Welcome to Ch-Ch-Changes Month on Man Repeller

To quote Haley Nahman, “What the actual fuck happened in 2016?

I do not recall Susan Miller warning anyone that 2016 would be a crusade on the general public’s emotional health. Have you spoken to a single person who is sad to see 2016 go? Seriously though — What. The. Actual. Fuck.

But what’s done is done, right? The important thing is that we’re here. We made it! We got out alive and we’re probably (maybe?) better people for it. This does not mean that in order to exist in the prologue of 2017 you must go to the gym and only drink smoothies and read five pieces of recreational-but-educational literature a week.

It doesn’t mean that you have to learn a new language, run for class president (but do that! So cool) or meditate for 12 hours a day. Fuck oil pulling and brushing your teeth at night and not losing your MetroCard every week. Fuck whoever said you should only use exclamation points !!!sparingly!!!

You can call your mom more if you think it will make her happy and especially if you’ll feel good about it but as far as I’m concerned, the underlying message of 2017  — the reason it seems like everyone is so thrilled to be here — is to go easier on ourselves. To hygge instead of Kondo, be instead of attempt. To kick our feet up, say “fuck it,” and do what feels right — not what sounds right.

To moderation, people!!!

This is why we’re calling it Ch-Ch-Changes Month (and no, it is not lost on us that January 10th inaugurates the unfortunate anniversary of David Bowie’s death). I don’t know about you, but for me, deciding to chill is the truest change I have resolved to undergo since I turned 21.

On tap for this month, we have a story about how great it can be to feel hungover. A bowl of salad will share its resolutions for the year. There’s a piece about why people react to change differently, why aspiring to be cool does not have to be “#goals,” and how, exactly, calling someone ugly is the least effective insult of all time.

We’ll fill you up with fashion too — covering everything from Diane Keaton to turtlenecks (on separate occasions!), how to layer through the winter without feeling like an asshole and there may or may not be another piece in the pipeline on leggings as pants.

I’m also asking the hardest hitting question — is bread back? — but before I do that, I have a more important one. How will you inaugurate January as your Best Year Ever? Are you resolving to change and in doing so, remaining the same? Share whatever the hell you feel like sharing (ideas for the theme, random thoughts, your SSN) in the comments below.

Happy 2017! All together now: Aaahhhhhhh.

Photos by Krista Anna Lewis.

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