The Way We Wash Our Faces

Skin is tricky in that if yours is good, you only really know it because you’re not repulsed when you look in a mirror. If it’s bad, you tend to feel like there’s nothing you can do to repair the seeming “damage.” I know this to be true only because one day last summer someone asked me if I was my mom’s mom.

It was so fucked up.

I am the inverse of her age.

Before that encounter, I almost never washed my face. This is probably because subconsciously, I believed I’d look like I was 15 forever.

I would not.

The first few months I spent lathering cleanser onto my face and subsequently smacking myself with drops of faucet water, I hated the ritual. My finger tips are almost always cold and my face does not particularly care for that but I appreciated the effect it had on my skin. I’ve been more or less washing the same way since I started, using Clean and Clear’s blackhead eraser three out of seven days a week and Cetaphil the others. I typically put a serum on my face immediately after — sometimes by La Mer, other times by Somme and then a moisturizer which changes depending on what makes it into my medicine cabinet when.

But this is only before bed. I’ve yet to master the art of The Morning Face Wash. Judge me, go ahead.

Amelia: I use Somme religiously every night and every morning. I start with the cleanser (if I run out and don’t feel like buying more yet, I use Cetaphil) then the exfoliating pads (which I only use at night). Next comes the serum, the moisturizer, the eye cream and each morning, the sunscreen. I’ve gotten so routine about it I still perform all of the proper steps while drunk. For removing my mascara, I’m devoted to Make Up Forever’s Sens’Eyes Waterproof Cleanser.

Charlotte: I hate washing my face. My secret was that I usually don’t, until my Mom brought to my attention the ring of dirt forming around my mouth she referred to as a “dirt moustache.” So now I wash once per day and typically it occurs during my morning shower when my pores have opened a bit. My skin is extremely dry and sensitive and I am allergic to the majority of face products. Upon testing new cleansers and creams, a burning sensation will occur on my cheeks and I will turn tomato red. It’s fun!

I use Aveeno Ultra-Calming Foam Cleanser which is probably for babies and then follow up with Aveeno’s daily moisturizing lotion. When my skin is feeling extra dry post-wash I will dab on the tiniest bit of Kate Somerville’s deep tissue repair cream.

So, that’s that. What do you do?

Image via Marie Claire

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  • any/everything clinique (face wash, makeup remover cleanser, toner, moisturizer).
    my clarisonic (#swoon).
    cetaphil on days i feel lazy.

    basically anything that stars with “c”, apparently.

  • Quinn Halman

    I use Ren every other day only when I’m on my period and then the week after

  • K

    I take my makeup off with jojoba oil, then follow up by washing my face with cetaphil and my clarisonic. Then I use the body shop’s tea tree oil toner and put pure tea tree oil on any pimples that are forming. Then I use neutrogenas sensitive skin moisturizer with a few drops of jojoba oil. I also use an eye cream by clinique. This combination of products has worked wonders on my acne prone skin!!

    • Amelia Diamond

      I have a clarisonic that I never use because I’m scared it makes me break out. Any thoughts?

      • Anka La Blanca

        I used to use Clarisonic religiously and noticed that my pores are getting bigger. Plus every cosmetologist I ever went to recommends to stay away from this thing as it does nothing but aggressively messes up the top layers of your skin…Clarisonic sucks! Throw it away!

        • coffeetoo

          This! this happened to me too! I brought in my slew of products to my derm and told him I use the Clarisonic daily and she looked at my skin and said, “why? what you’re doing is aggravating the top layer of skin. The when you add hyluranic acid serum on top, you get these little bumps” those very tiny not-quite-break-out bumps

          Then she explained that hyluranic acid is effective injected into the skin but not so much on top. (maybe she meant just on my skin?)

          It made me feel as though everything I’ve ever been told (err.. read in Vogue, Bazaar, Glamour, etc…) was a lie.

          I do the Clarisonic once a week now just to exfoliate and definitely not every day like I used to.

          I feel like there could be an entirely separate post on what you’ve heard versus what the dermatologist (or doctor) tells you. The clarisonic one surprised me.

          • Courtney

            I got red bumps too! And my skin was just really aggravated . I feel like the clarisonic was such a waste of money 🙁 I can’t believe they tell people to use it every day!

          • SakiVI

            I found daily clarisonic use too much as well. I did break out a lot. So, now it’s just once a week.

      • Kira

        I use my clarisonic about 3 times a week with Cetaphil and follow that with the rest of the Somme line. I broke out a bit the first two weeks, but after that it was magic!

      • coffeetoo

        Yeah – my derm said just that. Maybe only once in a while?

        My cue is after coming home from a vacation where sunblock was layered multiple times a day over the course of a week.

      • thebloginista

        I think it’s okay 1-2 times a week for a deeper cleanse, but I find using a muslin cloth does pretty much the same thing and is less abrasive!

  • Roxana Zegan

    ladies the best thing you can ever do for perfect skin: drink tons of water, avoid foundation for as long as you can and wash your face with an infusion of fresh dill. Grandma trick but it works miracles. Just make a tea/infusion with fresh dill as you would with any other plant, let it cool and use it to wash your face. It will make your pores tiny and your complexion flawless!

