So It’s a Snow Day…What Are You Going to Do?

What started out last night as a flurry no more alarming than Ally Sheedy making it snow from her own head quickly turned into something out of the frozen land in Game of Thrones, and when the city awoke this morning it found itself dead smack in the middle of one very pronounced Snow Day.

The concept of a Snow Day is a bit foreign to me seeing as I grew up in California. That concept remained confusing even during my college years because my school, which was practically in Antarctica, never shut down for snow. We would just all get in these ice canoes and propel ourselves to class via oar. Man did I have great arms during those winters.

Anywho, seeing as this is my first REAL snow day and I’m stuck in my apartment with a roommate who has just recently banned me for the unforeseen future from singing (rude), I’m getting a little antsy. And with the snow settled and the sun out, despite the negative zillion temperature that’s been declared by our local news station, I want to go do something! But what is there to do on such a day?

I’ve brainstormed a few ideas. For startz you could buy me these Marni shoes that I’ve had my eyeball on and are now much cheaper thanks to this mega whopper of a Net-A-Porter sale. I’m not sure why you’d do that though. So the next reasonable thing is to bundle up, and I mean really bundle the eff up because we’re hitting the slopes, baby.

Before heading outside, grab a spoon, a jar of Nutella, a banana, two tennis rackets, some yarn, and a megaphone.

The tennis rackets and yarn are for your feet. Everyone knows that the only way to properly walk when the snow has reached ankle-length proportions is to tie tennis rackets to your shoes and then glide along your merry way. I like to glide right in front of slow moving cars and let them push me to my destination via their bumper. The drivers don’t like this so much but I don’t like their carbon footprint, so how about that.

The spoon, Nutella and banana are for the Snowdae Sundae you’re about to make. Simply scoop the Nutella on a preferably non-yellow patch of snow, cut up the banana with an icicle and dig in. If anyone is staring at you strangely it’s probably just jealousy. If the snow tastes like pee then you probably just blatantly ignored my avoid-the-yellow advice.

You may be wondering what the point of bringing a megaphone was. Well, it’s to run around in your racket-shoes and shout and just make a lot of noise, of course! Eschew that pesky indoor voice, brag loudly about your closed office or school, announce to anyone trying to nap that it is, in fact, still cold outside and just sing child, sing!


Then tell me what you plan to do for real. Or what you’d like to do, even if it’s in your wildest dreams of a snow globe. And if you happen to be in a climate like, say, Australia that renders January 3rd a summer day and it’s deliciously, wonderfully warm, pretend you’re having a snow day anyway and tell us about that. (But also, fuck you.)

Images by Arthur Elgort for Vogue, 1995

  • CDJ

    GIRLS marathon on demand (2nd time in 3 weeks). Playing a game where we drink everytime they say sex, Adam, hpv, fuck, or Hannah is naked. I think I may have to go into
    work soon, though.

    • CDJ

      if anyone cares, i did have to go into work. SNOW DAY OVAAAH

  • Quinn Halman

    My brother and I built a pretty rad fort out of blankets and what not. I do have pictures…

    • Amelia Diamond

      pics plz

      • Kate Barnett

        i second that.

      • Quinn Halman

        1. The arial view #cottagefurnature
        2. I tried to get a panorama of it and it’s not the greatest so DEAL WITH IT
        3. Me ft. a few essentials

        • Amelia Diamond

          this is amazing

  • Laundry. Lots and lots of laundry. Then maybe heading to the grocery store later, if I feel like digging my car out and braving the cold.

    Hope you’re all staying warm – unless you’re in California, then make sure you go outside and appreciate it for all of us who are freezing our butts off!

    • Raissomat

      you know doing laudry is a very good call, if you hang the clothes to dry you humidify the air and drastically reduce the risks of gettin sick!

      • Very true! I hang a lot of my clothes so they won’t shrink or fade, so it’s always a win/win for me!

  • Rewatching ALL OF Sherlock. It’s only 7 episodes but still. I already bought so much stuff since 2 days ago, so, sorry for not getting you them Marni’s. 😛

  • Well, since I successfully burnt my router a few hours ago, I couldn’t find out what the weather’s like, so I had to send my husband to buy us a new router and then we re-connected to the rest of the world. My favorite weather site claims it is quite warm and drizzling with rain here – and no snow to be expected.

    Now, when I was young, we used to have a lot of snow … I’d grab a huge plastic bag (my granny’s fertilizer came in it), put some straw into it, tie it up and pretend it was a patent pending, state-of-the-art device used for sleighing. Actually, it was. The only thing I didn’t like was having to crawl back all the way, up, up, up the slope I had sleighed down just a moment before, like an oiled blitz 🙂

  • Savannah Niles

    Spending it stranded in airports across the country as I slowly make my way northeast on rebooked flights!

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Watch “Fish Tank” because Michael Fassbender is yummy and that makes us happy (snow days should always be extra happy!)

  • a.n.a.l.u

    It´s summer in here so… bathing suit 😀

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Amelia! You should come to California today. It’s in the mid-60s. X

  • NatG

    I’m in Australia. It’s boiling here (sorry). xx

  • kforkarli

    Today Brisbane is supposed to hit 41degrees (I think that is about 105) so I plan on doing nothing but eating Weiss bars, watching the box set of Friends I got for Christmas and taking cold showers. Pretty much just NOT GOING OUTSIDE. So yeah, I guess it is like a snow day..

  • Lisa Thomson

    Omg, I love the pic’s! Hope you’re all okay there after the big storm. I’m living in the warmest city in Canada but not after doing my time in one of the coldest cities. We used to have lots of hot chocolate, movies and games for snow days.

  • Hilarious! Love this post!

    Meghan :O)

  • Fiftytwothursdays

    The 10 things I am attempting to do (in dc) this weekend on my blog. Although I feel liked I majorly missed by not including the tennis racket snow shoes..

  • Lucia

    I am dying to know: does Leandra wear snow boots?