and HOVA hands are a must. Don’t know why I used the baby… The cat is usually somewhere on there because my dexterity on an iphone isn’t awesome and I was most likely trying to hit the princess face that lives next to the smiling cats to send to an obnoxious friend.
    SOMEONE, help me analyze!

  • Lala