So You’ve Got a Full Day of Work Ahead of You and Then Dinner with Your In-Laws, What Do You Wear?

Full disclosure: I’m at work right now, dressed for a full day ahead of me and, as fate would have it, I find myself obligated to hightail it uptown in order to meet my partner-in-sex’s parents for dinner. (Yes, I call him that to them as well. They appreciate it just as much as a member of PETA does short ribs.) Currently, I’m wearing burgundy leather trousers; they’re low slung and slightly drop crotch.

They’re also cropped at the ankle — just cropped enough to compliment my white high top sneakers, replete with red and blue side stripe, without exposing even a micro-inch (centimeter?) of ankle skin. I’m also wearing a white long sleeve t-shirt with a grey sweater from Uniqlo over it and a navy blue neckerchief. My coat is suede with fringe and to be completely honest, I totally forgot I was seeing sex-partners-in-law later today.

TGIF? I think not.

So, at some point during a lull-period today, I’m going to have to go home and change. Mostly because uptown is stuffy and I don’t know if they care for white sneakers. So, here’s what I anticipate changing into, keeping in mind that I will be coming back to work before I head uptown:

Light blue denim flare leg jeans (ill-fit in all their glory and not unlike these) with a light blue and white striped button up blouse (mine is from Brooks Brothers, yours can be from wherever you want it to be from), a red neckerchief instead of a navy one and because the temperature is high enough in spite of supposed precipitation, I will wear open toe, mid-heel sandals that say: you should be so thrilled your son decided to marry me, without also saying, I clean up after him.

Because, you know, I don’t.

Find yourself in a similar situation? The end-of-day meeting might not be with in-laws per se, but could be with equally stringent individuals who may or may not sometimes make you feel uncomfortable. Take a page from the book of man repelling and report back, wouldja?

  • i work at an art gallery in mexico and since after work i have to go to school i have absolutely no time to change. The real catch is that i am an art student and every single one of my classes involve me being in contact with materials that stain. So i usually go on and about adding and removing layers.

  • francesca oprandi

    I recently had dinner at my boyfriend’s parents’ house sporting THAT Diesel tee, the one with boobs sketched on. I think it’s been the only time his mother didn’t have something nice to say about my outfit and her face expressed her mixed feelings about it, something between surprise and disappointment.

    • Leandra Medine

      You are my hero.

  • Guest

    Your irreverence with your in-laws makes me giggle nervously, as I would never have the guts to be even the slightest bit inappropriate, sadly to the point of perhaps being self-effacing. Needless to say, I’m a nervous wreck before seeing them and incredibly relieved when it’s all over. Out of curiosity, would you be surprised by anything your future son’s partner-in-sex might do?

  • The black gladiator sandals from shop bop are so cute, I found similar ones I posted about recently at Charlotte Rousse of all places for $25! Coach also does a similar style for under $300.

  • Nice look inspo for busy days…

  • My lifestyle demands a few outfit changes almost daily (insanity!). But I live in SoCal Orange County and drive everywhere, so I keep a mini-closet in the back of my car! I mean, from Court hearings to Horseriding lessons, and then to kid’s school to volunteer my time – can’t do layers, got to change… Zuma