Get Your Skin Together: Advice from Cara Delevingne’s Esthetician

Our Beauty Guru parody vid sent us on a whole beauty kick. We got into nighttime routines, then delved into hair transformations. The focus today? Skincare. 

The woman who cured Cara Delevingne’s skin was called “pizza face” as a teenager due to her terrible acne.

Dayle Breault’s life is still consumed by skin. The difference now is that she’s solved her own skin issues and is dedicated to helping others. An esthetician for 25 years, she’s worked on such famous, glowing faces as Naomi Campbell, Mariah Carey, Marisa Tomei, Zoë Kravitz, Lenny Kravitz, and the aforementioned fleek-browed model.

We may not be singers or models (speak for yourself, Amelia!), but that doesn’t mean we can’t adopt their skin tips — namely from she who knows best. And lucky for us, Dayle Breault, AKA “The Goddess” (she’s that good), is here with 10 tips to GET OUR SKIN TOGETHER.

Or as she says: “Ignite your inner fire, and achieve beauty from the inside out.”

1) Start with a morning ritual that helps alkaline the body.

To counter-balance acidity, drink a warm glass of lemon water and a Probiotic capsule each morning on an empty stomach. If you want to take it deeper, add a shot glass of apple cider vinegar. This helps the body to alkaline itself.

Want to go even deeper? Add a fresh vegetable juice, preferably on the green side, with kale, parsley, spinach, wheatgrass, romaine and celery. (To make it a little more palatable, I like to add beet, apple and carrot.)

In addition to promoting an alkaline body, the antioxidants and fiber in these vegetables help the body’s elimination process. What does not come out through our “poop” and “pee” will come out of our skin. Our skin is THE largest organ of detoxification. Therefore, it’s the place where any problems will show up quickly.

If you’re breaking out in the forehead area, which is representative of the liver and kidneys, this situation is critical.

2) Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Add a little lemon and you will keep your metabolism charged up, burn more fat, as well as continue creating a alkaline environment.

3) Scrub your skin.

This is one of the most important steps in a skin care ritual that I am forever amazed so many leave out. A manual exfoliation with a granular scrub (no nut kernels please, they scratch the skin, which leads to possible infection) is crucial to release the dead cells from the surface and allow the incredible nutrients in our skincare products to actually penetrate.

Otherwise, when adding cremes or serums to a face that has not been scrubbed, you are making “muck,” and nothing is penetrating. Then we wonder why we feel dry.

4) Wash your face after a workout.

It is crucial to remove the sweat from your face within 15 minutes after working out. Don’t wait to get home to shower! That only allows the sweat, or oil, to solidify in your pores.

I compare it to fat in the frying pan after frying bacon: you know how fat congeals after the excess bacon grease has cooled down in a pan? That’s what happens in your pores, and if this situation occurs several times a week after your workouts, it continues to solidify until the p.acnes bacteria in the bottom of the pore begins to fester and create a pimple.

Either splash very warm water on your face immediately after, or use a pad with salicylic acid or tea tree oil. This will remove the “sweat” and clean enough until you can do a better cleansing once home.

5) Ok, we have a date! Finally! And…a pimple. 

Run — do not walk — to the freezer and grab an ice cube. Bacteria hates cold. Place the ice cube (do not push) lightly over the area. Do so until it hurts, then remove, and let the area warm, and do it again. Repeat 4-5 times. This will reduce the swelling, kill the bacteria, and save you from being a cyclops on your first date. No one believes me until they have their first success, then they always thank me for that tip.

6) Keep your diet clean.

Stay away from processed food and keep your diet rich in antioxidant fruits and veggies. Eat salads with lots of nuts for Omegas which hydrate the skin, as well as clean protein like organic chicken and salmon. If you’re vegan, eat lentils, chick peas, and almonds.

