Are You a Stranger Taking a Group Picture? Read This.

How to Take Our Group Photo: the Official Stranger-Turned-Photographer’s Guide

Congratulations! You have been chosen with care to fulfill a duty of the utmost importance. The photos that you produce will either live on for eternity as profile pictures, Instagram posts, dating app bait and slideshows…

Or, they will be permanently deleted but negatively burned into our minds.

And we wouldn’t want that! So kindly ensure the following:

Head Check

Is everyone present to take the picture? Please ask us, then wait 5 minutes because Jenny is likely in the bathroom and wouldn’t want to miss this.


Can you see everyone in the frame? How’s the lighting? Are we washed out and blending into our surroundings? Are we silhouetted in an unintentional, unpost-able manner? If so, try again. We’ll gladly change location.


Speaking of location, set the stage. Creative direct! Is the ocean visible? Does it look awesome behind us? We’re counting on you. Don’t fuck this up.

Hotdog or Hamburger? (You ask us this.)

It means: vertical shot, or horizontal? We’ll probably want both to make sure you get details like jewelry and the full outfit including shoes.

Sunglasses On or Off? (You ask us this as well.)

Our answers will depend on the state of our hangovers and also, who feels comfortable without mascara.

Nice Face First, Then Funny

Please verify that we’re all making a “nice face.” Are our eyes open? Once you feel confident that a minimum of five (5) photos meet the nice face/eyes-open requirements, you can encourage us to make a funny face! It’s so fun. Jackie will probably stick out her tongue.

Hair Check

Please make sure no one’s hair is doing anything weird, i.e. sticking up straight, covering eyes, falling too flat, etc. We shoot the messenger, yes, but we tarnish the reputation of bad photographers.


A great photographer knows that the best shots happen when they’re least expected. Feel free to get photos of us doing things like laughing and looking accidentally pretty.

Thanks so much! Now can you do this on my phone?

Photo above shot by Krista Anna Lewis, feature image via


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