An Ode to the Random Tumblr

Funny ideas are practically impossible to make happen. On average, I’d say that I have about fifty funny ideas a day. You probably have more. I’m constantly starting sentences with, “Wouldn’t it be hilarious if…” only to find myself distracted two minutes later with no intention to put my plans into action.

I am lazy.

Which is precisely why I find the world of esoteric Tumblrs so fascinating. Somewhere out there is a person who felt that the world was lacking The Same Picture of Dave Coulier Every Day, then made it happen. Dave Coulier is Joey Gladstone from Full House, so of course we need the same picture of him every day.

Tumblr gave a platform for true geniuses to express themselves artistically. Without it, the person who started Law & Order & Food might never have been heard. I don’t watch the show, but I absolutely do need to scroll through endless screen shots of the program’s characters eating and drinking, for heaven’s sake. What about the brains behind Hungover Owls? I want to shake his or her hand or wing and just be like, “Thank you for being you, and also, for getting me.”

These creators of weird Tumblrs are pioneers of self-discovery. With every new one born it’s as I’ve been re-born, my eyes open to a world I never new existed. Women Laughing Alone With Salad? HAHA salad! You are so green. How have I been so blind? When Hot Dogs or Legs came out, I knew what happiness was, and when Esther introduced us to Brides Throwing Cats, it was as if I blacked out, learned Photoshop and created that Tumblr myself. But I didn’t. Someone out there just got it.

Then there’s the world of the Fuck Yeahs: an endless, overwhelming supply of extremely nuanced topics (like this one dedicated to the color yellow, or this one about cilantro), all introduced with the enthusiastic prefix of “Fuck Yeah.” Sometimes it just helps to know there’s at least one other human out there who cares about about an herb besides weed as much as you do.

There are bound to be those who say condescendingly, “Someone has a lot of free time.” To which I ask, “Since when is it a bad thing to dedicate hours of one’s life to creating masterpieces?” Without free time we’d never have the Sistine Chapel. Or cold-brewed ice coffee. Or you know, Local People Crossing Their Arms.

So thank you, random-ass Tumblr creator. That minute you took to make your funny idea a reality made each of our lives just a little bit better.

Weirder, but better.

(Now share your favorites.)

  • Marissa Klurstein !!!!!! Sneak peek: Snoop Dogg & Martha Stewart in one single photo….baking!

    • Charlotte Fassler

      Also Shaq and Bill Gates!?!? thank youuuu

    • Sally

      This is so excellent. Thank you.

  • Supernova bad real estate photos with wry captions = hilarity

  • Jenna self explanatory

  • Anna
  • Sam

    Mash-up blogs might be my personal favorite – you haven’t lived until you’ve seen Kanye Wes Anderson (though Arrested Westeros was pretty great for a while).

  • A

    well, sometimes he’s really good with describing what reality might actually look like (…)

  • Phoebe SJ

    Yes! I’ve always wanted to make a tumblr entitled “Grown Men Eating Icecream Cones By Themselves”. It’s just so exciting every time I spy one, like rare wild animals in the jungle. Preferably licking a big vanilla icecream in a suit on their way home from work on a hot day. Just so enjoyable.

  • Phoebe – for all the times Beyonce & Kelly were just a little bit better than poor Michelle.