Unpacking Kanye West’s “Drunk in Love” Remix

Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love” is the song that keeps on giving. First of all, it changed the pronunciation of two words in our English language: “Club” is now pronounced “cloob,” and “surfboardt” with a “T” has replaced regular, boring old “surfboard.”

Next, the song became the national anthem for Olympic skating duo Meryl Davis and Charlie “Hair Like a Cherub” White when it was realized that “Drunk in Love” perfectly synced with the team’s recent Sochi performance. Pause for reflection:

Then, on Saturday, I found myself repeatedly tagged in a video Beyoncé posted to Instagram. Horses! Beyoncé! Beyoncé and horses! It wasn’t until I switched my volume on that I realized Mr. West was also in the building.

And he’d remixed “Drunk in Love.”

Now, I’m still working through my emotions on this. There’s a lot of overlapping components: Kanye is rapping sexually explicit lyrics — assumably to Kim — over Bey’s already erotic song regarding her husband Jay Z who also raps in this very same hit. It’s an audio orgy. It’s a music mogul swingers convention. It’s an NY Mag sex diary of the best variety. This video has the full lyrics, but let’s unpack my favorite lines together.

Right off the back Kanye opens with this:

Woo! You will never need another lover.

I really appreciate his enthusiasm here. The “woo” is fun, it’s positive, and it says “I am here to party.” I like both Kanye’s confidence in his own sexual capabilities but also, his commitment to monogamy. 

Woo! ‘Cause you a MILF and I’m a motherfucker.

North West, ear muffs. This is a clever play on words and according to technical definition, it’s also true. (In the versions I’ve found he doesn’t actually finish the f-word. But still, it’s implied.) Come on Kanye, not in front of the children.

Now you got your own money, you don’t need nobody else
But far as hell with all that ass, I think you gon’ need some help.

Kanye knows that Kim did just fine before him and she’d do just fine without him. She is, to quote Beyoncé, “a grown woman.” Then he makes a joke about her derriere that is equal parts funny and flirty. Bedroom banter. Cute.

Another butt-line Yeezy throws out (got a great future behind you) has officially replaced my overused Lil’ Wayne lyric: “I hate to see you go, but I like to watch ya leave.” To all my friends who are sick of this tired joke: you’re welcome.

Yup! On the 35th of Nevuary
Yup! You love the way I’m turnt

So here we are, back again with the enthusiasm — doesn’t “Yup!” sound like it comes from the mouth of an excited 12-year-old boy from the 1950s named Timmy?

“Do ya like baseball son?”


But I have to ask you guys: what the shit is Nevuary? And do I love the way he’s turnt? Does that mean “turned on,” but with the adopted “T” from surfboardt? Maybe that line’s directly intended for Kim. Please advise.

I put you on that bike, you bound, girl

Obviously he has to reference his own song and music video…there’s also a “Flashing Lights” moment in there. But what I really, really, REALLY need to address is this:

Play the song, listen hard at 1:30, pause at 1:32 and meet me after.

Did he just say “oatmeal?”

I put you on that bike, 
you bound girl.
We too wild,
won’t turn down
we drunk in love,  





But now it’s your turn. Break this shit down for me.

  • Holy f*cking golden. Well done, Amelia, as always.

  • Jourdin

    This is hilarious. I just saw Kanye live so this is amazingly timely for me!

  • dp

    who else be tagging you in beyonce videos?

  • Caroin

    I laughed so hard. Well done.

  • dp

    and turnt does not mean that amelia, stop playing.

    • Amelia Diamond

      what does it mean?!?!?!

      • Toni

        it means he’s turnt up / over the top/ outspoken and he’s presuming that Kim loves that about him

      • i get snap chats of my little cousins with red solo cups and the caption “turnt” all the time. no idea what it means.

      • I have the same question. Actually asked someone yesterday if they were “turnt up or turnt down in this picture, and, if there’s a difference, what is the defining factor?”

      • Claire
  • Liz Sennett

    Excuse me, dying over here.


