Weekend Emoji Recap

Monday mornings are hard. Not only are you cruising on a post-Scaries anxiety spiral, but your hair-of-the-dog hangover is just beginning and that stupid inbox of yours keeps pinging like an annoying friend on BBM.

And this makes communicating hard. Standard vocabulary recall is completely gone to the point where you’re left asking questions like, “What’s it called…when you’re putting food in your mouth, and then you move your mouth up and down in order to crush the food…” and your cube-mate has to offer up suggestions for the term you’re searching for. “Hula-hooping!” “Fire dancing!” “Mountain climbing!”

(In this case the answer was “eating” but I’m betting neither you nor said mate-o-cube got that. I had to ask Leandra, the answer was not hula-hooping.)

But luckily, where words fail, emojis prevail, and so we have taken to answering the Million Dollar Monday Question everybody asks — “What did you do this weekend?” –with a little game of iPhone Pictionary.

See if you can guess what Charlotte did based on her answer to Prince Harry, what Leandra did based off her response to Wesley Snipes, and what I did based off my text back to A$AP Rocky. Don’t cheat!


Answer key:

Charlotte: Friday I got a manicure, then I drove a zip car to the end of the earth in Queens, more specifically to a UPS warehouse to pick up a package (not unlike this Broad City episode).  Then I drank and ate.

Saturday I road tripped to the airport to pick up my friend. I went back to Brooklyn to celebrate my one year anniversary of living with my roommate (woo friends!). We went to some art studios, drank free beer, ate tacos (the cactus was the closest Emoji i had available to Tex-Mex food), drank margaritas and danced ,then slept a lot.

Sunday I saw a documentary about a mysterious female photographer called “Finding Vivian Maier,” I highly recommend it!

Leandra: I ran, danced like a monkey, ate fruit, then shat, and then I waxed my own lip!

Amelia: Friday my dad picked me up, I spent the night at his place, and we ate a lot of food and then I fell asleep. Saturday I went riding and hung out with horses all day, then I ate a TON of Italian food for dinner, had half a drink, and fell asleep by 10. Sunday was back with the horses where I got a sunburn, and then I concluded my wild weekend by watching Game of Thrones.



  • Guest

    On Friday I went to a concert with my friends and ate an entire pizza. On Saturday I went to hang out with my brother’s baby, decided babies are very exhausting, baked some chocolate-y baked goods, went to yoga in a museum, and then fell asleep on my couch eating soup and watching The Little Mermaid. On Sunday I took my brother’s dogs for a four-mile walk and then ate ice cream… and then watched Mulan. Basically ABC Family’s Disney movie marathon owned my soul.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I like this so much. For some reason I think it’s funny when people eat soup and I don’t know why.

      • Leandra Medine

        And to think, all I did was fart.

  • Quinn Halman

    OK SO: Friday was the grade 12 graduation and I cried like a child seeing some of my best friends accomplish such a milestone. I was so emotionally distraught I had to go on a long walk (and I didn’t sign up for a spin class). Then I got home and studied because finals are this week. Saturday was a lot of studying with a little bit of shopping for Poland/Israel this summer. In between that and the studying, I managed to see 7 men in salmon coloured pants/shorts. I rushed home to babysit my next door neighbours and learned how to rainbow loom but I couldn’t figure out how to show my hand cramps via emoji. Then I studied. Sunday began with a spin class and then I studied some more. Riveting, I know! I decided to poke my head out of my cave in the evening and talk to a few people over the internet (hey emma) and then guess what? stuDIED

    • Amelia Diamond

      nantucket reds!! keep up the studying quinn

      • Quinn Halman

        Thanks for the motivation, it’s going great. I love being left-handed

  • Guest

    I studied all god damn weekend and I watched Game of Thrones this morning

    • Charlotte Fassler

      Solid emoji work! *thumbs up*

  • this is fun. friday i went to the ray lamontagne concert, Saturday i had my friend’s bridal shower. i’m in the wedding. saturday after the shower, i sat on my friends’ new deck and drank beer and ate pizza and leftover cupcakes from the baby shower, sunday morning i baby sat, took the kids for a swim, and face painted at the children’s end of school year picnic, sunday afternoon i had my cousins graduation party.

    • I didn’t mean to say baby shower.

    • Amelia Diamond

      charge your phone

  • Anne

    On Friday I was shopping with my mother in Amsterdam and bought a nice pair of espadrilles. We ate our lunch in the car because we were heading to Utrecht were I was going to pick up the key for my student room next year. Back home I went to the city (with my lovely new shoes on) and partied. I fell asleep after midnight. The next day I stayed home and read the biography of Steve Jobs and, obviously, got a sunburn. In the evening I watched comedy with my mom and boyfriend. On Sunday I read another book in the backyard and picked up my brother and dad from their holiday in Denmark.

    • Amelia Diamond

      this sounds nice!

  • gina

    hahaha i have a friend who does this non stop and i never understand! http://thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/sliding-doors.html

  • Laura Mitchell
  • Kristen

    Friday I watched a movie when I should have been writing a history, Saturday I ate a double chocolate doughnut from Tim Hortons and visited my grandma and we atechinese food and they gave us fortune cookies(!!!)Mine was “people look up to you more than you think”or some other crap, bought nail polish whih is a bad habit because I barely paint my nails, and two cashmere sweaters for $20 each (gotta love those end of season sales), kicked myself when I realized I forgot my usb and couldn’t work on said history, so Sunday was me sitting at a computer crying while writing about the fall of the Roman Empire. If I were to express myself in emojis, it would be the cryptic and the good old fashioned use of colons and shit (-_-)T_TzZz(-_-;)(=.=) because I have a FUCKING ANDROID and then cry some more because who uses androids now?!?

    • Kristen

      Also Wikipedia provides these emoticons:




      which indicates “Have a cookie/waffle/drink from a cup with a spiral straw” and thought that was pretty important to share #you’rewelcome

  • Margo

    Oh @#- I woke up on saturday and spent the day scratching the inside of my thighs. http://www.margojewelry.com