If you’re breaking out around your ears, neck, or even the more-hormonal area (the triangle from the corners of your nose to either side of your chin) you may be having elimination issues, and if not cleansed, it will only worsen. I am a poop-a holic, so this is an area I can never place enough importance on. A clean colon is a clean complexion, guaranteed, and a clean diet helps.

7) If your skin is dry, you are lacking water, not oil.

Try a mist first — either lavender or rose  — and then add your sunscreen or lotion on top.

8) Sugar is a drug.

I’m a sugar addict, so I know this first hand. As people age, proteins in the body can become damaged through the introduction of AGEs (advanced glycation end product) — one of the key factors in aging of the skin.

The more sugar you eat, whether processed or natural, the more AGEs are produced. When the body is overwhelmed with AGEs, collagen becomes compromised. Effects of the glycation process at the cellular level of the skin’s structure may result in wrinkling, loss of elasticity, stiffness, accelerated aging and compromised barrier function.

Not only does it cause “intrinsic aging” (aging within the body from internal sources) but the environment of our “gut” wreaks havoc from the candida produced from all this sugar.

What’s Candida? An overabundance of yeast caused from sugar intake. Candida shows up as bloating, sluggishness, rashes, acne, and in worse cases, thrush in our mouths and vaginal areas.

Of course…this pertains to alcohol as well, which turns to sugar in the body. That includes wine. Sorry.

9) Sleep!

There is nothing like a good eight hours of sleep. It’s what gives you “The Glow.” Aim for 6-8 hours of sleep every night, and remember that naps are always a good thing.

10) Finally, keep your stress to a minimum.

Meditate! Try it for a week and see if you see a difference in your appearance.

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Ok, you’ve got a skin plan. Now get your shit together in regards to food, exercise and meditation. (Or don’t and just watch Leandra meditate. It’s so weird.)

Photo of Cara Delevingne for Dolce and Gabbana S ’13.

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  • Lola

    Vis a vis exfoliation- i’ve been using this product called Liquid Gold, which is liquid exfoliation rather than granular exfoliation because it’s got a little AHA in it. I only use it twice a week before bed (without moisturising after), and have to wear sunscreen the next day, but it’s SO GOOD. Cleared up my skin no end. It’s on the pricier side, but lasts forever. Give it a go!

    • Amelia Diamond

      who makes it! looking this up now

      • Another good + gentle drugstore AHA (chemical exfoliation- it comes in a lotion formula) is made by a company called Neostrata. I think I paid about $30 for it in Canada.

        My skin is too sensitive to use the physical exfoliants (and a lot of derms don’t seem to like them), but the AHA combined with a mild Retin-A gel cleared my hormonal acne, uneven texture/tone, and helps with the occasional breakouts. Definitely wear the sunscreen with it though.

        I really recommend it! I put it on at night at the end of my routine and do an extra moisturizer if I’m really dry.

      • ElizabethLicata

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      • Lola
      • Silje

        Silk Naturals also makes a great and very reasonable AHA toner:

    • Снайпер

      going to get my hands on this. sounds amazing.

    • I credit St Ives apricot scrub for keeping my adolescent skin fairly acne-free. Very affordable option – and it’s environmentally friendly!

    • Natalie

      Liquid Gold is incredible. Totally changed the feel of my skin. And it’s Australian!

  • Loved this.


  • Jess

    I think maybe you mean ‘epidermal’ rather than ‘epidural’? Oops

    • Amelia Diamond

      ughh yes sure did. i have this stupid acne commercial in my head for epiDUO (reasons to stop watching mtv) hence somewhere in there = epidural. friday?

      • Jess

        I know that feel haha

  • **rushes to freezer and grabs ice cube**

    It totally works!!

  • Recs for a scrub anyone???

  • Esther Levy

    I’ve been using the Clarisonic for a month or so and it has changed my lyfe. The brush does all the labor for you and you can pair it with your preferred cleanser (NIA24 products for me)

    • Krista Anna Lewis

      SAME! I’ve also switched from an oil cleaner to a clay one, and it’s been magical.