  • Julie

    Nevuary is used to represent a date that doesn’t exist (same goes for the 35th, obviously). In the previous line, he says they’re wary of what the haters say – so he’s basically saying “just kidding, we’ll care about that sometime around never.” 🙂

    • Leandra Medine

      FASC.IN.ATING. thank you for that.

      • Karla Werner Zeuthen

        omg, just realized it’s a contraction of never and february! Cool!

        And about the “oatmeal” i’m pretty sure he is repeating “fuck that” but they covered up the f, so basically it just sounds like oatmeal – which is without a doubt funnier, so i say we go with “OATMEAL!”

  • Lol he says, “Fuck them!” It’s just as implied as when he says “motherfucker.”

  • Marts

    I just can’t. Amelia you da boss

  • jeremywatt

    Turnt: A state of altered consciousness induced by alcohol or narcotics, also being happy and excited and energetic! And/or having fun. (Verb.)

    • Amelia Diamond

      a friend just texted me that! it’s my new favorite word!

      • Quinn Halman

        Are you secretly a dude my age?

        • Glad to hear that the “turnt” illness is also plaguing other areas of North America….

        • Amelia Diamond


  • Toni

    i thought we were going to have a discussion about how disrespectful he is toward kim and their sex life…. whats the difference between the implication of his lyrics and ray j’s release of her sex tape? it seems everyone is grossed out with ray j for being a perv and publicly exposing intimate moments they shared while they were in a relationships and i dont understand why we dont consider the implication of kanye’s lyrical sexploits about kim…. is it because he’s proposed to her? so because they are engaged to be married he’s allowed to crudely dissect their sex life in public?

    • Guest

      yes, but OATMEAL

    • I somewhat half agree with you, but that sex tape was the best thing to happen to her since being born.

    • A

      you can’t be serious with this comparison? How are the two even remotely similar in level of disrespect? Releasing a sex tape of someone, without their permission, that explicitly SHOWS them in the act of sex and other intimate moments isn’t even close to alluding to your sex life in a 30 second rap. Did you consider the fact that she probably had full knowledge of this song and what Kanye’s rapping before it’s release, unlike what Ray J did? The difference in these two situations is Kim knowing about it beforehand (and most likely having the power to stop him from releasing any info she deems crude and too much, they are in a partnership after all), and also what they are showcasing to the world isn’t even the same? (like Kanye is having fun with wordplay, she’s a mom!they have sex!in different positions!involving different acts!….nothing you couldn’t assume anyways considering they have a kid)–It’s nothing different from what Beyonce does in this song or the rest of the album, the tone was already set before Kanye’s addition.

      • Toni

        the point of my comment was to say that the two men tend to use the same explicit narrative to describe Kim -. Slimey ex boyfriend & Famous new fiance. As highly as we regard Kanye on this blog i was hoping there would be valid criticism of the implications of the ways in which he chooses to describe Kim – in an interview setting he loves talking about how much she calms in how much he’s in love and yet In almost every single song he comes out with that the public assumes to be about Kim its about sex, her fellatio / her ass / her cookie, etc… And to your second point I don’t consider it to be the same as Jay -Z/Beyonce because, arguably, J&B have similar access to a platform that allows them to sing/rap/lyricize whatever they would like in regards to their relationship. I dont think Kim has the same platform (unless she were to revive her one-single career) to respond, in her own way in her own voice, with her own words, her sexual relationship with Kanye.

    • jamiee

      Do you think JZ is disrepecting B? He does the same as Kanye. It is obvious to me that Kanye is whipped and turnt by Kim. PERIOD! He loves that chick!

  • LMP

    It’s – I hate to see her go, but I love to watch her leave. Sorry I’m being annoying but I know this from memorization. #lilwayne4life

  • Caitlin

    or is it ‘OH DAMN’?!?!

    (I prefer ‘oatmeal’)

  • Heatherrrr

    Bahaahah, re: NDub’s, ear muffs! Excellently written,

  • Lizzie Ford

    Thoughts turned to food, typical guy.

