What Would You Wear if You Were Marrying Yourself?

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of fun hanging out with myself. For one thing, I laugh at all of my own jokes. I also “get” all of my own jokes. If I feel like going to the park, then I also feel like going to the park, and whenever I want Mexican food for the fourth night in the row, I always agree.

When I come home from work late I never annoy myself by talking to myself. We agree to keep quiet and stare at a wall until one or both of us falls asleep. I share the same dreams as myself, the same career goals, the same anxieties, the same fears. And speaking of fears, I never judge — I would never, for example, tell myself that it is completely irrational to assume that I’m 5 seconds away from being murdered every time the door bell to my apartment rings despite the fact that Seamless just texted me, “Your order has arrived.”

I know that Carrie from that weird show no one has ever heard of had a whole theory about your friends being your soul mates, which is a fantastic quote for Pinterest-y things but still doesn’t come quite close to being your own BFF. Not in the corny sense. Not in the therapist sense. But in the sense of…Oh my god you don’t want to shower tonight? ME EITHER!!!”

Now imagine if you married yourself. How…seamless…(badum-cha!) would that be?

Let’s take this one step further. You’re not doing work, Agatha, so don’t even pretend like this is wasting your time. Let’s say you were going to marry yourself (at any venue! With any cake! AND AN UNLIMITED BUDGET!): what would you wear?

If I had the budget of a queen who won the lottery, there is zero question in my mind that to marry myself, I’d wear couture. Chanel 2014 disco ball fringe-y arm inferno? Hell yes. I will dazzle my damn self. Anything with a superfluous cape? Yup. Thigh high crystalized go-go boots, a floral headpiece the size of a Buick, hip bustles, butt bustles, drama, volume — YELLOW?!


Yes. All of it. All. Of. It. Because why not.

Now what would you wear?

— Amelia Diamond

Runway & Backstage Images Courtesy of Vogue.com

  • This Saint Laurent suit. But only if I was Angelina Jolie. Then I would marry myself, simply because nobody else would be worthy.

  • Bec

    It would be Tom Ford. It would be beautiful. It would be so-so-short. And obviously dressing to please my partner, it would be covered in sequins.

  • ee_by_cc

    My first choice would be a vintage Valentino gown. Like, ANY of them.

    Also, agree with your assessment of being your own best friend and getting all of your jokes. One of the reasons that I married my husband is because he gets most my jokes. Any that he doesn’t get, he just laughs at me anyway because I’m so pleased with myself for making the joke in the first place.


    • Amelia Diamond

      emoji double hands for valentino

  • andrea raymer

    I’m thinking something light pink, sparkly and with so many ruffles that I can’t fit through the door.

  • I can’t choose which one so it would be a gorgeous service where I ceremonially change from onesie to onesie until I finally reach the point of MATRIMONY. And then I can just go to bed because I’m already in my pajamas.

    • Awww I totally agree! I’m so glad we’re getting married

      • oh my god im so sorry i posted so many onesie pictures it wasn’t intentional

        • Amelia Diamond

          it was necessary though, and i’m so glad you did

  • Sharrel

    I wanna marry in a Chanel or McQueen dress. A girl can dream right?


  • Kim P.

    Balmain ’12. No doubt.

  • lavieenliz

    one of these two


    • Leandra Medine

      I never understood why she didn’t go with the left look.

      • Amelia Diamond


  • gina

    ha, my favourite ball gown -covered in glitter! http://www.bloglovin.com/awanderlustblog

  • Amélia

    Short white (couture) dress !

  • I wouldn’t wear white, that’s for sure! Right now, I’d probably wear yellow! It would be very simple, streamlined, but probably a little angular and unusual, OR it would be ombre yellow with lots of feathers not ruffles. One of my life’s regrets (although hardly inducive of sleepless nights) is that I only started sewing four years ago…that’s two years after I got married. Right now, I feel confident enough that I’ve finally reached a point where I could sew myself a FABULOUS wedding dress, and I would definitely sew it for me, rather than hubby…but that’s easy to say in retrospect with 6 years of marriage behind me…I think it’s also easier to dress for yourself rather than other people when you sew your own clothes, because I think people allow (or write you off) as a bit more eccentric as the norm.

  • GapToothedGirl

    I’d wear a Giambattista Valli…yellow?? maybe…but that meringue fluffy absolutely yes to me!!

    XOX, Gap.


  • Aubrey Green

    If I were marrying myself; silk pj’s – start the honeymoon early and by that I mean eating pizza in bed ;). I’ve discussed it with myself and myself agrees.

  • Ailsa Baker

    Something from the Ellie Saab Couture show last week!!! I wouldn’t be able to take my eyes off myself!

