Welcome to Mom’s Month
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Being a mom must be so hard. I blame mine for every single one of my shortcomings but have never, not once, given her credit for the qualities I like in myself. She has spent the sum of the past 28 years making not one decision that does not take into account the impact upon me, but I don’t see it that way. I’m far too wrapped up in what and who I am to recognize that she is a person outside of me. That maybe when she was 22, she had the dream of becoming a magazine editor or flight attendant or whatever, one that was never realized because she got pregnant.

How soul crushing it must be to have spent the greater portion of your life’s years living vicariously through your offspring and then, to never receive praise or thanks from the very people you live for! I’m so sorry, mom. I love you. We all do.

But I’m being selfish again. I only recognize this because I am so desperate to become a mother myself. But see, even as I type this, I realize that in some way, I kind of am a mom already. The status of motherhood is much more amorphous than woman-gives-birth to-child. It can belong to whoever chooses to assume the role. Many of us know this to be true from experience, from the women (and men!) who have chosen us, and the ones that we choose as mentors and safety nets and confidants and friends. Some of us might not know it intellectually, but can feel it every time our hearts explode, or when we lean on our human pillars when things get scary and uncertain. So this month, just in time for Mother’s Day, Man Repeller celebrates all of that. You, your mom, my mom, me.

You can expect that we’ll dive into the emotional: Why are we so afraid of becoming the women who raised us? When do you realize that they’re people, not superheroes? We’ll talk through the more abstract: What is a mom, anyway? We’ll also crack jokes because who are we if not a factory of failed comedians? I might style my mom and make her style me.

And there will be unrelated stuff too: test-driving good sandals, a dissertation on scrunchies (oh yes)…

Single handedly bringing the scrunchie back is Harling Ross.

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The number-one question on everyone’s mind (what would you wear to your wedding if you were getting married tomorrow?) and so forth. Most importantly, we’ll do our best to entertain the fuck out of you and hope that, as always, you feel comfortable, even motivated to impart your opinions and ideas in the comments below, because I know I said we’re nothing if not a factory of failed comedians, but we’re also nothing if not a bike seat, waiting for your ass, so…

Welcome to Mom’s Month!

Photo by Edith Young.

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  • Ellie

    You’re the best mum MR could ask for, Leandra. You styling your mum and vice versa sounds wonderful. Something on the working/style/mother-in-law relationship between Rosie and Roxanne Assoulin would also be super cool.

  • Christine Miller

    Who makes these pink slides with fur puff?!?