    • Amelia Diamond

      I have never heard of using dill before, fascinating. You boil it you would as if you were making dill tea?

      • Roxana Zegan

        Yes, just like making tea: boil water, add a bunch of fresh dill, let sit for a few minutes then use something to filter the dill out and wait for the tea to cool down. once it cooled down you use it with cotton balls or just your hands to clean your face 🙂

        • Catrinel

          May I ask, are you Romanian? 🙂

    • Charlotte Fassler

      Fascinating, must try! I am all about avoiding foundation and lots and lots of water.

      • Feel you on the no foundation thing. I’ve never put any on before and with all the horror stories regarding clogged pores, etc, I don’t wish to start.

        The only makeup I own is a couple of tubes of lipstick. I typically borrow mascara from my mom a few times a year because she doesn’t touch it either. I am thinking I want to start wearing liquid liner occasionally but I need a steady artist’s hand like yours to even attempt. In for the long haul.

        • Élora

          No foundation ftw! Haha but I’ve never heard about the clogged pores horror stories. I’m scared for good now. 😐

          About liquid liner: it’s actually fairly easy. Even I can do it and I’m awful at anything closely or loosely related to makeup. Bonus, my hands naturally shake. All the time. So if I can put liquid liner on, my bet is you can too! (I use L’Oréal Lineur Intense felt-tip liner. I found felt-tip to be easier to apply – and make a straight line with – than the tiny brushes of usual liners.)

        • nature

          Once I focused on healing my skin rather than covering it up everything got better. I now use foundation as a sunscreen if I am going outside because I am brown so facial sunscreen is chalky and gross on me.

      • Aubrey Green

        You have beautiful baby like skin Charlotte – putting makeup on you would just be wrong. Actually all of MR ladies have amazing skin.

    • Hey Roxana! Do you mind expanding on you do this infusion? Do you just put the dill in hot water, or is there some part I’m missing?

      • Roxana Zegan

        Yes, just like making tea: boil water, add a bunch of fresh dill, let sit for a few minutes then use something to filter the dill out and wait for the tea to cool down. once it cooled down you use it with cotton balls or just your hands to clean your face

    • nature

      It’s the fruit and the vinegar which is why dill is so effective. I have noticed anything natural on the skin works wonders. I was so worried about traveling and my skin going to hell but food products can be found anywhere.

      to wash: any fruit + any sugar + baking soda
      to tone: any vinegar
      to moisturize: anything soothing (olive oil, tee tree oil, aloe vera, etc.)

  • Alex

    My skin completely changed when I stopped *washing* my face. I use micellar waters, right now I’m hooked on the super basic physiological micellar solution from la roche-posay ($15). Twice a day I dab a little of the micellar water on a cotton ball, take a few swipes across my face, then turn to the dry side of the cotton ball to wipe off excess. I follow with a light moisturizer/sunscreen in the morning and a heavier cream at night. Occasionally I will leave argon oil on my face overnight, I feel like a new person the next morning.

    • Aubrey Green

      This is interesting. It makes sense though, seems babies and young children have beautiful skin…not until we start using products that are skin freaks out.

      • Aubrey Green


      • Mary Emily

        …or until we go through puberty…

  • Aubrey Green

    I have dry, sensitive, acne prone skin, so I am like Charlotte and try to avoid most products. CereVe cleanser morning and night. Night: tazorac to help with any acne, then CereVe night time moisturizer and vitamin E for the eyes. Day: grape seed oil mixed with neem oil, followed by Aveeno SPF 30 moisturizer and Clarins eye cream with SPF 30. Lip gloss, Lip Balm, etc. all day, all the time.

  • Autumn Venegas

    I put fresh lemon juice on my face every night. I also use a charcoal based bar soap twice a day. I never wash my face with my hands, I use the Olay Pro X face scrub. I have terribly oily skin so this routine has to be done every day for my skin to look half ass decent.

    • Kandeel

      Lemon juice kills me. I read somewhere that its actually horrible for your face!

  • Catherine

    “I am the inverse of her age” only advantageous if the second number is lower than the first 😉

    • coffeetoo

      Neither one makes sense, my friend.

      If her mom is 50, the inverse of her mom’s age is 1/50.

      • Catherine

        Inverse of 50 is 05 so then she is 5 right?

        • uh oh

          that’s the reverse though isn’t it….math on a fashion blog omg.

      • courtney

        maybe her mom is 52 which makes her 25?

  • Kathryn

    Make up comes off with coconut oil, oatmeal to exfoliate, wash with raw unfiltered honey, lavender and tea tree oil and tamanu oil to treat outbreaks. 🙂

    • Amelia Diamond

      this just sounds like breakfast in a good way

      • coffeetoo

        Spot on, Amelia!

        I often find myself reading a face mask recipe (mashed avocado? raw honey?) and picture myself eating them before they so much as make it to the bathroom counter.

    • Yeah I just read on Into The Gloss yesterday that oils (and specifically the ones you mentioned) were good for treating a pimple here and there! I will definitely have to try in about 3 days when Aunt Flo drops in!