  • I need to remember rule #3!!! I definitely don’t exfoliate enough! And that part about washing your face after the gym. Excellent tips, thank you! So many exclamation points…Fri-YAY

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Natalie Groves

    Does she want you to exfoliate every day?

  • I use something called a renaissance mitt to exfoliate and I love it. You really gently rub your face with the mitt and it exfoliates for you. Wash it once a week and there you go!

  • Pava

    #2 – you’re supposed to foster an alkaline environment by drinking… lemon juice? That is the opposite of correct.

    • dustUP

      Don’t get confused, we can not and shouldn’t change ph value of our bodies, especially not through digestive system. There is no such thing as “alkaline body”, simply not biologically possible for healthy human.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I know that lemon juice is itself acidic, but it’s proven to help level out the ph balance :

      • dustUP

        Only in pee and spit, but not in blood. Ph value of healthy human blood is so finely tuned and shouldn’t be disturbed. Problem is that just simply saying that we should eat clean and simple sounds much less sexy than saying that drinking alkaline water can do good to your blood and body in general. But nevermind…….Dayle said many other right things and gave great advice. I’d just like to add BHA and non abrasive clay masks to rotate with scrubbing.

        • Clair

          I know I feel WAY better when I drink lemon water and/or ACV water in the morning.. And I feel like it helps my digestion a lot

      • Natalie Stevens

        Amelia did you read that article you posted? It said that eating clean food could reduce your urine’s acidity, not drinking lemon water. They explicitly state this: “Lemon juice may not do much for your pH control, but it can provide
        other benefits. Its high concentration of vitamin C promotes immune
        system strength, increasing your body’s ability to fight off illness and

        I honestly respect this site so much less when I see medically unfounded information posted on within the articles. ‘Help alkaline the body’ is complete hogwash; anyone with a degree in biology, or who paid attention in high school bio, could tell you this. I believe you have a responsibility to make sure the information regarding health and wellness you are spreading is based on real, evidence based science – not old wives tales. Feel free to put the OWT too – but be sure to claim that they are not evidence based. And you shouldn’t only get advice from an esthetician (who is trained in cosmotology, or cosmetic procedures) for a medical problem like acne. Maintaining beautiful skin is one thing, but treating a condition is a whole different ballpark.
        As for the rest of the advice on here, it seems like fairly sound skincare advice, so thank you.

    • Catherine Bohner

      Word! And what on earth would a probiotic do to change ph? Peer reviewed study or its bull cocky.

      • Goddess

        The probiotic does not change the Ph. I should have rephrased that. The probiotic is to support the good bacteria in the colon to help eliminate the “bad” bacteria which is the root of many situations that appear on the face. After all, the skin is THE largest organ, therefore the largest organ for detoxificaition.

    • G

      Lemon itself is acidic but it turns alkaline in the body

    • sarah

      re this convo, I can deal with the qdvcie about ice on a spot, because she has experience with it’s success, but there is NO evidence to support the claim of being able to change you PH levels. this is hype…sure a great diet will make you healthier, and perhaps look different over time, but human pH levels are more complex than just changing your diet of drinking a lemon. seriously, it’s like chinese whispers.

      • sarah

        excuse all those typo’s…posted hastily!

    • LIzzie

      I was wondering the same thing. How can drinking acid make a body more alkaline. That one killed the credibility of the entire article, even though the exfoliation and washing after gym are spot on.

  • Wow! Very useful information! I keep looking tips or products to take care my skin all my life, I definitely will try this tip and see how it works! Thanks again for sharing! You always come up with cool contents! xoxo


  • Katie L

    poop-a-holic. Ha!! 😀

  • Vera

    I can’t help but think that this woman is making things up as she goes. There is no scientific basis to most, if not all, of her claims. I mean, if an ice cube could kill bacteria, the world would be turned upside down. Most laboratories store bacterial samples at -80 C. When thawed, they are still in ship shape.

