What Do You Think This Girl’s Day Was Like?

Remember this girl? She won the London Fashion Week superlative for “Most Dedicated to her Outfit.” Clearly, the shoes were not merely a final afterthought but rather the very things that inspired her look (lewk) from the shin upwards in the first place. Those shoes were the outfit.

Changing the broken footwear mid-day would have been admitting defeat, like announcing a recipe didn’t work or a painting didn’t come out the way one intended. Instead, this solo-heeled woman soldiered on with a limp rivaling the gate of a 90’s rapper: the kind of staggered, hip-dropping stride that parallels a music-video-car bobbing in slow motion from hydraulics. Pimp my walk for the year 2014.

Behind pure vanity also clearly strides purpose — this woman wasn’t carrying on with cramped calves and a wobbling ankle for the sake of Tommy Ton. She had somewhere to be. But can’t you imagine the horror she faced when she realized her heel broke? “Shit” has probably never found more appropriate context (outside of the bathroom, at least) than in the snapping sound of her once-grounded support system. The same could be said for “faaaaaaaahk” when said support was an expensive pair of shoes.

Did she attempt to shove the heel back on? Maybe with a wad of gum, a foraged nail?

I broke a shoe during fashion week once, but the idea of fixing it on the go sounded too much like a DIY project or some bad list-y article (10 Ways to Prepare for NYFW Like a Pro!) so I went home to change. But this woman looks too cool to care about emergency resources; she was attending a fashion show after all, not a cub scout convention. Yet unlike me, she soldiered on and worked that half heel like a Grace Kelly up-do.

Still…one question remains: what do you think the rest of this girl’s day was like? Or maybe an even better thing to ask is: what would you have done?

Image via Style.com

  • Jacqueline

    Confidence epitomized! She IS fabulous.

  • Fishmonkey

    I would’be broken off the other heel, to be honest. But she does look amazing, and mid-stride that heel looks almost intentional.

  • Karen Liesens

    Her day must have been aweful, or at least I would have felt aweful! I would probably pass by the nearest shoe shop to buy a new pair.

    x Karen

  • Charlotte Fassler

    I endured this one time when I was not coherent enough to recall the struggles, only that I found my heel in my coat pocket the next morning.
    However I did have the whole front strap of my shoe break while walking on the west side highway (this was also the night I dropped my fake ID in the road— and probably why I do not wear heels out) and I decided to refasten it using a hair tie as i hobbled hoping no one would notice.

    This girl was snapped making it look super easy.

    • Wow yeah I agree she looks like any other street (style) walker out there! Excellent, excellent execution.

  • Marie Jensen/NEMESIS, BABE

    I stood next to her at one point, and she didn’t seem that bummed about it at all – she loved the shoes, so wearing them with or without that heel didn’t matter.. and she said, she had been a ballet dancer once, so she was used to walking on her toes 🙂 She wore the shoes all day!


    • Marie….hey! I love, love, love your blog and have been following it for years.
      I am actually traveling to Denmark this summer and am so excited to experience the Danish style in person. It’s really where all of this sneaker madness in the fashion industry was started, no? You guys have been into cool kicks for years.

      And thanks for this insider tidbit unto The Lady With One Heel! She definitely seems to have that very disciplined attitude of a dancer, which is to say she certainly excels at grace under pressure.

  • Andrew

    If I was her, I would have jumped onto the catwalk, tackled Joan Smalls, taken her shoes, and then returned to my seat happy with a completely functional pair of heels. But that’s just me.

  • I hope she changed shoes soon afterwards…


  • oyoy

    I once showed up to work (Lehman Brothers, AHEM) wearing a different shoe on each foot. It wasn’t a fashion statement. It was just a Monday morning followed by a boozy Sunday.

    And only realised at my 11am meeting.

    And no one told me.

    So I brought the f**kers down.

  • All I know is that I want to be her friend.

  • I hope it ended with a very, very hot man giving her the foot rub to end all foot rubs.

  • I would have yelled “I am NOT “D” for this!!!” and call it a day.

  • pinkschmink

    I went to the movies once in a pair of vintage shoes that I was completely in love with, but they were already a little unstable so I probably shouldn’t have been surprised when one of the heels came clean off as I walked into the cinema. It was one of the big ones in Leicester Square so there was a pretty epic and excruciatingly embarrassing walk to the screen. I carefully prised the other one off during the ads, and left in a pair of shoes that sort of resembled those Ottoman slippers with the curled-up toe.

    I’m pretty sure that the heel breaking off at the point was actually a warning – we went to see the second Sex and the City movie, and we all know how that went down … :-/

  • Georgia Kelly

    I think this girl is one brave chick! there is nothing worse than breaking a heel, add that with a designer price tag and you’ve got one serious fashion malfunction. Hats off to her for finding the courage to trooper on. Girl, I salute you.
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  • Ana González

    I admire that girl with the broken shoe!