      • Gene

        Coconut oil can clog your pores if you’re prone to that. There’s lots of info on oil cleansing method and which oils are good for face skin (which I used to do religiously every evening, then got a bit lazy and am LOVING Sukin Organics cleansing lotion for sensitive skin due to my dry skin).

    • TaxiOnna

      I do something similar! I moisturize hair and body with coconut oil (be sure to apply to wet skin, as it is not as effective on dry), use yogurt or raw honey masks every few days, and exfoliate with a mixture of olive oil and honey (never salt, and salt has larger, harder crystals which can wreck the sensitive skin on the face).

      Add turmeric to the honey mask for a brightening effect. The honey on its own tightens up the face and minimizes pores, and the yogurt treats acne pretty well!

  • Charlotte

    Boscia Black Cleanser during my shower at night. In the morning, I use a Burt’s Bees baby wipe on my face right before i put on my makeup.

  • Alice la malice

    I cleanse my face with coconut oil and a warm flannel most days, and Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm when I feel like my skin needs a special treat. Take this time to really massage my face and get the blood flowing, works great for de-puffing my bloated face in the early morning.

  • Krystle Wordsworth

    I’m ad avid non-face washer as well. I don’t like the feeling of water dripping down my neck and beyond… only to feel like I need to take yet another shower. The idea of doing it at night….not a chance. BUT someone (my gorgeous, perfectly flawless skin faced friend had this ridiculously huge jar of “something” in her makeup bag… I’m sucker for digging and dabbing into someone elses make up. Anyways, it was an $11 jar of Abolene. Found at Walgreens… No water, no soap, just smooth abolene on and wipe off with a wash cloth. (I use a lightly damp cloth). It feels a little like vaseline, but wipes off much easier and removes all make up, and doesn’t dry out skin. I don’t even use a moisturizer. Just sunscreen. It takes a few days to get use to the idea of not “washing” with soap and water… but it has truly changed my skin. I don’t have breakouts anymore. I’ ve always had 2 or three deep pimples. Every month. I swear by this stuff… its dirty cheap and is better than anything else. You’ll thank me (or my friend) later.

    • Charlotte Fassler

      I want to try this for makeup removal because the Neutrogena wipes I use can dry me out!

      • Krystle Wordsworth

        Same here. And I can’t stand the sticky feeling afterward.

  • Raya

    I used johnson & johnson’s baby shampoo on my face for the past two years after it was recommended to me by a dermatologist (???). It actually kept my skin spotless for that entire period and I recommended it to all my friends (most were skeptical).

    Sadly it stopped working for me this year…the magic is gone and I need new product.

    • Super T

      I have been using baby shampoo for about a year, I love it, my skin is great and the cost is fantastic.

  • Megan //

    I,too, thought I’d be 15 forever…until I turned 30 back in March. After a quick freak the fuck out session, I decided to get serious about my skincare regime. I’m now 2 months in, and it’s almost become a habit: Neutrogena towelette + Olay moisturizer in the morning / Clarisonic + Aquafor at night.

  • What do I do? Not scour with Clean And Clear or Aveeno, for one. You dirtballs need to find a nice oil or balm and use it twice a day. I like the lemon one from Bobbi Brown.

  • Erin Wilson

    The oil cleansing method is the only way to wash your face. Use Cetaphil here and there (post Bikram yoga), but really, don’t use soap. It does the opposite of what you want it to do and actually causes breakouts.

    • Amelia Diamond

      What oils do you use?

      • Erin Wilson

        I use extra virgin olive oil, but you can make your own blend and add castor and/or sunflower seed oil too. Simply apply the oil to your face, while running hot water at your sink. Using your fingertips, really massage your pores and wipe away your makeup. Once you’re satisfied, get the washcloth wet and gently wipe the oil away from your face. Sometimes I like to leave the warm wash cloth over my face for 30 seconds before wiping.

        • coffeetoo

          I’m very curious about this. I mostly wear eye make-up – do you still use the oils right on your eyes? does it get into your eyes? is it effective?

      • Jacqs

        Use any cold-pressed oil mixed with some castor oil. I use olive oil, with a 30-70 ratio: 30% castor, 70 olive. The castor oil opens the pores and draws out toxins, the olive oil moisturizes your face. (You may have to modify the ratio depending on how dry/oily your skin gets). You never need to use soap again. Revolutionized my skincare regimen – my pores used to be so big, and now they’ve all but vanished!
        I found this helpful:

        • Gene

          The ratio and blend is very personal. But for break out prone times, some extra tea tree oil mixed in to your oil before massaging your face really helps.

      • Alaska

        Not quite what I think these other ladies were going for but Amelia, you MUST try the Tatcha Cleansing Oil. It is superb and so gentle!

  • lavieenliz

    Malin & Goetz!!

  • Giuliana Lajules

    Everybody here (commenters included) needs head over Caroline Hirons’ blog RIGHT NOW. Drop the towelettes and the lemon juice immediately.

    • I love Caroline Hirons’ blog. My skin has improved so much since using her blog to develop a new routine.

    • christabel

      Totally agree- sadly no one seems to have listened to your wise advice…

    • Zoe

      All together now.. “wipes are for the three f’s – flights, fannies and festivals. Nothing more!”

      • coffeetoo

        this is solid advice. thank you!

