#TBT: The MacGibbon Days

In spite of an etiquette post that may have dissuaded participants of the Throwback Thursday phenomenon, and a follow up story that vetted in favor of a new hashtag: #FastForwardFriday, the former, unofficial totem of Instagram’s success has demonstrated pungent staying power. So much so that it has transcended the boundaries of the app. So you know what they say, right?

Your love is like a river.

But also, if you can’t beat them, join them.

It’s just, I don’t feel like filtering images from the days of personal yore. My pacifier was no different from yours and I’m still shaking off the terror that comes with perennial banana curls, so, I’m going to try a nod to fashion on this holy, pre-Memorial day of retrospection.

Last May, I wrote a story about past collections I still think about romantically now. It is an assault on unilateral, female humanity that I left out Hannah MacGibbon’s S/S 2010 collection for Chloé which arguably initiated a steadfast love affair that all bonafide members of the man repeller tribe would grow to experience with not just denim tuxedos, anoraks and ponchos, but with the idea of socks to compliment our sandals and messy-ass hair to create nests atop our heads.

The flimsy white silk and chiffon dresses should not be overlooked either — especially in a setting that promotes the anterior, rugged cues. Doesn’t it all just seem so…easy? It’s style that doesn’t take much thought and feels as fresh today as it did when I first saw it from a Dell desktop Dell. (Don’t tell anyone I had one of those.)

Of course, though, all this is to beg the question: what does your Fashion #TBT look like?

  • I love this dress <3

  • Yup! This was one of the collections that ignited it all for me. The hair, the clothes, the music. I have to say, though, the collection I miss the most is Miu Miu spring 2010. I cried every single time I watched the video of the shoe, and I cried when the spring season ended and my unnattaible dream of having a pair of the shoes became even more unnattaible. Sometimes late at night when I’m sitting in my room in the moonlight, I think about that collection and what could have been. The crystals, the cats, the naked ladies, the cut-outs. It was and is everything fashion is for me.

    If anyone knows where I can still find a pair of those fucking perfect platform heels, let me know. I am ready and willing to work for those shoes. The time has come and I need a pair badly.

    • Leandra Medine

      I bet you can find them on The Real Real

      • You’re right. eBay seems to have exhausted its supply. I’ll look today.

  • Cel B

    I SO agree with how great this was. I just think Chloe has a way of structuring the ethereal.

  • Those stirrup trousers, tho!

  • Typhaine Augusto

    I remember that “all denim everything” silhouette, still love it !

  • Gertrude

    obsessed about this collection too

  • Emelie

    This was such a copy paste post from Elin Kling’s The Wall. They made the EXACT same post two weeks ago… Shame on you. http://www.elin-kling.com/the-wall/throwback-thursday-chloe-ss10

    • Leandra Medine

      Ha! I did not see that but am kind of thrilled that she and I are operating on the same wave length.