    • I really doubt it kills bacteria, but I do know putting an ice cube on one of those hormonal whoppers help with the pain and inflammation. After that there’s Dr Alkaitis’ Soothing Gel which works every single time.

      • it also reduces the swelling! 🙂

    • Goddess

      Vera, in my own defense, I do not claim to be a Doctor. I am only sharing first hand witnessed results. My career spans actually 27 years, of which thousand of treatments have been performed and most of which are on patients I have been treating for over 10 years. And I have worked around the globe. Of course, ice does kill not kill ALL bacteria, but the p.acnes bacteria in the skin is affected by cold. Therefore, when placed on a lesion before it festers into a boil, it will take down the inflammation, and kill the bacteria in the pimple. Plain and simple, no science, just 1000’s of successful treatments. That is the science to me, and everything that I mentioned in this article is from my own personal experiences with my patients and myself.

      • amalieilund

        Okay, a totally different matter but how often do you recommend exfoliating?

        • Goddess

          Depending on skin type and age, 20’s twice a week, 30’s 3X a week, 40’s and 50’s, everyday. Our skin metabolizes in 21-28 days in our teens and twenty’s. This changes drastically once we hit 40. At 50, it can take up to 3 months for a new cell reach the surface. I am 57(soon to be 58) and I scrub every morning. As long as we are putting back into the skin feeding ingredients, there isn’t a fear of “stripping” or creating an imbalance. These ingredients include, anti-oxidants such as Co-enzyme Q10, Epidermal Growth Factors, and Peptides, the list is long. With the technology out there now, we have the ability to benefit our skin like never before. But if there is a dead cell layer protecting our skin(that is it’s purpose) but also forbidding these ingredients to enter, we cannot receive the needed nourishment to provide our skin the nutrients to grow.

          • amalieilund

            Thank you! And thanks for all the advice, I’ve been struggling with acne for a loooong time and nothing seems to help – hopefully this time.

      • Natalie Stevens

        The ice cube probably helps the blood vessels to shrink back down after the inflammation has caused them to expand and leak, so less blood near the surface, you get less redness and swelling. Like icing an ankle after an injury.

  • Never in a million years would I have thought about a bad colon being the reason behind bad skin, but it totally makes sense!

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent

  • jellymo

    Also really important to wash your face BEFORE you work out. You don’t want to be sweating when you have foundation/makeup/dirt from the day/whatever all over your face. better start with a clean slate and then when you rinse off afterwards you won’t be so considered about residual crap on there.

  • Copykait

    When I heard Jasmine Tookes’ comment that her favorite beauty ritual involved ice cubes I was SO confused. Like, have I been wasting them in my iced coffee this whole time? I’ve been using them on my face before bed every night to tighten and firm my skin, and I have to say they’re pretty miraculous for making your skin feel supple. Just tried this zit busting technique, and I’m looking pretty zit free for tonight’s netflix and pizza datenight (still have to get my shit together on the food part, but pizza).

  • Maggie Clancy

    I get extractions once every two weeks and as my esthetician was digging through my skin with needles and inflicting a world of pain, she told me that I need to stop stressing.

    It was a little hard to destress in that moment, but I am trying to take her advice to heart.

  • Снайпер

    Haven’t read this, but love her, so will read the post and every single comment. Came to share some secrets: Accutane (game changer), strategic botox, filler under the eyes, Jergens BB cream w SPF 15, avoiding the sun during peak hours, wearing fingerless gloves whenever possible, St. Ives Green Tea scrub 2x a week, softsoap for all other face washing. Clinique makeup remover, and vaseline at night on the eyes, neck, and any dry areas. After exfoliating, use vaseline on your whole face at night, but olive oil will do as well. Tiger balm and vaseline for the lips (makes them puffy and smooth), Aztec Secret face mask, and whatever you do to your face, do same to neck & cleavage.

    • Tiger balm for the lips… Is there a specific Tiger Balm brand lip balm or do you mean any Tiger Balm? I just wouldn’t want to ingest that stuff, it’s pretty mean.