    • Mints

      You have officially changed my life. thankyou! thankyou x

      • Giuliana Lajules


    • anon

      agreed! she is my GOD and by listening to her advice my skin has improved out of sight. i only use products recommended by her!

  • Ok, I promise I won’t mention seal blubber again. I never used to wash my face. It was so gross, I would rock next day makeup wayyyy to often. NOW THAT I AM AN ADULT, I usually do some type of exfoliating cleanser at night followed by a serum or lotion (brands differ depending on sale/my birchbox). Tinted moisturizer or bb cream during the day, and then repeat. If I forget my products on a weekend away, I’ll just wash with whatever soap is laying around. Even dish soap. I KNOW IT’S BAD, I KNOW. My skin doesn’t really get affected, though! When I wear mascara, I wear about 1/4 of the tube, so that takes me 15 minutes to remove.

  • Alisha

    I have combination skin (honestly did not understand what that meant in terms of skin for the longest time!), in the sense that my T zone is prone to oiliness and the rest of my face is normal. I use pHisoderm after a hot shower or steam when my pores are nice and open. On greasy days/gym days i use St Ives apricot scrub – i swear by the stuff – and every day i moisturize with Neutrogena SPF 15 to keep the sun damage to a minimum!

  • I love the ritual of a good skincare routine and use cleansers that need to be removed with a warm facecloth or muslin cloth. I prefer using facecloths.

    In the morning I use a light cleanser, at the moment it is either LUSH’s Angels On Bare Skin or REN’s Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk depending on what my skin needs. I follow with hydrating toner, serum, moisturiser and sunscreen.

    At night I double cleanse (to remove sunscreen or make up, if I’ve been wearing any, properly) with an oil and then a balm cleanser. Currently I’m using an Irish brand called Kinvara Skincare for the oil and LUSH’s Ultrabland. I follow that with a hydrating toner, serum, spot treatment (if I’m having hormonal breakouts) and a nourishing facial oil.

    I exfoliate by using mild acid exfoliating pads twice a week and an enzyme peel once a month. I also use a clay mask and hydrating mask weekly, depending on what my dry, dehydrated, sensitive but prone to hormonal breakouts skin needs.

  • boyfriendsandblazers

    I think the first time I washed my face was when I was 18. I don’t care for the routine. ITS NOT FUN. ESP bc I usually jump into bed around 1130 start catching up on social media and then put on law and order, by the second episode you have a better chance of me becoming the next pope (im israeli) then WANTING to move. but i do it and i do it with Cetaphil. Simple light and cleansing just like Chloe.

  • Dominique
  • GapToothedGirl

    I love Dr Hauschka. Great products, organic feeling
    xox, Gap.

  • alex

    Jurlique balancing face oil preceded by jurlique rosewater spray preceded by jurlique face wash. Natural, smells amazing, and the oil I swear has been transformative.

  • Dabney

    I don’t understand how anyone would hate washing their face? If I ever skip a day washing my face than send me to my therapist, cause something is wrong! Knowing that my skin was the best asset I had made me look forward to keeping it in good condition! I never though I would be 15 forever, and didn’t realize black didn’t crack until I was in my 30’s. Thank god, I washed my face! Recently, I have begun washing my face with olive oil and coconut oil! it’s great for removing make up plus I have less breakouts and deep pore grease! I though it be the reverse but cleaning with oil stopped y skin fro being so oily from the harsh detergents in store bought cleansers. Look if you don’t like o wash your face, at least wipe it down with some coconut oil or something! that dirt ring sounds terrible!

  • Liz

    I wash my face with warm water only and remove my makeup with coconut oil. At night I moisturize with grapeseed oil. In the morning I use Aveno moisturizer with SPF. The oils are the best.

  • Kandeel

    Wash face in morning and evening with Spectro cleanser. Use Cera Ve moisturizer in the mornings after my face wash. All of these products are recommended by my dermatologist! (I also use a number of prescribed acne creams)

  • Thamsa

    If I use a product to wash my face, I only use Dr. Bronners castille soap. Then with slightly damp skin, I apply 100% sweet almond oil (if this runs out, Ill use coconut oil). Though, I will generally rinse using warm water.

    Over a year ago I got a really bad reaction to a moisturiser from the “natural” line Jason. I’d been using it for years, but for some reason this time it literally burned my face, leaving bad scars in random spots on my face. (Until that time, I’d never in my life had an allergic reaction to anything)

    To reduce the scars, I’d been washing my face with licorice root “tea” and regularly applying raw honey and lemon juice masks (and it worked wonders!!!) and after rinsing with water I applied the sweet almond oil. Now I know to always take good care of my face and watch what I put on my skin!!

  • Sophie

    Micellar lotion by Crealine H2O. Really amazing, just not really do friendly because of the cotton pads…

    • Sophie

      Eco friendly!

  • Tara Kane

    3 words: Pond’s Cold Cream

  • Bekah

    Burt’s Bees super sensitive cream cleanser, then sometimes tone with rosewater (THIS WORKS SO WELL. Not to mention that it smells incredible!) and then moisturize with this honey/olive oil/beeswax/other bee things moisturizer that I found at Whole Foods. It makes the skin very glow-y.

