Welcome to Contradictions Month on Man Repeller!

To shake things up a bit, we’re focusing on contradictions this December…hence the cacti, ice cream, dinosaurs and hot bananas all chilling in the snow.

Why? Because humans are complicated, contradictory beings who live lives similar to the way spiders spin cobwebs (beautifully, kind of gross and messy during the process, but with so much care, and in a way that ends up making sense in the end). We are not as black-and-white as we think we are. Humans are confusing!

Consider Contradictions Month a celebration of humanness. In these multifaceted modern times, isn’t that what the holidays have come to signify? The good parts of our humanity?

We think so.

As always, the comments are yours for chiming in below. Tell us what you’d love to read about this month!

(P.S. Shout out to Vampire Weekend for this month’s theme song, “I Think Ur a Contra[diction, right?]”)

If you feel like you can’t properly greet December without something decent and sparkly to wear, a lot of sales are still going on. Cyber Monday? More like Cyber Whenever I don’t feel like working!

Photos by Krista Anna Lewis.

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