Open Thread: Tell Us About Your Summer Fling
Summer Fling Man Repeller Feature

I grew up in California, but in many ways these past couple months in New York have felt like Baby’s First Summer. Before this year, never had I ever….

– left home in the morning without a backup shelter for my shoulders

– worn shorts out at night

– not had a vitamin D deficiency

– (just kidding, still have that)

– had iced coffee so many days in a row

– watched everyone I know leave town every weekend

– (without me)

– had a summer fling.

That last point, in particular, gathers us here today. Now, I don’t have a summer fling (does self-tanner count?) nor am I in pursuit of one. More: until last week, I was unaware that anyone was. In my world, they are not an actual thing unless you’re a character in Grease, but during a recent conversation with my esteemed colleagues of the so-called man-repelling variety, I was informed that Summer Flings (capital S, capital F) are a serious and very real annual tradition. Further — according to them — eeeeeeveryone has an anecdote or five to share.

I am suspicious. Is this true? Have you had a Summer Fling? Did you sing about it on the bleachers to your friends? DO YOU HAVE ONE NOW? This is a safe place. Please tell me. I’ve been indoors for many hours (see point #4) and need you to tell me everything.

Collage by Lily Ross.


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