Brazil Closets: Thassia Naves

Thassia Naves makes her way around the Internet (and world). She’s the Brazillian founder and editor of Blog Da Thassiawhich she’s grown into an impressively global brand, and her ability to diversify her business informs her approach to getting dressed, too. And I mean that almost literally, because I can’t pin down her style for the life of me. Not because she doesn’t have a distinct point of view, but because she does, and it’s so multi-faceted that to put it in a box would be insulting.

Monday she’s downtown, Tuesday she’s back in time, Wednesday she’s transitioning from gym to nightclub, Thursday she’s uptown, Friday she’s jogging to a fancy dinner. It’s enough to make your head spin and heart beat in a super exciting way. Have a look for yourself above and then consider working sneakers into your next look, regardless of context.

Follow Thassia on Instagram @thassianaves. Check out her blog Blog Da Thassia, too. Feature collage by Lily Ross.


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