The Important Sale Season Questions

The fundamental problem with a post-Memorial Day sale (at least across the more lavish verticals that are, for example, Net-a-Porter, Moda Operandi and from the U.K., Matches Fashion) is quite frankly that “sale” is just a digestible code word for “expensive clothes that are still expensive but not as expensive as they were before.”

I’ve said this at least three or four times in the past but it seems worth reiterating every time the holy grail of shopping seasons comes back around, and like a true victim of consumerist society, I load up and down every digital shopping cart in town.

What seems to be the issue with these not-as-expensive-but-still-expensive sales is that even in the event that we are to give in and bite the gold-plated bullet, we are (or at least I am) so frequently blinded by the slashes. This blindness tend to leave me with cardboard boxes full of flights of fancy that I wouldn’t wear even in the event that I were to vow to dress like the best, as opposed to most authentic, version of myself.

So here are five questions I’d recommend you ask should you find yourself approaching the intersection of luxury sale and impaired judgement:

1. Can you wear the garment in question at least three ways with the pre-existing contents of your closet? (I had to veto this for inability to answer yes.)

1a. From the same family is the question of whether you already have a garment that serves the same exact function, which is why I can’t go through with the purchase of effectively any pair of jeans.

2. Would you have bought the garment in question if you could have afforded it before the sale? (These shoes are out for that reason.)

3. Are you trying to dress a body that is not yours? Often times, I forget that I am not Emanuelle Alt. I mean, I don’t forget, but I do remember that low rise drop crotch pants just don’t do for me what they’ve done for her. High waist shapes are better for my torso and my ass.

4. Are you sure this isn’t the FOMO spending? Fashion FOMO is a very real thing. I occasionally find that I’ve spent so much time on a given website that I don’t want to leave said site without feeling like I’ve satisfied a duty. This ‘duty’ typically manifests as a purchase and leads to my buying something. Often, my laziness lashes out and I never return it, thus leaving me at a deficit + feckless garment. Sometimes, not always, it’s better to just walk away.

5. Are you trying to convince yourself you need something? You know, when you really, really love something and can obtain it, convincing is rarely necessary.

Alright! Now that that’s out of the way, here’s a round up of today’s deals:

From Net-a-Porter and SSENSE: Up to 50% off

From ASOS: 20% of everything with the code: WEBEGRILLIN 

From Barney’s Warehouse: An additional 30% off the entire site and free shipping

From Neiman Marcus: An extra 30% off sale + 30% off select regular prices

From Nordstrom, Saks and Bergdorf Goodman: up to 40% off

From Shopbop: Up to 70% if you’re here to get lucky! 

From J.Crew: An extra 30% off sale

From Piperlime: An extra 25% off sale

And from our friends in London at Matches Fashion: Up to 50% off with free shipping and returns to the U.S. and pick-up service in the U.K.

-Leandra Medine

  • boyfriendsandblazers

    that was contradicting and damageable. (OPEN TAB) NET-A-PORTER.COM

  • ee_by_cc

    Amen to this! I love my dear mother, but she is ALL about the sale. Meaning that she shops a sale even if she doesn’t need anything and loves to say “Guess how much money I saved!”. To which I say, “You didn’t save any money if you got something you don’t need/won’t wear!” Silly parents. 🙂

  • Another good’un that went live today with up to 50% off is Farfetch!

  • jellymo

    Ahhhhhhhh danger

  • STAHP I want ALL the THINGS

  • Gabe

    Yes, FOMO from lengthy browsing is my downfall! I feel that this diagnosis is going to save me from deficits and purchases of feckless garments in the future. breakthrough!

  • Jennifer Holt

    I’ve already done damage at J.Crew, Net-a-porter and East Dane (the men’s side of Shop Bop). But to be fair, those last two involved buying Christmas presents…Yes, I’m that person. I definitely had to pull myself back from doing some serious damage though (I guess I don’t really NEED that Burberry lipstick…although it is the perfect shade of red).

  • Andrea Cousiño Gonzalez

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