      Sorry to barge in, these are GREAT points! Especially your note of ‘whatever you do to your face, do the same to neck & cleavage.’ But I’d like to point out to comment readers that Vaseline uses a synthetic petroleum as an emollient rather than a botanical based emollient so it can clog pores. Emollients help the skin to retain oils, where as humectants (aloe vera, for example) would help the skin to retain water. This is where this technique would suit a true dry skin that is lacking in oils, or if you’re in a situation where you need a literal barrier protecting your skin (air conditioning, extreme weather). Dehydrated skin will be lacking in water, so a blend of both humectant and emollient is far more beneficial. Using olive oil is good, however it’s proven to be more beneficial using blends of botanical ingredients AND synthetic ingredients, rather than the application of one concentrate. X

      • Снайпер

        Straight red tiger balm. The most intense kind. And you CAN ingest it. Many of my Vietnamese roommates put it in tea. Not sure how much, though.

        Also, the inventor of Vaseline swore by drinking that in tea as well. He lived to an old age in robust health. Have not tried this to see if he was right haha.

  • Catherine Bohner

    I don’t understand why the acidic foods mentioned at the beginning would help make your body more alkaline and then she talked about fiber from vegetables that had been juiced…which takes all the fiber out. I had a hard time believing anything after that.

    • Goddess

      If you are drinking the proper juice, the entire plant is in the drink. Therefore, the fiber is 100% inside the juice. If you are drinking a juice which is not separated when purchased, or is not made fresh in from of you, you are most likely drinking a pasteurized juice, or one that has been heated. It is all about receiving all of the nutrients of the plant, as quickly as possible after picking.

      • Natalie Stevens

        My understanding was that juice = without pulp (insoluble fibre) and just blending the whole thing was making a smoothie. But I am not a big ‘juicer’ so maybe that is my misinterpretation.

  • Great tips, especially the ice cube one!

    Daniela |

  • This was extraordinarily helpful! So many useful and insightful tips. I’m desperately trying to get myself off my sugar addiction…which is definitely wreaking havoc on my skin 🙁

  • Ayurveda Momma

    You’re so right: apple cider vinegar
    is a blessing for the system because it cleanses the body
    of bile. That’s the nasty fatty stuff in your liver that makes you sick.
    and if you have sick innards it shows on your skin in the form of acne, Rosacea, hives etc. It also reduces cholesterol

    Lemon water
    – warm or cool – balances the body’s chemistry and make it akaline
    = even though the fruit is an acid. In the body it has a chemical
    reaction and has been used by Ayurvedic practitioners for
    hundredssssssss of years because it is so awesome. It helps fight colds
    (vitamin C), calms and cools the body, and makes love to your
    lymph system. doesn’t that sound wonderful?

    • Natalie Stevens

      Bile is produced to help break down food in your stomach. You need it to live.

  • doublecurl

    The pseudoscience is strong in this one.

  • I never thought of the first one! Great tips ^_^

    Laila | Townhouse Palette

  • Sandra Seely

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  • I love love LOVED this piece! Dayle really is a goddess of skin. It seems like she is successful because her passion marries scientific evidence with a holistic approach to her practice. I hope to go to her one day!

  • I credit St Ives apricot scrub for keeping my adolescent skin fairly acne-free. Very affordable option – and it’s environmently-friendly!

  • I found the first lemon water tip online when I was about 13. (2001?) It always worked for me when I had some acne, and my friends wouldn’t believe me

    • Totally believe you. It’s been helping my very oily skin since I started 3 months ago.

