Do You Feel Pre-Thanksgiving Burnout?

Does anyone know what I’m talking about? Do you feel the pre-Thanksgiving burnout? What gives?

I mean, I know what gives. What a couple of weeks we’ve had, right? And I’m not sure what the climate inside your head looks like, but if you just huffed, puffed, did not blow a house down but totally could have, I’m assuming you get me. I think I stopped computing words yesterday. I keep leaving them out of sentences, both on and offline, have been misspelling shit all week and feel like I will die a slow death if I have to so much as look at another holiday-themed thing you can buy (damn the woman who scheduled five holiday style posts to occur in early December) (I am that woman). When I ask myself: What are you excited about? Where are you finding purpose? What’s energizing you right now? The only thing that comes up is that Nutella burger — hold the burger — that McDonald’s is about to start offering.


And also, I guess, that Oreo candy bar?


There are loads of huffs and puffs going around this office and I swear this is a fun place to work. There is free food all the time and we routinely break from character to talk about our feelings, so if I had to guess, it is post-election, pre-Thanksgiving malaise inducing the burnout. When I look back at last year, I remember that right around this time, I practically turned MR into; remember this podcast episode? This round table?

Just last week, over dinner with 100 cousins (closer to 20, but it felt like 100), everyone was complaining, sulking in their own disarray, pronouncing extreme readiness for Thanksgiving, proclaiming their adversaries dead. I see bags under every pair of eyes I look into. It’s almost like we feel the break coming and thus prematurely shut off. It makes getting through this period, where we must rally, feel like we’re doing everything with 20-pound weights strapped to our legs. Which is great, probably, for our gluts. But we’ve worked hard enough! Be kind to yourself!

Of course, there is a possibility that I’m projecting. Maybe you’re doing fine. If you are, I commend you. If you’re not, I encourage you to indulge your exhaustion. Come hang out down here (the comment section) with me, in the depths of malaise, and let’s try to figure it out together. Talk about our feelings. Hug each other with words.

Some thought starters to get going: What’s the deal with pre-Thanksgiving burnout? Why does it always happen? How do you combat it? Can you picture yourself in just a few hours?


The silver lining is so close, I can feel it.

Collage by Emily Zirimis.

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