Trick or Chic?

In honor of Hallowiener we thought we’d play a little game known around these parts as “Trick or Chic?”:

Number a piece of paper 1 – 5. I’m going to ask you a sort of “would you rather” question. Depending on your answer, you’ll be given either a “trick” or a “chic.” (Note: this doesn’t mean one item is actually more chic than the other, we just had to score the game somehow and I don’t work at Milton Bradley, you know.)

You won’t know what you’re actually getting in your proverbial hollow plastic pumpkin until end.

*This can also be a drinking game if you’re of legal drinking age. For every “trick,” take a shot. For every “chic,” take a shot. Everyone wins this way.

Now let’s play!

1. Would you rather get your limbs scratched by Grace Coddington’s cats or get sat on by all of Martha Stewarts dogs?

If you choose Grace’s cats, you get a chic.

If you choose Martha’s dogs, you get a trick.

2. Would you rather walk around like Leandra as a Thom Browne model all day, or walk around like Leandra as a poodle-head all day?

If you choose Leandra as a Thom Browne model, you get a chic.

If you choose Leandra as a poodle-head, you get a trick.

3. Would you rather have your feet turn into the Rochas Spring 14 feather-footed flats, or have your face turn into the Givenchy Spring 14 mask — both for life?

If you choose Rochas, you get a trick.

If you choose Givenchy, you get a chic.

4. Would you rather have the wardrobe of Anna Dello Russo, or the wardrobe of André Leon Talley?

If you choose ADR, you get a chic.

If you choose ALT, you get a trick.

5. Would you rather have your face stuck on a Prada Spring 14 model’s body, or have a your face stuck on a Prada Spring 14 dress?

If you choose your face on a Prada model’s body, you get a trick.

If you choose your face on a Prada dress, you get a chic.

***And now, let’s see what’s in your carts!***

1. Trick: A burnt waffle; Chic: A Fendi Buggie

2. Trick: An old gym sock; Chic: A new gym sock!

3. Trick: A large thirsty gulp of what you thought was Diet Coke but is actually Diet Pepsi; Chic: A vintage crocodile skin bag

4. Both options were chic, which means… you get the wardrobe of whomever you chose!!!

5. Trick: You slip on a banana peel and fall on the runway 🙁 Chic: A pair of Prada shoes

Now add up all your “tricks” and “chics” and tell us what you’re walking away with! ALSO: We don’t know what to be for Halloween and already wore all of our no-money costumes, so if you wouldn’t mind telling us what you’re being so we can copy we’d love you forever. Past years work too, and don’t forget the pictures.

 — Amelia Diamond

 Images courtesy of Tim Walker for Harper’s Bazaar
  • Charlotte Fassler

    I get so many tricks in my bag

  • Caitlin Inwood
  • I’m Axl Rose – which is the easiest costume ever for a redhead to be! Who doesn’t have a leather jacket, bandana, flannel, and ripped jeans?

  • nish_u

    totes getting a burnt waffle in a new gym sock in a vintage croc bag wearing the most fab outfit with some prada shoes. BOOM. also i am going as a Minion today, and a ghostbuster on saturday. Halloween is my 2013 fave holiday. #somuchyes

  • Brie

    my BFF and I were the shining twins last sat (which we lost to: duck dynasty, freakin aphrodite, and half assed star wars, yea total bummer), but tonight i’m doing cruella de ville. or if i change my mind, which happens a lot, i’ll go as lydia deetz and wear all black… easy peasy lemon squeezy!

    • Amelia Diamond

      “freakin aphrodite” hahahah

  • lott

    I’m going to be a stereotypical drunk white girl — complete with abercrombie & fitch shirt, victorias secret pink velour zip up hoodie, denim mini skirt with pockets hanging out the bottom, fake uggs, a purse that I drew the chanel logo on in permanent marker, and an insanely high pitched voice. trying to find a blonde wig and pink cowboy hat too. I’m going to carry around a 4loko and pumpkin spice late from starbucks and an iphone with a cracked screen. my name will alternate between ashley, jennifer, allison, tiffany, etc. and my major is communications. all night I’m going to take selfies w a duck face and go up to everyone around me and scream that we should be best friends and hang out everyday and then consistently ask their name, insisting that we take multiple pictures and they follow me on ig/twitter/befriend me on fb. at the party I go to I’m gonna change the music to 1 direction, jason mraz, justin beiber, taylor swift and dance like a drunk white girl and light all my cigarettes backwards. later on in the night I am planning on going into the bathroom and making my makeup run and coming out crying and screaming on my phone “why are you breaking up with me?! but I love you so much I dont care that it’s only been 2 weeks! I thought we were going to be together forever?!” It’s really more of a character than a costume and I fully anticipate to lose friends over how dedicated to this persona I am.

    • lott

      ah also! when people ask what my costume is, I’m going to say “like omg i was gonna be a cat but like i dont know where my ears went???”

  • A burnt waffle, old gym sock, D.Peps, ALT’s capes, and Prada shoes, hooray! And I’m going as a Kindergartener: floral, picture day-worthy dress, frilly, white socks, hair bow, ridiculously oversized glasses, and a backpack. It is #tbt, of course 😉

  • StyleSleuths

    I don’t like re-wearing costumes, so I always have a few on hand. (old couple, doughnut and security guard, Wayne’s World Bohemian Rhapsody scene, Betsey Johnson, and Chanel’s Spring 2012 Collection with a friend that dressed as Karl Lagerfeld.) Feel free to be a copy cat! I’ve always found it more fun to be ridiculous than scantily clad 😀