  • Melissa

    I don’t wear makeup, so I just wash my face at night with Aveno Skin Brightening Daily Scrub or Burt’s Bees Sensitive Facial Cleanser, then moisturize with Aveno Daily Moisturizer. Sometimes I have fun with this mix of olive oil, sugar, and lemon that my roommate introduced me to but I don’t have the exact measurements (I’m sure it’s google-able).

  • Tamara Janeli Makeup Artist

    Everyone should wash their faces every day, even if you don’t use makeup you still need to was the face because of the pollution, your skin will thank you each and every day. i absolutely recommend exfoliation twice a week, followed by proper skin care regimen (at least moisturizer after shower on the clean face) also after hot shower don’t put cream on your face right away, take care to your body first (moisturize) and then time for face, by that time pores will be smaller and better to apply any skin care product…. hope it helps….
    Again…. never go to bed without washing your face, as everything renews during sleep you don’t need dirt on your face… take care of your skin the biggest organ in your body…xo

  • LEMS

    I have dry, but oily skin so I use Basis face cleanser, and a little astringent for problem areas that I apply with a q-tip to make sure I don’t put too much on. The biggest thing is moisturizing- if I don’t my skin dries out, and then clogs my pores. I switch back and forth because my skin adjusts very fast and I stop seeing the benefits. I wish I could use Somme, a little out of my price range!

    • Jaz

      If your skin is oily but “dry” dehydrated, you might be overstripping it with too harsh a cleanser/astringent combo? (Does your skin feel “squeaky clean?” A good sign of cleanser being too strong). Skin can overproduce oil if the naturally occuring oil barrier is stripped away by cleanser, reason – trying to stop remaining moisture from evaporating. Oil cleansers and a hydrating serum before moisturiser are magic bullets for rebalancing skin 😉

  • rita

    body shop’s cleansing butter to melt away any makeup (seriously, good for any skin type and basically you’ll just need to massage it on the face and then rinse). doesn’t dry, doesn’t add oil. in the mornings, nivea gel wash or once a week, clean & clear soft exfoliator, cheapest stuff around and a secret I’ve come across very recently. excuse my english, I’m from Portugal

  • Daniella

    Almond oil or jojoba oil is the best makeup remover I have found. It gets even the most waterproof make up off and isn’t rough or drying on your skin. Sometimes I’ll use manuka honey as a mask before going to sleep or bentonite clay is an amazing overnight spot treatment. Copper Peptide serum is a great light daily moisturizer.

  • Stefanie M

    I’m a slave to skincare. I don’t know exactly when or why – but in the morning I cleanse with REN, use Hydraluron serum by Indeed Labs, moisturizer by Elemental Herbology & an eyecream by Origins. At night I indulge in Eve Lom cleansing balm (an obscene waste of money in fairness) and follow it up with a chemical exfoliant like Alpha H’s Liquid Gold (my HG skincare item) or Aesop’s Fabulous Face Oil on alternating nights. My Mother has strictly abided to a Lancome-heavy regime for as long as I can remember, and looks amazing for it! My skin has improved ten-fold since setting down a routine – The plan is to look 25 forever! Unlikely.

  • Paranoid Android

    At the moment I use Lush’s Coal Face cleanser, Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner and Lush’s Imperialis moisturiser twice a day, Lush’s Love Lettuce mask, Aesop’s Tea Tree Leaf exfoliator and Mario Badescu Silver powder twice a week each (on different days). Oh and I drink lots of water. I have combination skin, I definitely recommend checking out products for your skin type whether it be by going in store or checking the internet. I never used to wash my face either, but i started breaking out and i’m supposed to be an adult now so i’m giving it a go. None of the products i use test on animals by the way, just thought i’d mention because I know it can be hard to find good stuff that doesn’t.

  • kate

    DHC all the way. Or most of the way, I suppose. I use exfolia cloths (gently), deep cleansing oil, resveratrol essence (serum), & “water base moisture” – the last of which has ‘placental protein’ which is…slightly creepy, but I, who react to aveeno and clinique, haven’t gotten a rash from this stuff.

  • G

    I wash my face every night with a probiotic soap called defense. works great and does not irritate my sensitive skin. I moisturize with Life-flo triple advantage with DMAE, alpha lipoic acid and vitamin C. works amazing!! Its the same active ingredient as this:
    but way cheaper and it works!!

  • LaShawnda G

    I use a cleansing oil. and when i don’t use it, i break out.

  • G Moody

    I wash once at night with neutrogena naturals makeup removing cleanser then use their combination skin moisturizer. If I feel gross I use sea salt water as a toner, great for breakouts too but always rinse after a minute or so because it is strong.

  • Michelle McBride

    I’m a fan of Estée Lauder and Lancôme products. I use the night repair serum from Estée Lauder and it has reduced not only sun damage but brown spots from my horrible acne years. It won’t tell you it can reduce brown spots but after only a week of using it I’ve seen the difference. I use a lot less foundation because of this..