  • Anna

    Lots of people in my school use the word “turnt” or to “turn up”…
    “Hey Buster are you ready to turn up tonight? I found my mom’s liquor cabinet we are = about to get TURNT!”

  • violet

    HAHHAAH i can’t stop laughing haha OATMEAL!

    Nice desiccation Amelia


  • Sofia K.


  • Ashley Napoli

    Cream of wheat??

  • Joe

    He says “OH DAMN” You god damn remedial idiot! Be sure to double check next time before making yourself look like a COMPLETE retard

    • Gia

      you are kind of disgusting, and you might have anger management issues, Joey…

      • Joe

        I bet that’s exactly what your father said when he saw you naked, yet he still decided to go ahead and rape you. “You are kind of disgusting” and then he added, “but i really like it”.

    • Leandra Medine

      Retard? Really?

      • Wait…..is this the same guy who said all “men” get freaked out by pubic hair?

    • You know, there are ways to express your opinion without using such offensive language. But, hey, congrats on being the first person in this website’s comment section to do so.

      • Joe

        Tell that to the author of this garbage who decided to try and make a fool out of Kanye with that “oatmeal picture”, and mocking his lyrics. Oh i forgot, he’s a black guy therefore we can and should say anything we want about him, including but not limited to, unfitting defamatory remarks! Anyone with even a bird sized brain( clearly disqualifies the author and all the idiots in the comment section who seem to believe he in fact does say oatmeal) would know he obviously didn’t throw such a random and stupid word as oatmeal into his song. People give Kanye shit for being angry all the time when everyone and their mother is busy poking fun at him. Ridiculous!

        • Claiming someone used the word “oatmeal” is not on the same level as calling someone a “retard”. You obviously didn’t do much research anywhere else on this site, because Yeezy is frequently complimented and discussed here in the most respectful of ways.

        • Quinn Halman

          This has nothing to do with the fact that Kanye is black and you’re the one who’s acting like a bigot. If you’re a Kanye fan and are, I don’t know, freaked out by oatmeal or something, that’s on you; there’s no need to attack the author or “all the idiots” who comment. If this writing/humour isn’t your cup of tea, so be it; yet there is no need for you to belittle all of us

          • Agreed! Most/ all of us are pretty fuckin’ smart on this here site!

          • Joe: sensitive Kanye fan, or former Quaker Oats-eater who was once badly burned?

        • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

          Breaks my heart when poor little hypersensitive, overly emotional,ranting fanboys cry over imagined slights to their idol.

    • kathrin

      let’s talk about your anxieties behind your writing. we can help.

    • sarah

      sounds like oatmeal to me. you sounds like a messed up plate of god knows what too.

  • Ash

    Oh my god. I’m in love with this, laughing my ass of here alone in my apartment. Thank you.

  • Dancingcheektocheek


  • Anonymous

    I hope he did say Oatmeal. In Thrift Shopping my friend thought Macklemore said “cold ass monkey” instead of honkey and now I always have to change it to that

  • Dana

    By turnt Ye means turnED as in turned up! Yup.

    • Amelia Diamond

      i didn’t even know what turned up meant. you guys are professors of language and i love you all!

  • Is


  • AH

    “Do ya like baseball son?” Haaaaaa! That was too good.

  • kathrin

    amelia, thanks a lot for this, well done, damn, really well done!

  • aa

    So oatmeal is really “fu*k you” from what I’ve researched … great article!!

  • Jen

    Absolutely loved this post – brilliantly written, so hilarious.
    Oatmeal – I’m nice right now.

  • The Style Trunk

    Brilliant! Cant stop laughing!

  • whipmyhair6969@gmail.com
  • LESC

    Amelia Diamond you are hysterical and informative, well done you kept me on my toes.

  • This made me laugh harder than anything else today.

    Also, would definitely feel more inclined to eat oatmeal more often if Kanye’s face were floating on top. Amirite?