  • Thank you for these tips! I’m gonna try that green juice in the morning, definitely. Re: water & lemon, my only issue is I HATE lemon so I can never drink it with my water and it’s the most mentioned tip! Too bad there’s not a lemon pill that I can take.


    coffeeslag: DAILY ELITE REVIEW

  • Katherine Sargeant

    *reads ice cub zit tip less than an hour after a first date* *cries*

  • On a never ending quest for that magic product that makes me glow like a angel/unicorn

    xx Daphne

  • kduck

    Adding to the library of edible beauty products– I exfoliate with 1:1 honey to baking soda mixture. Then follow with a spray of diluted apple cider vinegar. I mean, technically you could eat it. I don’t know if you’d want to…

  • yess!! I’m loving these tips! Thanks for sharing!

    xx Angie |

  • Melissa

    I love HiLovely – get one-on-one skin care advice with an esthetician via video chat. They will recommend the right products for your skin.

  • Katie

    I loved this article…and have been trying this since you published. I went out and got Dr. Brandt exfoliator. On the box it says to use only three days. Is it okay to use everyday? Or do you have another cleanser that you advise using for the “in between” days?

  • The Hotspoter

    Great article ! Really comes in handy ! 🙂

  • No wine? At all? Say it ain’t so.

  • Elizabeth Pullan

    Maybe it’s me? I bought those sweedish hasbeens last season with big dreams. sadly they turned out to be rather uncomfortable, maybe I’m expecting to much? I want to be able to complete a warrior dash in my clogs. dansko take me away.

  • melgoss

    Your body does not need “alkalining” …. Unless you are dead or quite ill it does a perfectly good job of regulating your internal pH all by itself. Skin may be the largest organ, but your liver is the most important organ for removing toxins (antioxidants are a swizz). That said the diet recommendations – more veggies, less sugar – are sound, I just don’t understand why the rationales given need to be so pseudo-science heavy!

    I just don’t get how these myths hang on so hard. They’re harmless at this stage when it encourages eating of healthful greens, but to my eyes it’s only a few steps from here to “They can cure cancer within broccoli extract, you know, but there’s a conspiracy between researchers and industry, ‘cos they’d all lose their jobs.” (Full disclosure: I work in cancer research).

    • Natalie Stevens

      I’m also a medical researcher… so far my comments about how much pseudoscience is in this article haven’t been addressed by the author or anyone. Because believing lemon water will fix your skin is better?

  • Fezzers

    I’m curious about this alkaline theory. Most scientists dismiss it but my Chinese friends are big fans – so much so that they have a machine that alkalizes their water.
    Lemon juice and ACV are acids, though.
    How would they promote an alkaline system?

  • Oly

    Sorry but how do lemon juice and apple cider vinegard alkalie the body? They are acids and even if mixed with water (pH 0) will still acidify the enironment, plus our stomach and the majority of our digesting organs are ment to be very acid in order to kill possible pathogens, same for the intestines which are very alkalie for the dame reason. She might be a great skin beautician (even though all the tips seem quite straightforward) but don’t lie to people about science please!

    • Natalie Stevens

      Water is around pH7 (aka neutral). But I agree with the general gist of your comment.

    • Ylva

      Even though appelcider vinegar and lemon juice taste acid it becomes basic in the body. I remember asking my dad, who is a biochemist, about this years ago because it seemed odd but it is actually a fact.

    • pH levels and acetic adicity are two different things. It’s not exactly ‘oh this is sour so it has to be acid’

  • coisaseoucenas

    If your skin is dry you are actually lacking OIL. It’s when your skin is dehydrated that you need water. Most of the time, if you are dry, you’ll be also dehydrated so you’ll need both.

  • Kristy Ross

    Hi, I personally love Monsia.

  • advising to spray lavender on your face is one of the stupidest things. Lavender is such an irritant, I can’t see ow it can be of ANY benefit for a problematic skin. Or any type of skin really. And the other pseudo science is too much (bacteria hates cold etc) SMH

    • Ylva

      It totally depends on what kind of skin problem you have and if you are allergic/ a person who normally react to allergens. I don’t have any allergies and am very interested in essential oil and natural cosmetics. Lavender oil is actually very good agains acne but pure oil is very strong so it’s better to dilute it. A spray is a good idea! Have friends who did none of above but lavender oil. And it really took away all their problems. But you are probably right, it’s not for everyone. It really depends on the typ skin problem and if you are sensitive or not!