  • I also hate washing my face. The water dribbling down my arms getting on my sleeves, My sleeves not staying up and rolling down to the water! My freshly blow dried hair getting wet and becoming curly (and always the front bits where you REALLY dont want it to happen) Feeling like i can only delicately, strategically place the cleanser on certain parts of my face and wash ever so gently because of all the reasons listed above. UGHK its hell. But i too sometimes do get into the habbit of trying to do it regularly. I dont wear makeup unless its a spesh occasion, so those nights i would just use cetaphil. When im trying to be one of those well kept girls i opt for Skin Doctors cleanser. I moisturise religiously every single day with Skin Doctors Youth Cell cream and it actually made me double check myself one day cause i was all glowing and shit. Im pretty lucky that i have good skin, but I would suggest to just find what works for you and STAY AWAY FROM SUPERMARKET BRANDS. Clean and Clear will fuck you up. Please throw it away. All you need to do is 1. not wear makeup 2. drink shit loads of water 3. dont ever sleep in makeup and 4. moisturise daily (including eye cream). Vitamin C is also exactly what your skin wants so get amongst that serum. I have found Indio to be AHmazing.

  • Violet

    My skin is crazy sensitive too. I have a tendency to breakout and to make it more exciting I have combination skin which is twice as fun to treat. My skincare starts with watching what I eat. Tumrmeric and green juice are blood and liver purifying and help my skin stay clear because my body isn’t expelling excessive toxins through my face. I’ve been to dermatologists, had chemical peels and tried plenty of over the counter products with no avail so I decided to try the most hardcore hippy face washing technique ever….Oil cleansing. Google ‘crunchy Betty oil cleansing method.’ It sounds like the worst thing someone could do to their face and it’s the best thing to ever happen to my skin care regimen. I invest in good quality avocado oil and honey, good ol’ fashioned baking soda and apple cider vinegar and it still costs me less monthly then any thing els I’ve tried. My complexion has never been perfect but today my skin is really really healthy. Dope.

  • Lin D

    I was my face with baking soda at night and then use a really good deep moisturizer. Ever since I started doing this I went from having old skin with big pores to a complexion that impresses my dermatologist. Baking soda is supposedly the best face wash you can use, and its cheap! Other than that – some people like to get facials once every six weeks to upkeep. Its a very european thing to do and a good age-resistant habit.

    • Lin D

      Most of all though- WEAR SUNSCREEN.

    • Lin D

      If you have dry skin- only wash with baking soda once a week. I use it every night because the majority of my day involves heavy exercise and I sweat.

  • Sarah

    Take a good, long look at women and your family and than judge what you should do now to look like them–or not. My mom had amazing skin and used a combination of oil based cleansers and scrubs. Always have a “cover” for you skin–don’t go out bare faced. Base actually protects your skin from the damage of sun.

  • Kiri Yanchenko

    I actually use gauze to wash my face. It turns any cleanser into a gentle exfoliant every day. I got this tip from a dermatologist. You can buy it bulk on ebay and it’s always clean – not like those battery operated things everyone buys.

    • mangomadness

      Interesting! I used to use cotton pads to wash my face to foam up the cleanser and keep germs at bay (one time use).

  • MD

    I live in Sydney and use a new brand called Go-To Skincare by Aussie beauty blogger Zoe Foster Blake… it’s freaking AWESOME. The cleanser is mousse and is like washing your face with clouds. Plus it’s all natural

  • pamb

    My oily, oily, so so oily skin is cringing at the thought of skipping an morning face wash, and evening face wash, even a late afternoon ‘wipe wash’. I just don’t feel clean if I haven’t cleansed my face!

    I’ll use whatever oil free face wash is on sale, and wash morning and night. When I get home from work I ‘wipe wash’ all the makeup off as kind of a pre-wash wash. I use eye cream morning and night, and whatever face oil I’m currently into at night. Spot treat any blemishes and I’m done.

    I’m (gasp) 49 and I’ve been told I barely look in my early 40s. (I’m vain enough to agree). The oiliness of my skin has definitely kept most aging at bay, although sun damage is raring it’s ugly spotted head.

  • aphra

    hey charlotte – my skin is also very dry and sensitive (i have eczema) and spent have spent most of my life avoiding anything other than aveeno baby products, so i feel you. sometimes going so far as to just use actual oatmeal to “wash” my face – dont do this its disgusting and im pretty sure doesnt actually clean anything – but last year i started using mychelle cleanser and moisturizer and have never looked back. i highly recommend giving it a try!

  • Laura Mitchell

    I follow the ITG 10 step Korean process! A mixture of Somme, prescription serums, and SK-II products. If Emily will publish it on her blog, I’ll probably follow it (she’s the super intern. How can you not listen to the super intern’s advice? And her blonde is so perfect!!)

  • curvasian

    Avene saved my life when I had hyper-sensitive skin. Now it’s almost, “almost” flawless. Don’t believe me? check me out 🙂

  • girlinmenswear

    REN moisturizing face wash and make up remover in the evening, and then Nuxe creme fraiche de beaute cream every morning – everything else gives me spots or dry skin patches.

  • Courtney

    I take my makeup off with some Ella Baché makeup remover on a face pad. Then morning and night I wash my face with Ella Baché’s savon adoucissant cream cleanser. I then spray my face with People for Plant’s mist toner, apply their gel moisturiser and also their eye cream.

