Well…What Did You Get?
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Christmas is historically a tricky day for me.

I suffer from a spectacularly steady case of FOMO and for as long as I’ve known myself, the theory has gone that every time I am wished a merry christmas, an avalanche of misplaced pleasantries are projected unto the well wisher’s unknowing Jewish brethren.

I am always the Jewish brethren.

Though Amelia explained earlier this month that I might actually be the real hero of Christmas, (it was my duty as a child to keep the truth about Santa’s fallibility a secret for the believers and guess what? I did it,) I just can’t shake off how…left out I feel when December 24th rolls around and I’m left with no one but a man taking my order over the phone at one of the three only kosher (and open) Chinese food joints in New York. Don’t get me wrong, it is always beautiful — nothing jerks at my large intestine quite like a substantial helping of vegetable lo mein — but there is no egg nog, there is no tree, yes there is a television channel called Yule Log which plays a fake fire place all night but where’s the spirit, damnit?

In trying to appease my FOMO, I have come up with just one solution and it requires your help.

So, now that you’ve had two days to let your vast Christmas presents sink in, I really, really, really must know WHAT DID YOU GET!?!?!? In order to feel more included, I will not lie to you and say that I didn’t buy me anything. I bought a Dries van Noten mens shirt with a huge shiny embellishment down the right side of the shirt. If your imagination is feeling up to it, I’d like you to picture my nipple having birthed the Oriental-style purple and silver and glittery embroidery then maybe we can all laugh together but not before you tell me WHAT YOU GOT FOR CHRISTMAS.

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Stella McCartney blazer at left, blouse at right. 

If the answer is nothing, might I suggest you visit SSENSE, where things are 70% off and you are therefore liable to own at least one nice thing that help you ring in what inevitably comes next? A chip off the old block? Another year, another jumpsuit?


(title image via Vogue Paris)

  • Hi, Leandra!
    Christmas was really, really nice this year but also kinda too warm, so I think we’re both even on not feelin’ the spirit. Kudos to people in Australia and surrounding countries where Xmas is a summer holiday. I don’t think I could ever do that.
    In terms of what I received. From my parents I got a GPS watch (for running – it shows distance and pace per mile — woot woot), and a subscription to the Paris Review! I think the Paris Review subscription was my favorite present! I also received a little $$ from various family members, and I already went shopping yesterday. I purchased a vintage bag (only $7.95) that is very lady-like, so now I feel obligated to be a lady, which I am SO not in my current state (think sneakers and denim cutoffs errday). I plan on purchasing the Nora Ephron anthology with the money as well.
    From my brothers, Henry and Will, I received a pair of Pajamas. They are quite sophisticated. I unfortunately did not get anything for them because I feel like I’ve put up with enough on-command farting from them for the majority of my life and thus get a pass on having to spend the money I earn babysitting, on them.

    Your Dries xmas presents look beautiful, Leandra!

  • Skyler

    The silver holographic Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. (Very Nasty Gal of me. I’m sorry.) and then a boatload of Forever 21. Happy New Year if I don’t comment before then!

  • Melanie

    Christmas was a trip to NYC and a simple Atlas necklace from Tiffany’s. I mostly travel around Europe because my family lives in Belgium and France, but NYC was very nice and so beautiful! I treated myself to some quality makeup at Bergdorfs (since even their sale was too much to afford, oh the woes of being a fifteen year old with a love of couture.) My stocking was filled with chocolate, a bit of Chanel makeup, and a stash of cash for online shopping. It was a very different, non-traditional Christmas, but fun and adventurous at the same time!

  • I bought a bustier coral+hot pink cocktail dress at BR. A tweed skirt. A JCrew sweater (actually online shopping right now hoping for more sweaters…) And some boots that have yet to arrive. My best friends got me Ryan Gosling posters, a sexy snowman mug, and a necklace. My brother got me a panini press which I’m super excited about.

  • CDJ

    I got a really sick camera. i have no clue how to use it, but i shall learn. my family listened when i told them i was really trying to become a hat person this year because i got 4 of them. and my mother got me a road survival kit because you never know what could happen during my 10 min commute from home to work.

