Welcome to Endless Summer Month on Man Repeller

The irony of demanding that you let loose and relax is that it’s pretty hard to relax when someone is demanding something of you, right? So maybe last month you kind of sucked at letting loose — you got frustrated that all the episodes of Monocycle started to sound like each other and felt like being told that you should eat a scoop of ice cream a day to keep the doctor away was precisely the opposite kind of advice you needed when you and everyone on your corporate team is racing against the clock that is summer’s sandwich month to get to August, when you could actually drop the balls, watch them fall and do absolutely nothing about it. Aaaaahhhhh…

It is always this month that reveals itself as the unsung hero of summer, isn’t it? Here we finally get into our grooves, start to believe with our whole selves that if this isn’t nice, nothing else could be and do that thing we talk about so loftily but can never accurately execute: be present. Which is why we’ve decided that this month is the month of endless summer dreaming. Forget the fact that September comes next (it’s still summer, dammit!), or that the days are getting shorter (at least the clock is still on our side). Forget about how much you’ll miss your inflatable swan (it’s still here with you; why are you forecasting your feelings?), and those shorts you can’t seem to shake off your legs (soon you’ll be so damn sick of them you’ll actually feel elated to begin the climate peel) and instead just be. Lean into that idealistic state of mind, forget about the state of reality and convince yourself, because you can, that as long as you say summer’s never going to end, it’s here for good.

Of course, there are neat things to look forward to! Like end-of-season shopping advice (it’s not too late to buy summer pants) and style stories that tackle fun things like flip flops and gingham. We’ll make the case for natural hair, talk ourselves silly about happiness, and relationships, and feeling so many feelings that you kind of forget we’re even here, rallying for an endless summer.

You know da drill. Here’s your turn to talk. Let us know what’s on your mind this month, what you’d like to see covered, and how we can make this feel like the treehouse we so hope it to be.

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis; collage and creative direction by Emily Zirimis.


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