  • Amy M

    I was super relaxed about this until I hit the dreaded 2-5 and my skin stopped being baby fresh! Now I religiously cleanse morning and evening; morning I use the Kiehl’s ultra facial cleanser, followed by hydrabio tonic (would be the perfect tonic if only it hadn’t been scented!) and finish with ultra facial moisturiser by Kiehl’s. In the evening, I remove my make up with sensibio, follow with the cleanser and tonic and finish with skin rescuer by kiehl’s. MUCH more complicated than the good old days but I frequently pass for 18 so I think it’s worth it.

  • Mardigrassss

    Quick tip: Rub ice on your face to temporarily diminish the size of your pores! 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    You guyssss, just listen to me – Use a salicylic acid based face wash, it takes care of EVERYTHING. No jokes. My skin wasn’t even bad before but after I used it I was all, WHOA!

  • Elizabeth

    ”I used johnson & johnson’s baby shampoo on my face for the past two years”? Y’ALL MOFOS NEED JESUS

    • sarah

      weird, dude

  • nataliei

    almond oil! for cleansing and moisturizing. I wish I knew about almond oil when I was like 13! plan on using it until i die. loooooveeee itttttt. sensitive, mixed skin.

  • Ivy

    I use Sodashi’s clay cleanser with sandalwood (perfect for those with sensitive/ reactive skin) morning and night, it is 100% chemical free and smells amazing. It leaves my skin feeling clean but hydrated and I am left with no redness which is a miracle and I am completely pimple free which is a double miracle! Love it. *Also you should read up on cetaphil, I know everyone loves it but the ingredients aren’t all that.

    Here is the link:

  • Perry

    I don’t let corporations dictate the products I use.

  • Margaret

    I just read that Sea Buckthorn Best Skin Ever is amazing, sold by Living Libations out of Canada. I ordered my first bottle and it should arrive in 2-3 weeks. Shailene Woodley swears by it so I’m going to take her word for it. As of now I use CeraVe and coconut oil (not together).

  • BethanyBeach

    I have sensitive combination skin which is essentially your skin laughing at you, but Clinique’s 3 step system (for oily combination) really works! I use that twice a day plus their combination foundation.
    If I’m lazy I’ll use Almay’s makeup remover with the citrus scent

  • Ana Lucia Arango

    I wash my face sometimes up to 3 times a day because my job is so physical; I’m a server and I also enjoy a lot of sports activities. I have used Aveeno and Neutrogena which I love; I say try any of their products specially ones for sensitive skin. Currently testing Alba Botanica Natural Hawaiian Cleanser, that has skin brightening enzymes in its formula. Fortunately because of this habit people have believed that I look 19/20 when in reality I’m turning 27 this summer. WASHING your face every day pays off!!

  • Ana Lucia Arango

    Also try Tea Tree Oil products as a Toner.

  • Metta Handamde

    I use the oil cleansing method once a day before bed. In the am I just spray my face with rose water. Olive oil infused with rose petals, carrot seed oil, grape seed oil, and a few drops of rose Otto essential oil. I am allergic to everything else ! I get hives and dry patches and swelling.

  • Antillanka

    Nivea is my copilot in this one….

  • justme

    I use honey and oil. Yeah, I know. Sounds crazy. But it kills acne. Check it out.

    (and it doesn’t have cancer causing stuff)_

  • I mayyyy have the world’s weirdest skincare routine.

    Night: Coconut Oil. Slather it on, tissue it off, let the excess moisturize skin overnight.
    Morning: St. Ive’s green tea scrub, followed by Argan Oil (and whatever makeup I feel like wearing).
    Weekly: Dr. Brandt’s microdermabrasion scrub, which smells like a lemon bar and makes my skin look and feel like a baby’s bottom.

    I naturally have dry skin, so this works amazingly well for me…. you can never have too much moisture!

  • sarah

    osmosis all the way twice a day, but i do love the below oil crazy rites performed below, especially the coconut oil wash. interesting, may save me thousands.

  • anon

    i use cleansing balms only due to caroline hirons, usually the clinique take the day off balm, any toner with salicylic acid in it, then hydraluron by indeed labs (be sure to check this out, its incredible), followed by a moisturiser (either embroylisse lait creme concentrate or perricone md face finishing moisturiser), followed by an spf.

    i never used to care much what i used on my face or how often i washed it *shudders*, but caroline hirons changed everything! i owe my great skin to her and if you havent checked out her website i highly, highly recommend it, the woman is a genius on skincare! (be sure to check out her cheat sheets)

  • cristin

    I jumped on the oil cleansing bandwagon, too. My skin is super sensitive so i looked into the least comedogenic oils possible-sunflower & hemp, it turns out. Then I’ve been loving all the advice from Caroline Hirons-she’s brilliant, British, & hilarious.

  • what?

    This seemed like a poorly written opener into a face washing ‘article’…how can you not ever wash your face? That’s not even believable. Not even in the shower while you wash the rest of your body? I can understand not using store bought products…I went for weeks only using fruit and sugar or just my towel in the shower. But still. Why wouldn’t you take care of your face? My skin is dry and zitty so that would be unbearable but other members of my family just pass over their face with water and hand soap and they have never had a zit.