  • noodle

    “Our skin is THE largest organ of detoxification…”

    At best, this is misleading. The skin is the largest organ of the human body, but suggesting that it is responsible for filtering or otherwise removing “toxins” from the body is incorrect. Sweating and secreting oil should not be confused with actually removing unwanted substances from the body. The liver, kidneys and lungs take care of this all on their own, so drinking water and eating right are the best ways to aid these organs.

    “A clean colon is a clean complexion, guaranteed.”

    Incorrect. A more accurate statement would be, “a clean colon CAN lead to a clean complexion, but acne can be cause by many other factors, including genetics,” It would be so wonderful if this was true, no? Such an easy fix! Eat clean and cure your acne! But this will only work for some people and not others, especially if their acne is hormonal, due to required medication, environmental factors having nothing to do with diet, etc.

    Human blood is slightly alkaline, but trying to alter this can lead to other consequences. Please talk to a doctor before you start messing with the pH of your body.

    “If you’re breaking out in the forehead area, which is representative of the liver and kidneys, this situation is critical.”

    Are you serious? Critical? This makes me so angry. Only a doctor can determine this. It can also mean you have bangs that are hanging too close to your forehead. It can also mean you have an oily forehead. It can mean a lot of things. There’s as much evidence to disprove what she’s saying. Go to a dialysis clinic and see how many people have acne on their forehead. Check out someone who has cirrhosis in any stage. Do they have acne on their forehead? Go ahead. I’ll wait. Ask a dermatologist if acne on the forehead means there is a “critical” problem with the kidneys or liver. Don’t be surprised if they laugh.

    Breault is an esthetician, not a medical professional. Her job is to make people’s faces look great. Luckily, she’s not suggesting anything that’s particularly harmful (although watch out for the lemon water if you value tooth enamel) but she’s not qualified to dispense medical advice, particularly since she’s providing woefully incorrect information about the human body. I’m glad she was able to cure her own acne through trial and error and I understand the desire to share that knowledge with other people who might be suffering from a similar condition. It’s a great feeling to help other people out! But her desire to appear as an expert should not be confused with her actually being an expert.

    I really like Man Repeller. I understand beauty advice often straddles the line between fact and, “this is cool and worked for me. Maybe you should try it.” Know the difference.

  • Olga Rusu

    I don’t really understand how lemon (acid) and vinegar (acid) can help the body alkaline itself.

  • Natashkanushka

    as much as im obsessed with MR and it almost hurts me to say this…
    lemon contains citric acid, meaning it has a pH level less than 7 and is therefore not basic and certainly not alkaline. (I think soap is basic, and maybe alkaline, but dont put soap on your face, thats baaad). drinking lemon water makes me feel AMAZING, but pretty sure it has nothing to do with alkaline levels. (yes I do chem, yes i am procrastinating, yes I have too many feelings) xoxo

  • Dorothy P. Malone

    I fully agree with the Cara`s statement about scrubbing skin. The main thing is not to hurt herself. That’s why I bought this machine used on a daily basis.

  • darcy hartland

    Any science to back this up? Thx

  • Gail Leoniak

    Blood pH should not be tinkered with. Moving out of the VERY narrow acceptable range generally results in death. You can change the pH of urine or saliva by what you eat, but being more “alkaline” is not a good goal. Cold reduces inflammation, but many effective products for pimples contain tea tree or sandalwood.

  • Rick Jones

    Did you really just call yourself a “poop-a holic” ???

  • jami r

    I used to have to blot my forehead and nose every hour. The Citrus Clear Grapefruit Spot Treatment is the only toner/spot treatment that takes away the oil and shine from my nose and forehead. No more blotting all the time!

  • forever flawless

    I have used forever flawless, I have noticed incredible change in my beauty within 2 weeks of time. I would highly recommend using forever flawless
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