What Are A Few Of Your Favorite Things…That Give You Anxiety?

Raindrops on whatsits and beetles on bacon, five dollar footlongs and elfen Clay Aiken. Koala bears made out of buffalo wings, these are a few of my favorite things…

Ah yes, everyone’s favorite childhood song straight from the voice of a young Julie Andrews. I may have gotten a few of the words wrong but I’m already on a roll here so let’s not digress.

In considering a few of our favorite things — a sort of tradition around this time of year as we begin to plan our fall wardrobes and our imminent holiday wish lists — we at Team MR realized we’d each developed a tick similar to that of Anthony DeMartino (the history professor on Daria known for his bulging right-eye) whenever someone claimed one of our favorites as theirs too. Even worse than the favorite-stealer, however, is when someone doesn’t understand your favorite thing. Or when they think they do, but they have it all wrong.

Oh cruel world! Is there anything more agonizing then the responsibility of having a favorite — when you love something so much that it becomes a burden on your thoughts as though it’s a child of your womb on her first day of kindergarden?

Take, for example, a pair of light blue Marc by Marc cropped pants with zippers on them that Charlotte received while in seventh grade. No one understood the concept of flooded pants during a time when flared jeans were all the rage, but then, a few years later, the exact style she’d made her own became an omnipresent staple at Urban Outfitters. Never underestimate the fury of a seventh grader scorned.

Leandra had a thing about her grammar school, which turned into a shul on certain holidays and opened its doors to non-school members for religious services. Leandra had to endure the heart-stabbing pain of her cousins rushing in like they owned the place yet didn’t even know the secret back stairs to use. This was her school, not theirs. They just didn’t get it.

I became completely obsessed with the movie Across the Universe and tried to watch it with my stupidly large group of girlfriends one evening after everyone had drank too many margaritas. My frustration was paramount to that of screaming in a dream but no sound comes out as they ignored every nuance I tried to point out: “Guys look! That homeless man singing is actually the same artist who covered this very Beatles song that played in the opening credits of The Wonder Years.” No one cared. NO ONE.

Now that we’ve gotten that off our chests — and believe me, we have a lot more, like I cut paragraphs and paragraphs of favorite things that gave or still give us anxiety — but because this is the Cogitation Station it just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t turn the mic over to you.

So tell us, what are some things (clothes, songs, movies, TV shows, places, a discovery, anything!) that give you anxiety because you love them/it so damn much?

Or, if you prefer, add on your own lyrics to the above and maybe we can petition Julie Andrews to release a new version of the song.

Actually just do both. It’s hump day. WOO!

  • Joelle Carey

    None of my friends understand my undying love of Ron Burgandy and the gang. Anchorman is my very favourite. At a part once a girl said that it was the stupidest movie she’s ever seen and I didn’t know whether to punch her in her stupid mouth or put on my channel 4 jammies and go to bed in a crying ball. Needless to say, my boyfriend talked me through it but now whenever I see her I realize how much respect I lost for her that night. Rant over.

    • alejandra

      You should of told that smelly pirate hooker to go back to her home on whore island.

  • Rebeca

    I got bangs about 5 years ago, right before they started popping up everywhere. Anyways, I’m from a not so big town and around a year after I got them EVERYONE started getting bangs. I hated it. Bangs were MY thing, though they didn’t look as good on anyone else as they did on me 😉

    • Edie

      I think you and my mum must share a psychic superpower. And although I love her to the ends of the earth, so far I’ve been way too anxious to accept her trailblazing suggestions. Needless to say, when the 2-3 year mark swings around there’s a lots of “I told you so” (her) and retrospective whining (me).

  • Lynn

    Writing on CD’s… I get so anxious thinking of the perfect thing to write to sum up the playlist that I just masterfully created.

  • Allison

    big brother. no one will ever get it. it’s like a sport! a real sport! with strategy! with a healthy mix of trash, but it isn’t alllll trash ya know? Also watching movie previews. And Pretty Little Liars as a feminist.

  • Curvily NYC

    My best friend is not a fashion person, but she always manages to predict the trends about 2-3 years in advance, particularly with her hair. Her fade, mohawk, and honey blonde fro all were unique when she was rocking them, but became ubiquitous long after she’d moved on.
    For me, favorite movies give me anxiety. When I was dating, I used to screen prospects by watching their reactions to Shawn of the Dead, O Brother Where Art Thou, and Snatch. I’d cringe when guys didn’t get them or missed the best parts, and then weeded them out. It worked – my husband loves all three 🙂

  • My husband wears his shoes in the house…right after I’ve Swiffer’d, vacuumed and polished our wood floors. I go from 0-60 in 1 second and demand he takes the shoes off then he alsways does thr same thing, he claims he didn’t mess anything up but I SEE the shoe prints on the floor! I almost broke a window once because of this. Now I’m getting pretty anxious just thinking about it. Namaste

    • oh and of course this is because cleaning is one of my favorite things…ahhhh cleaning 🙂

  • Freyja’s Dream

    Depeche Mode! I’ve had a really bad anxiety attack right before they came on stage, thought that I might actually spend the evening at the ER…
    They have this great ability to make me go bananas and start explaining to everyone in the car about this song that just came up on the radio and then continue going on and on about them.

    • ckg

      I ADORE Depeche Mode too! But my husband doesn’t get them (and he’s English).

  • I adore Battlestar Galactica. I’ve seen it only 3 times so far (things to see, people to do) and I am already officially a Nugget (i.e. a pilot trainee, because I already have the BSG dog tags), but any time I write about it on my blog, I get no response. The only other person (apart from my husband) sharing my total enthusiasm lives in Helsinki, told me about the series in the first place and knows what I am talking about when I frak. But every one else must be shaking their collective heads in wonder. (or is it because I haven’t seen Sex and the city? Don’t know.)

  • Anon non


  • Mattie Kahn

    Introducing close friends from one social reality to close friends from another and desperately hoping they love each other as much as I love each of them.

  • Ben Folds. None of my friends or boyfriend understand the love I possess for Ben Folds’ music. But at the same time, I kind of don’t want them to.

  • Amatoria Clothing

    When someone doesn’t appreciate the movie “The Godfather”… (all three of them)… it kills me a little bit inside.

  • thechicseeker

    Shoes, shoes and glorious shoes! Is it just me or can shoe shopping make you genuinely believe you suffer from severe anxiety? Sometimes when faced with a choice of two (or more!) beautiful pairs of shoes, I get so nervous I’m going to make a dreadful mistake and end up choosing the wrong pair that I spend hours (or even days) feeling anxious and in turmoil!

  • Jacqueline Fauquier

    A lot of people don’t really get my love do Kid Robot figures. Toys? Uhhhh, I don’t think so…. “Oh, you have cute little toys….” (Followed by awkward silence.) They are toys designed by famous and emerging graphic designers thank you very much. And please don’t put the tiny top hat on the wizard… It doesn’t belong there, ok?

  • Celeste

    One. Direction.