What Collection Made You Fall In Love With Fashion?

I loved fashion in the way many young girls “love fashion.” Which is to say, I enjoyed going shopping, buying new clothes, looking at the pictures in Vogue and then tearing pages out for my wall without considering designer credits or who styled what.

At the time, very few actual designers as opposed to brand names existed in my personal Rolodex of information. I knew fashion’s equivalent of the Big Ten — mainstream labels that everyone knew and “liked” despite full knowledge of the houses’ actual aesthetic — but remained unaware of the whole world that existed just below its pop-fashion counterpart.

It wasn’t until I discovered Dries Van Noten that I really started to understand what beautiful clothes meant — truly, heartbreakingly beautiful fashion as opposed to trendy styles.

Now, when I say I “discovered” Dries Van Noten, it wasn’t as if I was some early pioneer of the industry’s up-and-comers, a secret scout to Anna Wintour responsible for discovering emerging new talent. Mr. Van Noten wasn’t new either. He was a veteran at the time of my “discovery,” a local native on the shores of an America that I had more or less dubbed India. Little did I know he’d soon become my gateway into the sphere of designers who essentially daylight as artists.

With Style.com as my explorer’s ship and an intern supervisor as my captain (because in all fairness this was a research project and I was supposed to be looking at recent trends) I clicked the three-tiered last name as if it were my alarm clock’s snooze button but what I found opened my eyes: Van Noten’s Fall 2010 collection in all its heavy silked, quasi-equestrian glory.

Those riding jackets! Pinched at the waist to reveal a women’s shape they simultaneously evoked military menswear of a Belgian chevalier. Watercolor florals marked silk skirts like ink stains, and where such bottoms would more commonly find themselves in a ballroom this man named Dries had paired them with sweatshirts. There were swaths of leopard fur and perfect-fit trousers, Midas-touched blazers and coats that for the first time taught me outerwear could, in fact, be a main focus.

I was in love. Madly, deeply in love. This was fashion.

Now what was your moment?

— Amelia Diamond

Images via Vogue.com

  • ashleymaciejewski

    Alexander Wang S/S ’10 in all it’s “strippers playing football” glory. Most importantly, the corset-laden sweatshirt. SIgh.

    • An

      One of my all-time favorites. I snagged the long trench vest with the silk pockets on eBay for $45!

  • Meredith

    Alexander McQueen Fall 2009. Hands down.

  • sam

    When I “discovered” Balmain and Versace Atelier I fell in love with fashion. Their clothing is as if the only goal in mind while making it was to make a woman feel exquisite and adored. Can’t get enough.

  • Edgardo

    Marc Jacobs for Vuitton Spring/Summer 2007

  • runway2street

    McQueen all the way!

  • pinkschmink

    Gucci fall 2006. That gold lamé pant suit still haunts my dreams. But I think what I love most about being in love with fashion is that I still get that feeling. At least once a season, at least one collection has me falling in love all over again.

    • An

      One of mine as well! That was the golden era of fashion, I feel like. Everyone was in the right place at the right time!

  • Katie Turner

    McQueen was definitely my “gateway designer”. After his fall 2009 collection, I found myself addicted to fashion and I haven’t stopped since! Now I’m studying fashion business in Chicago!

  • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

    The very first were Lacroix and Claude Montana in the mid 80-ies (I was interested in fashion since I was 6!). Two different styles but I love them both. Then I fell out of love with fashion until I saw Prabal Gurung’s Fall/Winter 2013-14 collection!

  • i dressed up as yves saint laurent for a french project in 8th grade and tried to explain to my class the concept of “le smoking.” nobody got it, as expected.

    • Sarah Fentem

      Do you have a picture? PLEASE say you have a picture! PLEASE! 😀

  • Guest


  • Cat

    Proenza Schouler Spring/Summer 2011 and Raf Simons’ last collection for Jil Sander were life changing.

  • Katie Persichilli

    Viktor and Rolf Spring 2008 – It was the first time I was like “wtf does this even mean?!”
    It was the first time I had a question about fashion and truly wanted to find an answer.

  • Andrew

    Dior Couture Spring 2011. It was the most amazing moment when Karlie Kloss opened the show in this amazing red and black ombré coat and these huge eyebrows. I felt like my heart was going to explode into a million little pieces of chiffon. Ever since then, I’ve had a soft spot for Galliano.

    • That’s my favorite dramatic show too.

  • Leandra Medine

    Luella point blank I LOVED LUELLA SO MUCH

  • Charlotte Fassler

    Alexander McQueen hands down. The idea that one must master the technicalities of craftsmanship in order to properly deconstruct and innovate really resonated with me.