    • Natalie

      This comment made me chuckle. 🙂

  • isida

    I got what most girls get- clothes, jewellery, shoes and makeup. Really playing to the typical stereotype here 🙂


  • I got the one Tory Burch bag I like (medium 797 satchel), a JBL computer speaker so I can finally hear my music, a coffee table book about Robert Wilson, one of my idols (For those who aren’t familiar, he directed Glass’s Einstein on the Beach…and Gaga’s VMA performance), plus other cool little things. Wasn’t expecting all this cool stuff!

    p.s. That Dries shirt sounds amazing

  • Andrew

    I had a very Acne Christmas. I got an ombré Acne denim shirt, and dark wash Acne Max jeans- which hopefully will create the most amazing denim on denim look that is respectable enough that my Dad doesn’t laugh at it. I also got some Margiela sneakers in white, and I found out that Jennifer Garner has the same pair, so I’m now convinced that we would be best friends if we weren’t distanced by land and social classes. And lastly, my Grandparents got me- the- Little. Black. JACKET. BOOK. I could hardly breathe, it felt like I was being suffocated by the exquisite packaging that held it. I tried to explain to my extended family what it was without sounding like I was giving them a speech on fashion history. OH and I also got “Matt & Ben” from my Dad, which is Mindy Kaling and Brenda Wither’s play based on Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Seeing as how I’m from Boston and I love me some Kaling, it’s pretty fitting. Now I have to go cuff my jeans, a daily struggle that results from my resistance to tailoring.

  • Amy Jo Whiting

    I bought myself a checked overshirt and biker jeans from the zara sale, wrapped it, and signed it “To Amy, love Harry Styles”, along with a black embroidered top from madewell and another zara bag because Christmas sales are such a beautiful thing, especially for a starving college student. Also, let’s not forget that my mom bought me Newsies and a new eyelash curler: perfect.
    Happy Day after Boxing Day, everyone 🙂

    • Leandra Medine


      • Amy Jo Whiting

        Many thanks, Leandra.

  • Emily

    I got too much chocolate, gift cards, a book I wanted-Rocky Horror From Concept to Cult, a star-shaped-glass-lantern-thing, and money that is quickly being spent. So far I’ve purchased an Emerson Fry shirt and crescent moon ring.

  • Laura Mitchell

    New dinner plates and an LV roller bag

  • Quinn Halman

    I’m taking the fact that your favourited my tweet as a yes. So because I have some unsolved FOMO here’s what I got for HANUKKAH. My parents (mom’s idea) got me the “fashion essentials” so an alexander wang leather jacket, red MR X Supergas high tops that I have already worn in, and a blue Proenza Schouler PS1 that almost brought me to tears. Needless to say I have been on top of my chores!

  • Alex Poirier

    My girlfriend got me a beautiful pair of Grenson brogues, and a Raf Simons sweater.

    I, in turn, got her some Burberry calf hair flats, a Kenzo blouse, and Christopher Kane sweater. We make sure not to get each other things that we know the other wants, and instead try and pick things that we kind of want to see the other wear (but hopefully that they will also like).

    My parents got us tickets to see Swan Lake at the National Ballet of Canada in Toronto which we are very excited about as neither of us has been to a ballet.

    • Guest

      Well isn’t this a lovely. Raf Simons and Grenson’s = a keeper.

    • Hudson Berry

      Well isn’t this lovely. Raf Simons and Grenson’s = a keeper.

  • CDJ

    oh! and here is a story that NEEDS to be shared. I asked my brother (21-year-old broke college student) for an itunes gift-card. i was expecting a $10-$20 card. instead, i open up the gift and it is a $100 gift card. i was SHOCKED…. until I read the cover of the card and it said “back to school 2012” which happens to be the same time he bought a new macbook. Didn’t take me long to realize it was the $100 apple gives you when you purchase a new laptop. NOT COMPLAINING, THOUGH! it’s still $100, and i am impressed he managed to hold on to it for almost a year and a half! (kid loses everything) THANKS, BRO.

  • marita_hunt

    Wow, there are some Serious presents in these comments…. For me, a summer christmas in Brazil, a long way from home (although home has a summer christmas too), means a voucher for new books for my kindle from the parents, and a swim on christmas day. No room for presents in my backpack. It’s nice to keep christmas minimal 🙂

  • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

    I’m just glad I didn’t get that beyond hideous, custom, naked demons Birkin bag that Kim K got…

  • Kiri Yanchenko

    My husband and I went away alone and ate Japanese in Melbourne on Xmas day for lunch. I could say I got nothing this year coz I didn’t really get any Xmas gifts BUT I ended up buying myself something in Melbourne. Check out the blog – it’ll be on there soon. 🙂

  • Hudson Berry

    A crock pot, mustard ankle-zip Rag & Bone jeenz, and a vintage black wool trench. Daddy likes.