  • marie a

    skoah! and you should NOT be exfoliating daily… especially not with a physical exfoliant.

  • Pepper

    I use only mario badescu on my face. I got freak acne for the first time in my life last year and its cleared up so much thanks to mr badescu. I use these in the morning: acne facial cleanser, special cleansing lotion C (toner), oil free moisturiser SPF-30. At night I again cleanse and tone, then use the seaweed night cream to moisturize. 2-3 times a week I’ll use a glycol acid gel. I use the silver powder to get take care of blackheads. wa-la!

  • karakafka

    Dove Sensitive Skin bar for washing and jojoba oil for moisturizing in the morning. At night, the same, except I might add a couple of drops of tea tree oil/tamanu oil.

  • Samy

    I’m getting married in August and in March I broke out with hard under the skin acne on both cheeks. It was AWFUL. As someone who’s never had an issue with breakouts I was even more stressed and confused!! I read about Paula’s Choice products and went online and ordered a crap load of products after youtubing peoples skincare regimens. It definitely helped and cleared up a lot of the breakouts. Unfortunately with only 3 months left till the wedding I’m breaking out again but this time with little red bumps. I’m trying to drink as much water and coconut water as a human can possibly drink as well as making homemade smoothies. Hopefully this will help or I will definitely be trying some of these oils recommended!

  • Angela

    I use Medicine Man Organic cold processed soap made by Ground Soap to wash my face and I use an organic moisturizer from Eminence.

  • Jay Kanderi

    I only recently started the Korean double cleansing method and my skin has never looked better. I wear a lot of makeup and double cleansing really helps. 1st step, I massage some coconut oil and wipe away with a cotton pad it takes away all of the eye make up and foundation. 2nd step, I use a gentle foaming cleanser and pat dry.

  • Mary Josephine

    I just use coconut oil! I have found the simpler, the better.

  • Gail

    I wash my face twice a day. I use what a gentle foaming face wash by Boscia in the morning, and follow it up with OXY’s 10% benzoyl peroxide face wash. I use either Bare Mineral’s daily moisturizer, or Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar after. After wearing make up all day, I follow the same routine to wash it off and very rarely go to be with make up on my face. I also put my hair up at night or wash it so that no product gets on my pillow-and although I’m perfectly capable of breaking out just like everyone else-I have almost perfect skin. (Drinking a gallon of water each day helps, too!)

  • Anita
  • MsKerri

    That’s funny reading you never washed your face until you figured you must give it a try. I just go by my Moms rule. At 13 or so she plucked my eyebrows the first time. I think I could use mascara then after my plucking. Mom made me promise to wash my face every day and always before bed! I promised. I used Dove and I didn’t need any moisturizer. I had great skin. I have had less then five zits in my life. My Son bought me at the age of 40 the Clinique three step cleansing kit one holiday. Wow ! as
    I washed my face with cleanser a white like 1/4″ of soap or sebum came out of one nose pour. Gross. So I’ve washed now with SKINN cosmetics for years and like one gal said- I can’t get into putting any treatments on my face during the day. I wear sunscreen more on my hands and wrists then I do on my face. But- I always wear RayBans w block sun around eyes.

    • MsKerri

      Oh and I use Clairasonic. Tip for zits Deodorant has same ingredient as zip cream. Like if you just rarely get one apply some to spot. it works in two days. Another tip sleep on silky pillowcases always!! Cotton smashes and wrinkles your face. Use Sensitive or unscented products with out silicone and Water ‘ listed as first ingredient. Especially no water under eyes. It puffs up eyes which is bad damage I feel. Tip after brushing teeth brush your lips and around them to get rid of dead skin. Tip anti dandruff shampoo exfoliates head scalp. It will do same to your face ! Tip if your eyebrows are thinning. Put on men’s rogaine to re grow eyebrows !;) or Latisse But it makes hairs dark and thicker and they stand up a tad.

  • Jess

    I have quite good skin and I barely do anything. I occasionally cleanse and moisturise but mostly I leave my skin alone, because your skin can do most of the things we use products for. If your skin is dry its usually because you use too much moisturiser. Leave your skin alone for 3 weeks and reap the benefits as your skin adjusts to the new regime, self-exfoliates and self-moisturises. Saves SO much money.
    Also: “Deep tissue” moisturisers are bullshit. No magic cream can get past the surface of the skin.

  • Susan Flores

    rose water spray 🙂

  • SakiVI

    I only wash my face at night. If I ckeanse in the morning too, it gets irritated. So, now I splash with water, and tap on toner and emulsion.

  • JoAnne McArdle

    I use Younique products. I like 100% natural and cruelty free products. I have mature skin and roseacea. The cleanser is very gentle, the Divine moisturizer is just that…divine! The Uplift Serum I use under my eyes and my neck to keep wrinkles at bay. I find consistency with good products will bring you the best results day and night.

  • Snow

    DDF blemish foaming cleanser every morning and night for makeup removal ponds bio hydrant and some rose water (this really helps clean out all theakeup) . for mosturizing I use la Roche possay effaclar mat .. I have really oily skin and this ritual helps a lot

  • Erin J

    Konjac sponges! They render the soap mostly irrelevant!

  • beaker

    Lol I use bar soap