The Emmys are the Oscars’ Weird Cousin

The Emmys celebrated its 66th year last night with Seth Meyers as its host. There were winners, losers, 11 second kisses and a fair comparison between Amy Poehler and Queen Bey. The Violently Mangled Attire of Sunday night’s VMA red carpet was snubbed for varying hues of orange, and the energy was jovial with a twist of celebrity self-deprecation. (Was I there? No. But I have an HD TV so you’re damn right I felt it.)

The thing about the Emmys is that it congregates the most comedic, warped, and creative minds of a medium which continues to surprise and delight its audience. With those minds comes the invariable slip ups (albeit handled with grace) and the insider-y jokes that make you feel as though you should’ve been nicer to those drama kids back in your high school’s sketch group. They’re probably sitting in that audience. What happens at the Emmys would simply not fly at the Oscars, probably due to the lack of adult supervision at the former, meaning that the Emmys — if you think about it — are like the Oscars’ weird cousin:

1. Orange proved to be the new black of the red carpet.

Mindy Kaling, Kerry Washington and Sarah Hyland are just a few who opted for the color that my camp counselor once told me represented, “creativity, success, and enthusiasm.” To me it says, “Be bold! Don’t take yourself too seriously! Drink eggnog! This isn’t the Oscars, it’s a FIESTA.”


Images via The New York Daily News

2. Aaron Paul chose to use his speech as a platform to promote and profess his love to his wife:

“My god… thank you for marrying me…if you guys don’t know what she does look up Kind Campaign!”

The Emmys were like, “Aww.” The Oscars would have been like, “Cue the exit music.”

3. Lena Dunham proved she can have her cake and wear it too. Fuck yeah Lena! (You can’t curse at the Oscars, right?)


Image via Instyle/Getty

4. Weird Al Yankovic performed with Andy Samberg as a very convincing King Joffrey…

…then proceeded to gift “Game of Thrones” creator George Martin a typewriter while urging him to “TYPE GEORGE! TYPE AS FAST AS YOU CAN!” Again, the Oscars would have pleaded, “Cue the exit music.” We were like, “Don’t stop!”

5. Billy on the Street and Seth Meyers took to the streets.

Together they scared pedestrians with zero worries of potential harassment lawsuits.

6. Billy Crystal paid a beautiful tribute to Robin Williams.

He seamlessly wove in the late comedian’s funniest moments and touching testaments to his genius and influence: “For almost forty years, he was the brightest star in the comedy galaxy… Robin Williams, what a concept.”

The Oscars would have approved this one.

7. Bryan Cranston planted an 11 second kiss on Julia Louis-Dreyfus

…and it did not look the least bit staged.


GIF via Business Insider

8. Hayden Panettiere chose a sparkling baby bump over a concealed black one

…because this isn’t the Oscars, which means it’s her and baby’s time to shine.


Images via The Huffington Post

9. Kit “Man-Bun” Harington chose to discuss his proclivity towards skinny dipping over “who he was wearing”:

“I’ve got an addiction to skinny dipping. I don’t know what it is. Maybe I’m a nudist at heart.” He’s killing us.


GIF via The Mirror

10. Sarah Silverman whisked out not an origami fan from her purse, but her “liquid pot.”

…Thus becoming the first red-carpet-goer to prove Giuliana Rancic at a loss for words.

Did we forget anything? Does anybody even watch the Emmys? Does anyone else wish their weird cousin was this cool? Let us know in the comments!

  • Oh no, Kerry. Whyyy orange why. I do love love love the sparking baby bump – so sweet!

    Warm Regards,

    • dasha

      are you kidding? kerry looks amazing! one of the best dressed for sure!

  • Best clutch reveal ever.

  • Sam

    Lena’s dress makes me want cake

  • Sarah Silverman is freaking hilarious. And yes, her boobs looked amazing.

  • Esther Levy

    If you want to be a nudist ‘at heart’ than be a nudist, Kit Harington. For god’s sake.

  • Jenns10

    I didn’t watch the Emmys this year but this recap was all I needed. Does Kit’s man bun qualify for category of susie bubble bun??

  • hila

    is it just me or does Hayden look like she’s way overarching her back so that her bump looks bigger? She looks great she doesn’t need to try so hard!!

    • ihavenobones

      Well, she’s posing for the photographers. Most pregnant women don’t hang out with their hands perpetually placed on their lower abdomens either.

  • Ray, L

    I Tivo’d the Emmy’a and was planning to watch next week but after reading this, I took a 2 hour lunch and Indulged,
    I have to say this recap made the Show Better..
    Great Read

  • Tonia Rose

    So many gorgeous outfits from the night! However my least favorite look was Lena Dunham’s- the dress itself is stunning, however i wish she would have brought the waist in a bit more, like how it was shown on the runway, as this makes the ensemble have a much more chicer feel 🙂 <3

    • dasha

      “however i wish she would have brought the waist in a bit more”

      lena dunham’s body isnt a size 0 model’s body for her waist to have been brought in more. her waist is what her waist is, and thats where the skirt sits!! sorry the size of her waist isn’t “chic” enough to you, i guess she’ll let you know when YOUR superficially uninformed opinion of her body matters to her. #peaceout

  • Alejandra

    I really thought Lena Dunham was wearing Christian Siriano Spring 2010? or is it2011? Either way, she should of also rocked the head scarf.

    • Alejandra

      You see

      • Esther Levy

        It’s Giambattista Valli but the dresses are strikingly similar..

  • Morgan Davison

    You forgot about Cary Fukunaga and his amazing man braids. Instant crush material.

  • Ray, L

    I have sworn off the Emmy’s Due to the Snubbing True Detective recieved (except for Cary’s well deserved Win) But still had to read and watch the clips from this article, Great Writer… Also the chance to see M.M jump on stage in his white tux will not come again

  • Amanda

    I would say red, not orange.

  • Loved the Emmy’s! great post

  • I honestly like the cut of Sarah Hyland`s dress.. Not sure about the color though

    ROUGH & TOUGH☯ | I`m on Bloglovin!

  • suzyd

    I have this weird obsession with awards shows. I just cannot not watch them. I thought Lizzy Caplan looked f-ing AMAZEballs last night. I love her.

  • mercy

    i love orange !

    regards tas selempang wanita

  • Aisha S

    OK. What is with the man-bun? I’ve noticed it on the streets. Why is this a trreend?

  • diane

    Best orange dress of the night was that simple coral chiffon sheath that Zac Posen made for Heidi Klum. She never looked more elegant.

  • I LOOVE the fact that they gave George a typewriter!! I’m desperately waiting for the next book, haha.