    Now to acquire this bad boy: http://www.rag-bone.com/Corina_Fringe_Skirt/pd/c/185/np/185/p/5566.html

  • Lisa Thomson

    Hmm. without discussing your nipple it sounds like a great present, Leandra. I have re-defined the ‘selfie’. It is now known as the Christmas present we buy ourselves, wrap, put under the tree and open on the 25th. The Christmas selfie, if you will. My selfie was a couple of shirts from one of my favorite stores 🙂

  • Lovisa

    A lovely acne clutch and a Lace blouse from Rodebjer.
    Elin Kling’s magazine Styleby.

  • diane

    A small metallic Fendi wallet and a double-strand Givenchy shark tooth necklace (which I may return because the choker strand is kinda tight). Oh, and I bought myself black suede Isabel Marant booties, which were 70 percent off online and are due in today’s Fed Ex delivery!

  • Tia Talge

    As my family has for many years enforced a “no gifts over 18” policy, I received only a few things in comparison to my younger counterparts. But was nonetheless pleased. A very cute Eeyore pillow pet that I’ve been crying over since my last trip to Disney World, a new doona set for my bed, a beautiful turquoise clutch purse from Kate Hill, a heavily bedazzled necklace that I’ll probably never wear, a pair of incredibly too-big pyjamas, a couple of vouchers and the Indonesian equivalent of a Pandora bracelet.

    That being said, I did treat myself during the post-Christmas sales and bought myself a pair of high-waisted Wrangler jeans, a mesh tank top and a basic tank top.

  • Ximena Miñan

    Hi Leandra! For Christmas I got a trip to Paris (which I just came back from #heartbroken) I got to spend quality time with my family, away from home 🙂 and I met my best friend after 3 years!!! I fell in love with Paris and of course its shops (whoops) and got fat on about 10 macarons a day. As for physical gifts I got a black Rocco bag by Alexander Wang 🙂 It was overall an amazing Christmas! Happy New Year!

  • habitatus

    woah, can’t believe the pic for this post is the Stella collection…BECAUSE I GOT THE AWESOME CAPE FROM THIS COLLECTION FROM SANTA! And by Santa, I of course mean myself. I was looking for something to wear over my other xmas gift (to myself)…an amazing miu miu dress hot off the runway. ho ho ho!

  • New boots from my mother in law that I had pinned under the simple title of “obsessed”. They are Kork-Ease and surprising fabulous for such, well, ease. Plus, a kitchen aid stand mixer from my mother, which you would only understand (I’m assuming) if you are like me and old. Over 30 at any rate. An awesome Superdry jacket from the husband, tons of new art goodies, and the desk of my dreams from ikea (that one was from my little bro. Unfortunately only the top was in stock bc that’s how ikea rolls, but I can not wait to have the whole thing together

  • Sol

    Hello people from the internet 🙂 From my wonderful friends I got sarcastic mugs to honor my addiction to coffee+unbearable irony and nice underwear from whenever my dating catastrophes come to an end- if they do- and from my parents a super fluffy and cozy Marc Jacobs sweater and Chanel no.5 hair mist, which is such a redundant and fabulous little thing at the same time.. I got myself a trip to Landaan to visit my friends during my year abroad and HIT-THE-SALES!! I feel the need to explain that in Spain sales don’t start until the SECOND week of January because here we have our own version of Santa (which consists on 3 Magic Kings who fly on camels from the far East and leave presents the 6th of January), so I spent shitloads of money on flying to the UK so I can buy cheaper clothes over there..does that make any sense? Not necessarily, but I’m cool with it 🙂 Merry shopping everyone!

  • Raissomat

    even if I actually celebrate Christmas, I too am so curious about what people did get!!
    I got:
    – Two vouchers for the hammam (double gift for me and my boyfriend)
    – cutting board and spoon out of olive tree wood
    – a moulinex mixer
    – a LE CREUZET POT (double gift for me and my boyfriend)
    – a ring from my boyfriend that I choose at a Christmas market in town
    – foodbaskets
    – a pleated coral summerskirt (don’t ask,,)
    – a blue knitted wooldress
    – a marine cachemire cardigan
    -playing cards
    -from my boyfriends mum and grandma some fugly necklaces and from his dad some ugly mugs.(I love them but they give the worst gifts, it’s 5 years now that I try to convince them to not give me anything or just food..)
    No one gives me clothes I haven’t personally chosen since I am very picky and no one gets me.

    • Raissomat

      wow compared to the other comments I sound old..I’m 25..

  • Stef

    Two and a half weeks late, but I’ll play. My favourites are a danier biker jacket, the classic italian cookbook by marcella hazan, a thermos so I can bring my soup on the go, a silver and turquoise elsa peretti x tiffany necklace, and tickets to Les Miserables in Toronto.