  • Megan

    Wear: D&G
    Down the aisle: All Me – Drake
    Minister: Kanye, because I think he would truly approve

  • Guest

    If I were marrying myself then I suppose convention would fly out the window so definitely no white, something with a crazy pop of colour. Oh I know–Michelle William’s ridiculously amazing mustard gown that she wore to the Oscars. Just a happy dress for a happy day. I’m sure myself would love it when I walk down the aisle to…myself.

  • If I were marrying myself then I suppose convention would fly out the window so definitely no white, something with a crazy pop of colour. Oh I know–Michelle William’s ridiculously amazing mustard gown that she wore to the Oscars. I mean, COME ON. It’s exquisite. Just a happy dress for a happy day. I’m sure myself would love it when I walk down the aisle to…myself.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I actually know someone who had this gown made into an ivory version. I love it also, it’s AMAZING. (better in this color though I think!!)

  • Wow that Elie Saab gown is just beyond gorgeous!


  • Danielle Gonzalez

    I could definitely see myself matrimoniously wearing something like the vintage givenchy leotard cape deal paired with white louboutin point toe lace up booties or a gorgeous valentino get up maybe even a tom ford suit so many ways to marry myself!!

  • I love this idea of marrying yourself( and so did that Carrie person BTW-she registered for Manolos for a wedding to who else? Herself.) I have often thought about what I would wear if I could redo my own wedding to my husband. It sure as hell wouldn’t be white! Maybe a black lace number with some live snakes in my hair and an explosion of tropical flowers with sky high red heels to top it off!

  • Nathalia Kalil

    I think I would wear somthing like Olivia Palermo´s wedding look. Very sutil, romantic and fashion.


  • atelierjen

    I have agreed with myself that I would wear pretty much what I did when me n him got wed – a vintage white shirt, jeans and brothel creepers with sparkly jewellery, and this hair n hat look form chanel 2014. Myself and I agree – fabulous!

  • love this! So many options… I think I’d go with SS10 Viktor and Rolf. They’ve always moved my fashion heart in a special way, and this dress still brings me joy. Then I’d search through the Balenciaga, Valentino, Giambattista Valli and Rodarté archives (and the amazeballs slideshow in this post) for options for all my anniversaries. We’re quite celebratory ’round here.

  • Emilyyy

    If a dress by John Galliano and Alexander McQueen could have a baby, I’d wear that.

    • atelierjen

      Now that’s a fabulous idea..

  • Ajnira Muminovic

    Id be nude cause I look FUCKING AWESOME!!! At least to myself 😛


    • Amelia Diamond

      you rock!

  • Guest

    and I think i would wear a combination of these… because sea shells are cool… and why the hell not?!


  • Guest

    And I think I would wear something like this… Because sea shells are cool… and why not?


  • I would wear this suit from Badgley Mischka or that Fall 2011 Valentino look above. I’ve already broached the subject with my boyfriend about wearing a white suit to our (hypothetical, but likely) wedding. He was not so amused by the idea. Think of his shock when I walk down the aisle rocking an amaaaazing pantsuit. Haha!

    • It didn’t post the pic!

  • CarlotaLMorais

    I have to be honest, I love weddings, watching them on movies, attending them and I also WANT to get married. But just thinking about planning one makes my head hurt!
    So if I was to get married to me, myself and I I would loose 5 quilos and I would go with this, in white or black, SIMPLE and AMAZING

  • Guest

    This motherfucker

  • recovergirl

    I’d wear this ensemble created by Metier. I know, right.

  • Guest

    I would wear this vintage Missoni dress, some variation of clogs, and a fake tattoo.

  • beatriz

    This dress

  • This Elie Saab collection is made up of my soul-clothes. It’s like Fire and Water somehow got together and made a beautiful, beautiful child. I’d top it off with a freakin’ awesome little swiss-dotted veiled vintage fascinator and some really sparkly jewelry. Yep. Class.

  • Tales On Silk

    A fully embroidered marsala jacket & pants with a white silk tank top and these dolce shoes

  • Ella P

    Hope that all of you at manrepeller have seen and loved Giovanna Battaglia’s wedding in Capri ? Why have one dress when you can have four?!

  • Yasss

  • ohjeez

    I read this article years ago and it really stuck with me…along with an article on MR by a graduating attorney who said she was made to feel like a failure for graduating but not being on the road to a wedding.

    My boyfriend of 7 years abruptly broke up with me a few months ago; I’m graduating from a top law school in two weeks with my dream job as an immigration attorney set up, but I still had that same feeling. So I decided to have a bomb ass party with all my friends from all over the country and call it a marriage to myself. Dress code for guests is what you’d wear if you were marrying yourself. I lost a lot of myself in 7 years without realizing. I’m trying to get it back and it’s incredibly exciting.