  • Marie Jensen

    Baleciaga FW07 – I fell in love with the hockey/robot/lego like heels as soon as is saw the first shot of the collection. And those military like jackets. And I’ll never forget the white tribal make-up. Looking back at the collection, I’m not as into it as I used to be, but it surely was what kept me going back to style.com season after season!

    Marie from http://www.nemesisbabe.dk

  • ashton

    Chloe and Marni fall 2007. Fireworks. The most sartorially influencing fireworks as far as my style canon is concerned

  • kimair

    prada spring 1996. all those wacky colors and geometric shapes mixed together seemed something from the 70s gone horribly wrong when i first saw it, but somehow it worked. it was also when also fell hard for carolyn murphy’s short pixie and cut my hair the same way.

  • My first love was Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2011, the super feminine all white collection. That was when I first started look through runway photos. I was checking out that season’s shows and JPG’s equestrian Hermes took my breaths away. I did my whole high school French project on that collection.

  • Chanel’s SS06 collection. I remember viewing it for the first time as if it were yesterday. It was all mod-like and themed around John Lennon’s song “Love.”

    Positively resplendent.


  • Gabriela Yosefina

    Balmain Spring 2009 led me to style.com and the rest is (my) history.

  • rjt

    Balenciaga 04 always sticks out to me… I would still die to own any one of those iconic coats. Clearly the only thing 13 year old me had good taste in was runway shows considering I think my favorite outfit at the time was a bootcut jeans/ faux vintage tee combo.

  • Sarah Fentem

    2007 was to fashion what 1969 was to rock music. So many classics!! Balenciaga, Prada and ESPECIALLY BOTTEGA VENETA’S collection with the little paper shirtdresses. When I imagine myself getting married, it’s always in the ticking-stripe gown from SS.

  • Sarah Fentem

    Also, I think the Dries sweatshirt with that heartbreaking purple skirt had more of an effect on how women dress now than anyone has ever admitted. People sort of point to Isabel Marant (and Jenna Lyons) to credit for that “high-low mix” (ugh, dreadful term), but DVN did it so well and that shot of Jac Jagaciak was in every single magazine I read that summer.

    • Amelia Diamond

      Oh good call on this one!

  • G. G.

    This is more of a “I had to share it with people who understand fashion” comment, but last night I was at a major department store looking at jewelrey and overheard a sales person telling a customer “These House of Harlow necklaces were designed by Nina Ricci. She is Lionel Ritchie’s daughter.” It gave me the giggles.

  • The first time a designer literally made me gasp was when I saw Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 1999 presentation. When I saw the dress in person at the MET exhibit, I was speechless.

  • An

    Mine was Marc Jacobs F/W ’06. Still gives me the goosies. Not too long after that was Balenciaga’s “robot” collection for S/S ’07. Nicolas 4ever.

  • Jas

    That is one of my favorite shows, but I think the AHA moment was Raf Simon’s collection for Jil Sander SS08.

  • HeatherBlanarik

    My first full fashion collection that i fell in love with was designed by my mom in 1977 for my Second Grade Back to School Fall Collection. She made me pants, skirts, jackets and tops in my favorite fabrics and styles. oh how i loved being unique.
    My love of fashion came from her and the creations she would make for me. One of my favorite pieces of all time was a skirt she made for me when I was in 1st Grade. It was just a fabric remnant, red cordurory with a cowboy print. There was just enough for a skirt for me when she added a 2 inch red elastic waistband. I mixed in a red ribbed sweater turtleneck, red tights and brown mary janes. oh and not to forget the red grosgrain ribbons in my pony tails.
    Through out the years she continued to create at my whim including 3 prom gowns and a handful of semi formal gowns.
    How wonderful it was to have my very own designer/seamstress that would create for me.
    I am currently on the hunt for fabric to recreate that red corduroy skirt. and maybe a black brocade along with it? Mom what are you up to this weekend?

  • Edgardo Vásquez

    Dior Couture Spring 2006 The French Revolution Collection!, it still amazes me

  • Moira

    This question made me giggle…because the memory I have is of Isaac Mizrahi doing a basic T with a huge ball gown skirt. It was in Vogue, I remember it so clearly. I was a Vogue devotee, but when I saw that pic I thought “that’s cool, who did that?” And I’ve never stopped asking that.

  • Hudson Berry

    Alaia. I googled Alaia the first time I ever watched Clueless. Forever in debt to Amy Heckerling for so many reasons.

  • I have to say when I read that mismatching is in style in a big way, I was all in! This let me utilize my wardrobe and not worry about matching to a “T”. Woohoo!! I’m all about tank tops (yes in Northern MN) with either a very low cut shirt or button down shirt that’s open. Stripes caught my creative colorful eyes!